Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines Day to all.
Mine has started very nicely so far...and the day is far from over. I woke up to a great breakfast and some red roses. AWEEEE
This after letting me sleep in while he tended to Ray this morning before he left for his work/school..and tending to Luc's needs aswell.
As astravagant as Chris was last year for Valentines... I loved it ofcourse....this year is going to be more conservative. I will love it as much...we both agreed that some years are made for extravagant madness other years are for mushy cuddling. I was surprised witht he roses though.
We plan to sit down and fill out the documents we downloaded from the Montreal Court House to apply for our marriage liscence.....now how apropo is that?!? I ask you. Nothing more romantic then starting the official process of getting married. We saved them to fill out today for that reason lol. (I know, we are goobers)

We also plan on ordering in some chinese and lighting a cpl candles after we put the clients to bed. So it will be a late but intimate meal for two.
I plan on wearing a new sexy bra and panty set I got months ago that he has never seen. It will be a little surprise for later hehe.
I am also going to try to get Chris out of the house this afternoon to get a few groceries so I can quickly write out a bunch of (Reasons I love you) sentences. I got the idea from another blogger. I will cut them all out and hide them all over the house. He will probably find them for weeks. HEHE He will absolutely love it. I already see him grinning from ear to ear and blushing a few times too lol.
What are your plans? I would love to hear about them or hear about how they went.

Untill then.....have a great Valentines Day!!!!

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Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

I love the idea of 'i love you sentences' strewn about the house! That's nice, and makes Valentine's last just that much longer.
Congrats on taking the steps towards marriage! I think it's great that you waited until V-day to fill out the papers.
And thanks for stopping by my blog (2 days in a row!!!)