Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Seriously!...Who decided that getting poison pumped, disproportionately fat lips was attractive? COMMON! Some of these actresses look like they puckered up and put there lips in the door jam and slammed the door!...Do they not see how obvious or bad it looks? Sheesh, they have lips that move as naturally as someone who is talking with woooden clothes pins on both top and bottom lip. It's a wonder they don't drool. Oh wait, maybe they do lol.

Don't get me wrong, if I had money to burn, I would certainly *help* a few things about myself but turning some things GROTESQUE isn't an option. What are these ppl thinking?...I saw that Meg Ryan was going to be on Ophrah and all I saw was the fake lips she is wearing. There was nothing wrong with her lips before! Or what's her name, .Lara Flynn Boyle, that's it..She can wear a rediculous tootoo at an Oscar night , looking so thin its sick, but she gets her lips pumped up so big, she can hardly get through a door. Same goes for Melanie Griffith...for the love of NORMAL LIPS!!! ....It's bad enough they do it to themselves and look rediculous but then they subject us to their ugliness.

You could argue that I could turn my tv off and your right I could. But it is one form of entertainment I chose to amuse myself with. This is another, blogging about things I want to blog about.

I just feel so sorry for these actresses that feel theY need to pump up their puckers. Hell, I agree that sensuous lips are just that. But when they are natural! Like Angelina Jolie is drop dead gorgeous, and her lips are all hers. One of my own sisters has beautifully full lips that I have always envied aswell. Again, she got them honestly! Neither one of them talk like a duck flapping it's beak!

The only way my opinion could possibly change is if I were paid money to slam some lips in a door jam to help them out. Atleast it wouldn't be poison injections lmao. Or if one prefered, I could invest in some boxing gloves, and punch their stars out..but with the result of a FAT LIP. lmao

Just trying to help....hehe...really, it's become such a joke how much some of these actresses get their lips OVER DONE someone they love should really tell them. In a subtle way ofcourse like....YOUR LIPS LOOK LIKE 2 AIRBAGS!...YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS,SIDEWAYS... LITERALLY! or I THOUGHT THE DUCK BILLED PLATAPUS WAS EXTINCT..OOPS IT'S YOU!!
Need I go on?...I assume u have discerned my thoughts on the subject...if not...your thicker then some of the lips out there BADUMPBUMP!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Yesterday (Sunday) was a slow lazy and one could say boring day. WELL!...Rae and I totally livened it up by being total goobers! What two intelligent (hey, no comments from the peanut gallery) woman can do to liven up a boring afternoon is priceless.

If you would like to enjoy our spectacular colour commentary on what some would call a less then exciting activity...please go here....we had alot of fun Rae and I and yes...WE ARE BOTH TOTAL GOOBERS!

Either comment on her blog or come back and comment on mine, let us know what u thought lol....would love to hear other COLOUR COMMENTARIES lol

Sunday, February 26, 2006

You Are the Enthusiast


You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

Lunch Out

Yesterday was a great Saturday. I had the pleasure of spending time with an aunt of mine that I hadn't seen in years. We don't live that far away but you know how it is. Life gets away with you and everyone has their own thing going on so the few phone calls here and there fill the gaps with catching up.
This aunt was married to my mothers brother. He was the oldest in the family. My mom was the youngest of 15 children....YES I said 15 children!!!....The reason I mention this is because my aunt and uncle had there first child only 3 months after my mom was born lol. So in other words, my mother was an aunt at the age of 3 months old.....We just don't see things like that now a days lol.
My uncle died 31 years ago of MS. My aunt never remarried or even had a date with another man since. She is now 86 years old. We could be so lucky to be in her shape at that age. It truelly is incredible how well she is. Full of energy and sharp as a tac. She is always busy going out or singing in the church choir or playing piano or travelling across the country visiting with her own family. She had 6 of her own, one of which has alread passed.

So it was arranged for her and a cousin of mine (one from another aunt) to come to our town. It is my aunts bday and mine and then my cousin's within a short time of eachother this month. It was a great idea to get together. My aunt hadn't see my house.

