Friday, April 25, 2008


What can I say...there are so many words I could use to describe France and my impressions of it. I think to say I am SPEACHLESS says it all lol! How is that for ironic eh. I can't begin to count how many times I found myself gaping and agog at the sights before me.

To see such history and age at every corner is amazing. The architecture...the quaintness..the sheer thought at how old so much of it all is. Our northamerica in comparison is just a youngter lol... at home our Old Quebec and Old Montreal are the oldest buildings in all of northamerica... yes, including the USA. They are dated back to 400 yrs. So when I say old here, it means REAL OLD lol. The church where Chris was babtized is aproximately 600 yrs old...YES , SIXHUNDRED YEARS OLD! LOL.

Below is a pic taken in the gardens of Monet.



Hmm, I wonder why Chris told me to stand infront of this particular pub?!....


This one speaks for itself. We got inline to go up the tower, but it was so windy that day that they closed the 3rd level, so it will be for another day.

I have taken more photos then I have ever taken, anywhere lol...most are loaded to my pc but as we have rarely had internet access, nothing has been put in the flickr acount as of yet. The one time I did try, it took for ever, for 30 pics, and when finally done, it didn't be patient.

More to come as time and net access permits.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Well, we have been's now crunch time to takeoff this saturday. Got so much done this past weekend. Have enough food in this house for a month without having to leave it lol. Milk man comes here twice a week so even milk, butter, orange juice and other dairy products are no worry.

I was even able to finally get my wedding rings sized. For the last 9 months I have been wearing an uncomfortable plastic guard think behind my rings. Could only wear them to go out. If we count all the 1/4 sizes, I actually went down 8 sizes. My wedding rings were a down to a size 5! Yay, no worries now. I can wear them all the time now and not have to worry about losing them.

In other teeth got an upgrade lol. I have hated my front teeth for so many yrs. Since my 2 front teeth arrived in this face of mine they had 2 big white calcium spots on it made the rest of my teeth look more yellow in comparison. Added to that, the yrs of smoking certainly didn't help! I have always wanted to do something about it...but cutting off an arm to pay for it , never made much sense to me either.

As much as I may feel like the STAR in my own home...I am not actually among the rich and famous ..hense porcelaine veneers are not in my budget. However, my dentist said that they can do something very similar by recovering the teeth with the white stuff they do fillings with. As most of my teeth have had fillings in front..and were due to be redone, those can be covered by our insurrance..and what was left over came out of pocket. They did the 6 front teeth. It only cost me $500. which is still alot for me but compared to $5000. I can't complain...besides, my next staring role will be smiling infront of the camera while twirling next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris...

So here u have it.....but before u scrole down to view the closeups, I must add this warning disclosure......discretion is advised....due to GRAPHIC FEMALE MUSTACHE EXPOSURE!

When I first saw these pics I was like OMFG!... In my defence...I was saving my LIP waxing for the very last day before our trip, SO THERE...(hangs head in shame)....although still so proud of the new chicklettes in my mouth I am past caring as much LOL!

First 2 photos are BEFORE...2nd two are AFTER...

Old smile Ugly spotted, yellow teeth New nice white teeth New smile