Thursday, February 16, 2006


As planned, we had a really cozy Valentines. My day started by sleeping in. Chris got up to care for Ray's breakfast needs before he left on the short bus for school. He then ran out to get some delicious egg/bacon coissants for breakfast and some beautiful roses. Came back and got Luc changed, and fed. All the while letting me blissfully sleep in. What a great beginning to the day.

Later on I happen to be online chatting with Rae a good friend of mine who also loved the idea of the little (Reasons I love you notes) so we both convorted/encouraged eachother about where we could hide them. That in itself was alot of fun. Her while her honey was out of the house for an hour and I trying to figure out how to get mine out of the house some how. He has been in the house since saturday because of his hurt finger. I convinced him to do some grocery shopping. YAY he said sure. Glad I could make a long list as we had both been lazy about restocking the past few days....

A side note...almost everytime I make a grocery list for Chris I try to always add special items within it, like...wet kisses, butt cuddles, nipple tweaks and so on...they often make him laugh outloud in the supermarket...or he will call on the cell and say... Honey, I can't find any snuggle Anyway, you get the point being that this Valentines there was no exception to my *special* list. Not to mention, it being abit more *Riské* lol.

As soon as he was gone I quickly got to work. I made a corny heart card out of red construction paper and a silly paper doily.....Just to open the hunt for the (All the reasons I love You ) notes. Then I wrote out a whole bunch of them out on red construction pape, cut them out and hid them everywhere I could think of, in his favorite cup, in his coffee, within the tea bags etc and a bunch downstairs stuck to his deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, pillow and so on and so on.

I got everything done in time. We put the groceries away and then he started to make himself a coffee...and found the first one...He was so touched...and grinning from ear to ear...then he found another one and jumped for glee! I then gave him the silly card and he made me feel like the most wonderful card in the world...and the thought of finding more little red strips of paper turned him into a little boy in a candy store lol. He couldn't wait to find more. Started looking all over...when he found one he would shout I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!!.. and then actually GIGGLE!! was so cute. This all done upstairs so far.

Later in the day I sent him downstairs to get something. I found after a few minutes that it was taking way too long then realized he must have found more of the red papers. Just when I was about to inquire..I hear him coming up the stairs...He says...UM I GOT SIDE TRACKED.. when I look up, he has a whole slew of them taped to his head and one draped on each ear and a total look of quilty indulgence......I amost PEED MYSELF...what a goober he is!!! I LOVE MY BIG GOOBER....

Needless to say..we had a great day , had our chinese food late in the evening and to top off the night .....well...Let's just say Chris REALLY REALLY like the sexy underwear I was saving for last..or should I say the beginning of the rest of the night.

How was you Valentines?


T. said...

Sounds like you had a good Valentines Day. Unfortunately, my husband is out of the house at 6:30 am when I'm sleeping so I didn't see him until I got home from my night class at 9:30 p.m. He bought me flowers and chocolates and a card. We don't really do a lot for Valentines day.

Red Clover said...

You two are so perfect for each other lol. Les made me tell him what I sent him a few days before. I had to tell him! He was talking about going out and buying it lmao.

Next year.. ah next year I'll be able to cover myself in chocolate and handcuff myself to the dinning room table for him. Sigh.. I can't wait..

Oh yeah the choc and cuffs? I read that line on another site.. couldn't resist using it lmao

Shannon said...

It was my anniversary.

You know the parties involved.

Nuff said.

Anna said...

John has also done that for me but he hid them all in my office at work, some of them were redemable for things like kisses and ice cream or dinner while others were the corny things he says that only I'd understand. It sure was fun and I was finding them for weeks, in files under my pen holder, even in my roledex. I kept them all :).

Something similar he did about three years ago was buy things I liked, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, Fannie Mae Trinidads and then wrote lil heart shaped puzzle cards that would lead me to the next find throughout the house. A scavenger hunt of love. My adventure started with a single long stemmed rose that I found on my seat after dinner at a beautiful Mexican restaurant.

Those really are the most memorable Valentine's Days, the ones where you have so much fun just enjoying the thoughtfulness of your loved one. I'm glad you had a wonderful day.