Chris picked them up at the bus depot. Brought them here to visit untill my sitter came and we all went out for a chinese lunch.

Was so nice showing my aunt our home. She was very impressed with my little house. Loved the way I decorate and she just really filled me with pride. I think we always like approval from the older family members.....making them proud? Or is it knowing it will buzz across the country from one aunt to the other whether my house was presentable or not?...With some aunts (Ihave alot) I could really expect that but this one is such a sweety that everyone likes her.

My aunt also hadn't met Chris before either. While we were talking, Chris came into the living room with a tray full of our coffee's with the cream and sugar. She was so impressed that he would do that as to not interupt us visiting together. She stood up to give him a big kiss. I was impressed that he has thought to use the good china lol.......but then, this is Chris we are talking about. He never forgets the details lol.

We were off to lunch when my sitter showed up. We took them to our favorite chinese resturant. It has a terrific buffet so there is something for everyone. We all ate too much. The only awkward moment was my aunt arguing with us about the bill. We insisted having the pleasure of offering them lunch. I had visions of how it would look had I had to tackle an 86 yr old woman in the resturant for the bill....it got pretty cartoony in my head with her flying threw the air. ( I know, I'm not right in the head sometime)

We dropped my cousin off at her place in Montreal then went on to the Residense my aunt lives at. We hear so many horror stories of old folks homes that it was a real pleasure seeing one that is great. Granted my aunt is in good health so she isn't a high needs patient.

This complex was very nice, with a big indoor pool, music room, resturant, church, bank, store, billards and so on. Countless activities are planned every week etc. My aunt has been there 6 years now and loves it. Her little studeo appartment is just perfect. Small yes but also not alot to keep clean with a little kitchenette. She has an awesome view from her large belcony on the 4th floor looking onto the river thats on the northshore of Montreal.

We stayed to visit for awhile, she was happy to have met Chris and said she thought we were so cute together...(everyone says that, we are starting to get used to it lol) I take is as a great thing if ppl think that even after being together 4 years already! This, when our official honeymoon phase hasn't even started yet lmao!

Later, getting ready to leave, my aunt told us she would walk us back down ...as Chris puts his coat on, he found another one of my red valentines notes in his pocket ...This is his good coat, not the everyday one...he had a huge grin on his face...so we explained what it was. She thought it was halarious and again says ...SEE I told you , you are so cute together lol.

I personally find it too cute coming from this tiny 86 year old woman. But also heart warming of her to tell us how happy she was for me and us. I look forward to her sharing in our wedding celebration.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Funeral Friendship

We went to a funeral service last evening. We didn't know the deceased personally but he was the brother of my good friends husband. He was a 52 yr old man who died after a 3 year fight with cancer. May he rest in peace.

Francine is a friend of atleast 20 years. We used to work together and had alot of fun doing it (usually when the forman wasn't looking lol). She is one of the few bilingual friends I have here actually. We have lived in different townships for the better part of the last 16 yrs. Although we don't see eachother often, we both know we are just a phone call away.

Last time I saw her was last year on my birthday actually when she surprised me with a visit. We have always keep eachother up on whats going on with the other but not overly much. We can go for months without calling but when we do, its for hours just gabbing away. We both know that the other will be there no questions asked if we need them.

The reason I am writing this is in light of my last two posts concerning a *friendship*. Odd how timing works...I lost (what I thought was a deep friendship) last week. To have something happen to bring home the fact of how precious this friend is.

It went without saying that we would go to the service just as a support from a friend to another regardless of knowing the person who passed or not. I was actually warmly surprised how happy she was to see me and Chris there. Her parents went to pay their respects but not one other of her friends showed up..and I am speaking of the ones she works with and are also geographically close to. That blows my mind.

She kept coming back to me when she could. I could tell it was the only times she could let her shoulders fall and relax. When she could just feel safe and speak freely.

During the priests service we listened to his monatone, insipidly droning voice recite a surman that sounded like he could just (incert any given name here). My friend took my hand and held it. I was so happy to be there for her. Not that her hubby wasn't, it was his brother after all that had passed, but he was surrounded by his grown kids and that was fine.

I was just so gratefull for the fact that my presense made a difference for her. That my man did not hesitate a second about me being there because she was my friend. (something my ex wouldn't have done) I was warmed by what the meaning of friendship is.

Friendship is so many things but it's not about what a friend can give you, it's what you being a friend can give them in return. That's what is so warming and special about friends.

I am not being very eliquent ...it's hard to explain my feelings today. I am just glad to be a friend I guess lol.

Lastnight was a welcome feeling after last weekends disappointing friendship fiasco.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Some have expressed wanting to know the follow up about this weekend and my *friend. I first want to thank everyone who commented...either on here or otherwise. It helped me alot to know I wasn't being silly or overly sensitive.

I COULDN'T go to the Exhibition..as most well know. She never did try to offer to leave for her thing later in the day. OH WELL dems the breaks. But honestly as much as that sucks, it's not even about that anymore. I was sick all weekend just knowing she could be so heartless and selfish. Just the phrase (OH, Aren't you getting married NEXT year?) with her innocent air...just keeps repeating itself in my head.

Our original nail appointment had been rescheduled for Monday morning because of the storm. I was almost expecting her to cancel it, I didn't want to be the one to do it. I was hoping she would be humble enough to try and save face or say sorry.

Monday morning phone rings, its her, she is all chipper , and says, I'm just out the door on my way.
That told me right off that she was totally putting her head in the sand.
I got in the car and she was like nothing happened...she just chattered away bla bla bla about the weekend. I decided then that if I brought it up, she would deny any wrong doing...(I know her lol) and what would end up happening is I would just be more hurt. ....It wasn't worth more hurt to me. I just sat there and supplied appropriate responses when needed and we went to the nail place.
That part was fun atleast. There were some other woman there and we had a few laughs.

On the way home I spent most of my time looking out the window and keeping quiet...I didn't feel like making small talk to help her feel better if there was any awkwardness. I wasn't being moody or sullen either, just quiet. Hoping maybe she would make the first move. She isn't stupid though, and I know she sensed DUHH... because she was quiet on the way back also.

The first move never happened. I guess she feels if she pretends nothing happened she can live with that fact and sleep at night.

I have to move on knowing she wasn't and isn't the good friend I thought she was. It's a difficult thing to swallow but it will never be the same. I will not open up or have giggle fests with her anymore or spent hours on the phone with her...she apparently only hears* what she wants anyway....OH ARENT YOU GETTING MARRIED NEXT YEAR?.......


Friendship AND deceat do not mix. You can NOT be a true friend and lie to their face. It's essencially what this is. I am talking about those CLOSE friends you share everything with. We all have those ppl we call or introduce as a Friend everyday. I am not talking of those kind. But TRUE friends CAN'T do that and expect to maintain that level of closeness or respect even.

So I will continue to get my nails done with her and such but as far as I am concerned, it will also be different. If I let myself get hurt once, thats her fault. If I let her hurt my twice, that's MY fault. Life goes on and friends will come and go.


Sunday, February 19, 2006


I really have to vent here. Maybe in doing so it will calm down the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not due to catching a bug or eating something that hasn't agreed with me. This has been caused by being deeply hurt by someone I thought was a good friend. I have never been a drama queen...I am a logical and/or diplomatic person most of the time. But I don't have many ppl I call friends. I have many aquaintances yes but friends are rare and chosen. So it stands to reason that if deeply hurt by one...it literally hurts. I have tryed to shake this feeling all weekend but everytime I rehash it in my head I just want to throw up...I know...some may not understand but its true. I feel physically sick about it and even now as I write it I have to tell myself to try to let it go...and the idea of losing a FRIEND of years is hard to swallow...so my dilema is, can I get past this like nothing has happened. I just don't know. Maybe in writting it out I can look at it more objectively.
It starts over a month ago....my friend Liz reminds me of the big Wedding/Marriage Exhabition that happens once a year. I had forgotten about it, and she remembered that its usually this time of year.
Flash forward to about 2 weeks ago...unrelated to the wedding thing...Liz does the same job as me as a foster family, she has 4 sitters that work for her on ocation, she has 3 clients , one is a bit difficult but nothing like my Luc to care for. I on the other hand only have ONE sitter who is qualified to care for luc....Liz uses my sitter (I say mine cause its my only one, not because I think I own her lol, just to be clear).
So Liz asks me cpl weeks ago if I needed my sitter on sat. I say yes, because as she already knows, it is the only day of the week I can actually get out of the house with chris working during the weeks now. Not only to get errands done but just get out to eat a meal or just BREATH OUTSIDE AIR... see other ppl in the world lol. She then asks, what time I thought I would be done. I was like, well, I dont want to feel like rushing things Liz but not to late I suppose. She says no rush no rush..but when we got home she would ask the sitter to go over to her house for the night and next day so she can go out of town to her sons house to help him do some renovations with her hubby. When ever I got home was ok.
Then she asks about the following sat..same reason...Remember, I can,t change it to sunday to help her out cause she needs sitter for both days in a row. So I repeat again, laughing that the thought of going 14 days without going out at all is abit much...this she also knows...she goes out alot more then I and would never be able to stay in a whole week. Anyway...we agree that the same plan will be used for the following sat. Sitter would go over after I get home from my day.

First saturday...well some of u know that Chris hurt his finger.Most of our day was spent in the ER waiting room. I don't mind really..it was still OUT lol, and we were together so..its all good. But due to this accident Chris was given the week off YAY (went by to fast btw)..He had to go back for checkup on the friday..so we needed the sitter here because I also had my monthy nail appointment on friday aswell. Something Liz and I do together every month. So given that Chris was here all week, less need to go out really..I suggested that we keep the sitter here after nails were done and chris and I murge after out appointments and get our stuff done friday evening with supper out etc that way...giving Liz the sitter all of sat. This done as a friend, knowing she could leave earlier.
Well the nails was a bust...as last post stated..major feezing rain and sleet storm so had to cancel that and my sitter..good thing too cause chris didnt get home till close to 8pm...but during the day..this is what ensued...
Liz calls...Chris answers cause I,m busy...she tells him dates for the Wedding Exhibition thing but says for me to call her back.
I do and she then says, she must have got the dates wrong..must be late feb or in march...now she isnt even sure of dates she told Chris...I ask him he says, she said 18th and 19th of feb...I say...ON NO THATS THIS WEEKEND!... (now I know why she thinks its different date, she realized she shot herself in the foot if you know what I mean) She had been the one to call and give the right dates but realized too late that she had my sitter so I couldnt go. In retrospect it was alot clearer after the fact..seeing her try to say it was a different date..anyway...I said well we can make sure right now, let me look online....YUP this weekend...so now she is like..well can't u call someone else to sit? or your daughter?
Now...she knows darn well I have only one sitter...hard enough finding the one I got, only cause she used to work in the field and even with luc..hard enough having someone qualified let alone someone WILLING to care for him. We are also NOT ALLOWED to have anyone under 18 caring for our clients, this she also knows. So now she is like...thats too bad...and I am upset because I can't go...Granted I should have payed more attention to when this thing was...but SHE is the one who called and told me when it was.
Now I have to wonder about it. So anyway, she does not offer to go out of town later, like she would have, had I not changed my own plans to accomadate her. We end our convo, with me being really bumbed and her just saying THAT REALLY SUX.... I am frustated to say the least and tell a friend...who suggests I just come out and ask Liz if she could possibly change weekends..her sons house isnt going anywhere...so I do. I call her back and ask her and she says WELL no...my son is recieving some materials to work with this weekend. She again doesn't offer to go later. AND HERE IS THE REAL KICKER... she says....but hey you can go to next years exhibition.
UM Liz..I say...I will already be married next year!...and she says OH, Aren't you getting married next year?
I swear she could have punched me in the face for the hurt that caused. I have been talking to her for months about my plans and she knows damn well it,s this june...This is a person who I talk on the phone with almost everyday...not just once a month..she and I have talked about all kinds of wedding ideas and such...just the day before I told her we had filled out or wedding liscence documents for valentines day...at her candle party , she told a friend of hers in passing that I was getting married this June... for christ sakes!!!WHY would she or could she be so mean , did she think I could believe she had a temporary case of OH I FORGOT...it's only your wedding.
This woman knew me a few years before I left my ex. She knew me when I was still in denial with that thankless relationship. He always promised he would put a ring on my finger after 12 yrs and never did...(I know, I am slow) took me another 2 yrs to leave him after that even. Ended up being a good thing lol.
So she knows how special this time is for me and Chris. I mean, sheesh...I am getting married for the first time at the young age of 43. She also knows how long it took for us to even get officially engaged.
My first reaction to what she said was..OMG LIZ, We waited almost 4 yrs for his divorse..why would be wait another year now!!...SHE was like OH, I DIDN'T KNOW?
We ended the convo BUT all I can think is WTF WAS THAT???
I could really care less about the wedding thing now...what hurts is her not trying to tweek her schedule under the circumstances, it's not like I could change the date of the wedding thing. I will never be able to go now. Specially given the fact that had I NOT changed my schedule to help her out, I would have been able to go! But to totally disregard or pretend to not even know when I'm getting married..cuts me to the quick. How do I get past it?...
I haven't slept much, keep thinking of it... man, with friends like that who needs enemies? Our nail appointment was put off till tomorrow morning. I am going..but the thought of being with her filles me with nausia...not out of anger, its really hurt. When I thought she was calling today on the caller id, I started to shake before I picked. It was only the sitter lol. I am such a goober. But it goes to show I get feel deeply and strongly when it happens. I totally hate feeling this. I am so affected because it is someone I have cared deeply for for many years...hense why this hurts so much.
PLEASE comment, tell me what u think...I am usually the person other come to to see things umpartially...or I am the mediator...I would be telling me to talk it over with my friend...but I seriously think she is pissed at me for making her feel quilty for using the sitter...I know I KNOW...
Anyway tell me what u think....am I losing it or just being a goober?...

Friday, February 17, 2006


Last Sunday I posted about Chris' dislocated finger. Here is the original post if you missed it.

Anyway, Chris had to go back to the hospital to have it checked. Turns out he needs physiotherapy because it is still very stiff. His original appointment was scheduled for 2pm but he finally saw the doc at approx 6:30pm. A long wait no doubt but with good reason.

Our weather was horrendous today, even for CANADA...freezing rain and sleet with wind speeds of atleast 1oo klics ...There was a 60 car pile up on highway 40 so the hospital speakers announced a CODE ORANGE with all personel needed in the ER stat. They were grabbing cots and stretchers from all over to accomadate the rush of accident victims coming in. So far we know of one death.

As Chris was telling me...there were alot of ppl in the waiting room who had nothing better to do then bitch and moan about the wait. As Chris said to one man, he much prefered being one of the ppl waiting longer then one being rushed in from an accident. It only stands to reason under those kind of circumstances that ppl use there humanity and hope that ppl will be saved or cared for. But you know how it is, there are always those *special* ppl who always have to harp or bitch about something.
I certainly wouldn't wish an accident on anyone but if it were to happen to one of these moaning mona's I wonder how they would feel if an attending told them that even though they had just been in a serious accident, they would have to wait till the ppl sitting comfortably in chairs with appointments had their turn first.

I digress....So as Chris had some time on his hands, he went to the office where he knew his xray was on file from last Saturday...so without further adue....I present to you the ACTUAL XRAY of Chris' dislocation....it's really COOL!!! and you can now appreciate my discription of it on the other post lol.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


As planned, we had a really cozy Valentines. My day started by sleeping in. Chris got up to care for Ray's breakfast needs before he left on the short bus for school. He then ran out to get some delicious egg/bacon coissants for breakfast and some beautiful roses. Came back and got Luc changed, and fed. All the while letting me blissfully sleep in. What a great beginning to the day.

Later on I happen to be online chatting with Rae a good friend of mine who also loved the idea of the little (Reasons I love you notes) so we both convorted/encouraged eachother about where we could hide them. That in itself was alot of fun. Her while her honey was out of the house for an hour and I trying to figure out how to get mine out of the house some how. He has been in the house since saturday because of his hurt finger. I convinced him to do some grocery shopping. YAY he said sure. Glad I could make a long list as we had both been lazy about restocking the past few days....

A side note...almost everytime I make a grocery list for Chris I try to always add special items within it, like...wet kisses, butt cuddles, nipple tweaks and so on...they often make him laugh outloud in the supermarket...or he will call on the cell and say... Honey, I can't find any snuggle muffins...lol. Anyway, you get the picture...my point being that this Valentines there was no exception to my *special* list. Not to mention, it being abit more *Riské* lol.

As soon as he was gone I quickly got to work. I made a corny heart card out of red construction paper and a silly paper doily.....Just to open the hunt for the (All the reasons I love You ) notes. Then I wrote out a whole bunch of them out on red construction pape, cut them out and hid them everywhere I could think of, in his favorite cup, in his coffee, within the tea bags etc and a bunch downstairs stuck to his deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, pillow and so on and so on.

I got everything done in time. We put the groceries away and then he started to make himself a coffee...and found the first one...He was so touched...and grinning from ear to ear...then he found another one and jumped for glee! I then gave him the silly card and he made me feel like the most wonderful card in the world...and the thought of finding more little red strips of paper turned him into a little boy in a candy store lol. He couldn't wait to find more. Started looking all over...when he found one he would shout I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!!.. and then actually GIGGLE!!...it was so cute. This all done upstairs so far.

Later in the day I sent him downstairs to get something. I found after a few minutes that it was taking way too long then realized he must have found more of the red papers. Just when I was about to inquire..I hear him coming up the stairs...He says...UM I GOT SIDE TRACKED.. when I look up, he has a whole slew of them taped to his head and one draped on each ear and a total look of quilty indulgence......I amost PEED MYSELF...what a goober he is!!! I LOVE MY BIG GOOBER....

Needless to say..we had a great day , had our chinese food late in the evening and to top off the night .....well...Let's just say Chris REALLY REALLY like the sexy underwear I was saving for last..or should I say the beginning of the rest of the night.

How was you Valentines?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines Day to all.
Mine has started very nicely so far...and the day is far from over. I woke up to a great breakfast and some red roses. AWEEEE
This after letting me sleep in while he tended to Ray this morning before he left for his work/school..and tending to Luc's needs aswell.
As astravagant as Chris was last year for Valentines... I loved it ofcourse....this year is going to be more conservative. I will love it as much...we both agreed that some years are made for extravagant madness other years are for mushy cuddling. I was surprised witht he roses though.
We plan to sit down and fill out the documents we downloaded from the Montreal Court House to apply for our marriage liscence.....now how apropo is that?!? I ask you. Nothing more romantic then starting the official process of getting married. We saved them to fill out today for that reason lol. (I know, we are goobers)

We also plan on ordering in some chinese and lighting a cpl candles after we put the clients to bed. So it will be a late but intimate meal for two.
I plan on wearing a new sexy bra and panty set I got months ago that he has never seen. It will be a little surprise for later hehe.
I am also going to try to get Chris out of the house this afternoon to get a few groceries so I can quickly write out a bunch of (Reasons I love you) sentences. I got the idea from another blogger. I will cut them all out and hide them all over the house. He will probably find them for weeks. HEHE He will absolutely love it. I already see him grinning from ear to ear and blushing a few times too lol.
What are your plans? I would love to hear about them or hear about how they went.

Untill then.....have a great Valentines Day!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yesterday was the day we took Ray our border out to shop for a nice new comfortable tv chair for his bedroom. The one he came with looked like it was plucked off the side of a dumbster 20 YEARS AGO!...Anyway, we had seen a nice leather one at cosco last week but I still wanted to price shop. We did and found that again, cosco had the best price by far. Ray tryed it out and happily declared he liked it. It is a fitting chair for a 53 year old gentleman to be comfortable in to watch his tv. His budget can afford it and the next thing on the agenda is a new tv stand/entertainment center. The one he has is actually a microwave holder on wheels....don't ask..I have no idea why. He has ample money in his account, and when too much is acumulated they risk losing it back into the system so I really don't know why at his age he didn't have some decent pieces of furniture of his own....So we bring chair home and Ray and Chris proceed to carry it towards the front door and somehow Rae lost a hold on it and it fell to the right into the snow. No harm done (to the chair) but as Chris was righting it and his hand passed infront of his face holding onto the chair, he noticed his finger was um NOT RIGHT.

He continues to bring the chair in the house and informs me nonchalantly that he thinks he did something to his finger. By his tone, I am really not concerned as he is still moving the big chair. Finishes that, then holds up the FREAKIEST FINGER I ever saw!!!

His left hand middle finger is totally shortened cause the middle nuckle socket had pulled out then came back to rest ONTOP of the part is was supposed to be inside of....it was weird and painfull looking to say the least. He wasn't inicially in alot of pain but it was swelling rapidly. We did not want to just pull it given the gravity of the dislocation and we could not be sure it wasn't broken or had a hairline crack. So the rest of our day originally planned for our own shopping would be spent at the hospital emergency room. But as I said to Chris, there is a reason for everything so we will probably find out what that reason is.

In triage when he held up his freaky finger, even the nurse did a double take and said, OH WOW! lol...then we were sent off to another room to wait for the doc. Chris was in pain but being a hero and trying to keep me entertained lol. Doc arrives and I had to laugh because it was the same doc that was oncall the last 2 times I arrived with Luc by ambulance. I reminded the doc about my blind mute and he remembered emmediately, we then all laughed when I pointed at Chris and said that this was my fianceé and NOT another client lol.

Doc then got a big needle out to freeze the joint...Chris has never been bothered by any sort of needle. He can even watch as they prick him with them (something I can't do) so it was surprizing that after the doc was done, Chris was overcome by faintness. Maybe it was due to the doc touching it or the thought of the pending munipulations. Earlier the nurse touching it had turned his stumach. All I know is he lost all colour to his face and I swear I could see little birds flying in a circle above his head. As Chris took deep breaths trying to remain conscious the Doc got him a wheelchair to sit in so we could then go to xray. There ladies there then wheeled him into there for xray as he was still unsure of standing up for fear of falling on his face. We were then called back to a little room where the doc confirmed dislocation and proceeded to manipulate the finger and as he pulled, it made a loud TOCK! or POP sound EWWW. All while my Chris is like...OH WOW DID U SEE THAT, DID YOU HEAR THAT, HOW COOOOL WAS THAT!! LOOK HOW LONG MY FINGER IS NOW! WOW THAT WAS SO COOL!! just like a little boy...his colour was back , he was all excited and back to normal. We were sent back to xray just to make sure it was ok before splinting it. Without wheelchair this time we walk to xray and to the ladies he saw just 10 mins earlier he says LOOK, HE FIXED MY FINGER SO I CAN NOW WALK!!! they all cracked up. That man makes everyone smile or laugh everywhere he goes.

He got a cool silver splint and even a week off!! YES FOLKS!! a whole WEEK off. The doc did not hesitate because he had damaged ligaments/tendons...and given that Chris has to work in an aseptic/steril lab so has to wear 3 pairs of gloves along with a whole suit...he really can't do that with a splint. He has to go back next friday for a checkup.

As we are walking out of the Emergency, Chris sees the huge grin on my face and laughs. Wipe that grin off your face he says. I said, NO WAY...the reason u hurt your finger is so u could be HOME with ME this week hehe. Not only can u catch up on sleep among other things...u will be home for valentines day too!!! During this last 1 1/2 months of training he has been exhausted. Not only gets up at 5am, but training hard all day learning 4 different production proceedures in the pharmacutical labs. This is 4 times more then any other supervisor learns because once done, his task will be to over see all 4 during the weekend shifts where as all the other supervisors oversee their own production line during the week day shifts. So needless to say, he is tired. Usually falling asleep watching the tv by 8:30 trying heroically to keep his eyes open to spend time with me till I shew him to bed. And as everyone knows the weekends are far to short. Long story long, we miss eachother (incert violins here) We hope he takes his post sometime in March but in the meantime THIS WEEK OFF will do him alot of good for many reasons. (Incert shiteatin grin here) hehe.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Here is a contest posted on a blog by a husband looking for the perfect gift for his wife. How sweet...go give him some ideas ppl...gotta love him for it. I hope he takes my idea....well scratch that...rather, takes my Chris' idea lol...I sent him the ideas that Chris had for me last year...what a treat that was...just thinking about the thought he put into it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside..STILL!!!....
ANYWAY...here is the link to this man's blog..http://www.renewedreflections.com/blog/50-prize-best-husband-valentines-contest-58/

And since I am talking about it, here is the link to my blog post from last year....Lucky Lady..That Would be MEEE

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My dear friend Shannon just graduated from an intense year of Nursing school. BRAVO!! Shan...we are all proud of you.

Needless to say, Shan had lots of long hours in school then nose deep in books studying over this past year.

We spoke alot less often and communicated online even less but it was all for a good cause and we made sure to get caught up when we had the chance.

One thing I enjoyed doing this past year was provide comic relief during those times she was in school when her phone was showing Mobile in Yahoo. It didn't happen often but when it did I would rub my hands in glee with a wicked giggle and proceed to concoct some absolutely rediculous comment to sent as a text message on her phone.

If I wasn't asking about (my invented) professor Halitosis , I was giving her medical tips. This all in the vane of helping her in her studies ofcourse. What are friends for. I thought I would share a few of these with you.

..Did u know..fraternization is the art of spontanious fratering...that leads to a healthy fratter bone.
(texted back...I don't need to gett fratter then I already am lol)

..Cornicopia...term for a food condition..where by callusses are formed on the bottom of ones foot or feet that resemble any or all members of the Bush family or administration.

..snorfillkorkscrap...is a term used for anul retardation...or verbal diareah..usually used by the male of the species ...hense the snorfill lmao....

..Oral flatulanse is caused by verbal diahria and a Crest smile is caused by someone stuffing a tube of toothpaste up your butt.
(texted back....YOU DORK!)

..the fractal hipoclapsis is the means by wich the frontal lobe makes us see stars when We close are eyes really tight after wakeing up and seeing ourselves in the mirrorr
..ok, had a few typos in that one but its only cause my fractal hipoclapsis was activated a short time ago.

..just to help with your tests..the rapture bone is connected to the g-spot, connected to the orgasmic defibulator with the capacity to join with the male boneyalus..
(texted back....you are single handedly the dorkiest person I know!)

..Stressed from studying? OK, take a reflex hammer and twang your orcipital dragnot...this will stimulate your brain profusus and help your better deal with the stress....HONEST...OR it will make your eyes cross permanently and turn your ears backwards.

..Last but not least....

Assticular-techbowel is the medical term for wich we calculate the amount of grey matter acumulated in the frontal lobe...or in easy terms..it means, you STUDIED YOUR ASS OFF...
(texted back...lol, i wish it was that easy to lose my ass!)

On more then one occasion Shan would ask me, as I am sure some of you may be asking the question....WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU GET THIS STUFF?!?!

I have no idea ...and if I were to dwell deep enough to figure out where, I think it would scare me lol...so let's just all agree that it is a *special* brain compartment. It however did help Shan on some days when she desperately needed a good laugh or distraction. It was even uncanny sometimes how these silly text messaged arrived at the perfect moment out of the blue when she needed it the most , she would tell me later. I'm glad it worked and I had a blast thinking this crap up lol.