Monday, January 28, 2008


This weekend when I turned on my pc to my morning ritual of checking emails, reading blogs etc...Well, it wasn't doing anything! Whaaa...Call my trusty hubby who is my hero , to look at it. He tryed with all his merth and mite but alas he could do nothing. It was a case of taking it to the puter hospital. Thankfully it was still on the guarantee!

My baby needs a new hard drive. It thankfully won't cost me a thing except maybe MY SANITY!!...I won't have it back for atleast 8 days...if lucky!

I am currently using Chris' pc downstairs. So I can atleast check my stuff down here evenings. Why only evenings? you may ask. Well the whole reason for getting a laptop a few yrs ago was because we had our blind client move in then. He is severely mentally handicapped, blind, mute and epileptic. I have to be near him all the time. So I can"t just leave him alone while I come downstairs to be on the computer. Hense getting myself a laptop to entertain myself during the day. I HATE daytime tv so atleast I amuse myself on my laptop doing lots of things etc.

My blind man can walk so if he gets up , to go to the bathroom for instance, I have to make sure he doesn't hurt himself getting there. Although has a good idea where it is, he still walks into walls or forgets where he was going day , I was just on the deck so I was a second to late when he got up really quickly and turned the wrong way and walked towards the front door instead...there is a 2 step down to the door. I wasn't fast enough to prevent his fall down those 2 short steps ...and he unfortunately broke his hip. It was horrible...Needless to say, although I am always near by, u can understand that I will still try to avoid accidents at all cost. I can come down here when he is in bed, we have a protective baby fence in the hallway once he is there, so it prevents him from coming to the living room area...but still allows him to go to the bathroom across the hall from his room if he needs too.

So I will be on less in the next week...I feel almost lost without my laptop infront of me in the living room upstairs lol. How pathetic is that! I also have my whole list of must read blogs on my favorites in my sick pc..not on this computer...It's my own fault for not doing a blog roll on my own page but I still have no desire to have one list is huge and when I do remove some at times due to non activity or cutting back I would hate to hurt anyones feelings if they noticed so I just avoid that by doing it elsewhere. So to all my blog friends, if I don't drop by in the next week or so, know it's only because I am missing my list lol. I will try to visit, via the comments I recieve in the limited time I will be on but many don't comment here so it will be impossible to go see u , sorry....

We get so used to our routines that when something happens to change it we are struck with how we rely on them when they aren't there.

Good thing I have some good books I've been meaning to read lol.
Hope to see u soon!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, it's always quiet after the holidays. Nothing much has been happening here. Snow and more snow has befallen our quaint existance.

Some are luckier then others however. My mom and her hubby Ben are enjoying a beautiful house in Palm Springs California right now... they sent an email the other day saying.....

..''Life sucks...High 70's here, the pool is nice, the spa is even nicer''

to which I replied..

''Coulda been worse, coulda been me...btw...BITE ME!!

Seriously, I'm so happy for them both...they deserve it..and our half sister Sophie (the dog) is enjoying herself too!

So I leave u with a pic of my dogs....

We are done patting down all the snow on the deck mom...

We are done trampling the snow on the deck mom.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yes you read the title right. Last night (Jan 12/2008) was the Christmas/New Years party for the company Chris works for. Odd I know but I actually think it's a great idea to have it after the holidays. They always scedule it that way for some reason.

We are usually busy during Dec and frankly I am always a bit nervous going out evenings at that time of year because there are so many idiots on the road who have had a few drinks. I realize accidents can happen anytime, but in Dec the percentages just go alot highter.

The party was really something...held at a Sheraton Hotel..with over 500 ppl in attendance. The theme was Disco lol...the DJ was actually really good. Very entertaining. There were a few ppl who showed up in costume...very daring lol...but for the most part everyone was dressed in very nice soireé attire.

This year was the 1st yr I have attended the party...Chris has worked there for 4 yrs..the 1st yr he worked there, he went but I didn't want to go. He didn't attend the last 2. He usually hates those things.

I wanted us to go this year for a few different reasons.

1. I feel so much healthier this year.

2. I also feel alot better about myself.

3. I actually enjoy shopping for clothes now.

4. I wouldn't feel like a cow among gazelles.

5. I thought it would be alot of fun to have a special soireé of dinner and dancing with my husband.

Company xmas party 2008 2008, Chris' work party (Jan 12) Chris, ready for party My handsome husband

We were seated at a table with Chris' boss. Very charming man. The party was on a roll very early. People were on the dance floor as soon as they transfered us from the cocktail area to the dinning room. MOre often then not, the dance floor was full! The wine flowed as we had 2 entrés with a main dish along with breaded Calamari. There was alot of dancing, some door prices given out. Chris' boss won a $300 gift certificat lol! Then a million kinds of desert and coffee was set out for all to enjoy.

We had fun..danced up a storm and I also met alot of the guys that Chris supervises...all were genuinely happy to see their boss lol...He is very well liked..even as a boss, he gets the job done but treats everyone fairly..the former weekend shift all wish he would be their boss again..I'm proud of him..being a good boss is hard, being a good boss who is also respected but mostly liked, is even harder...but Chris is liked by everyone lol

Anyway, we left close to 1 am, then treated ourselves to an hour at the Montreal Casino since it wasn't far. We set a small amount to play with and stuck to it lol. Didn't win any big amounts but had fun...then got home after 3am.

After an evening in 5 inch heels my feet hurt so much I wanted to cut them off lol. I'm still heavy on my heels, maybe another 50 lbs lost will eleviate that somewhat , who knows, I think that we all suffer with heels no matter how much we wiegh...

So that was our night out for New Years this year.

Monday, January 07, 2008


It's official...our flights to Paris France are booked for April 12th!!! I can hardly believe it!! We will be in France for 3 weeks!

Yes, I want to see the Eiffel Tower. Yes I would love to take in the Louvre. See some sights...but...

What I look forward to most is seeing the joy in my husbands eyes as he hugs his children close to his heart till they can hardly breath lol!! We planned this trip at a time that his children had time off from school. They will join us for their holiday at Chris' parents home in Versailles, just outside of Paris.

It's been 2 years since Chris saw his daughter Mahault almost 16..and his son Thomas 14. Although he is often chatting with them online or on the's not the same as being able to goof around with them or just be at their side when needed. ..It's a long story to know why they are there and not here but I won't go into it. Suffice it to say, he misses his children.

I have already told Chris that I don't want him to worry about entertaining me...I want him to do as much as possible with his kids...Sure we will do things together..of that I am certain. I do however want him to spend lots of alone time with them...without me...He needs to bond with them, as they need him all to themselves. I have him every other day of our lives together.

I will be more then blessed spending time with his parents whom I adore! Any vacation for me is also not being home lol. We also plan to travel to Vernon where Chris' sister Frederique and husband Bernard have a resturant called Les Fleurs . You really have to click on that direct link, the photos of Bernards cuisine will make your mouth water!! He is an award winning chef.

We hope the kids will be with us atleast 2 weeks. It may be less. Depending on the timing..when they won't be with us, we plan to go visit Chris' grandmother in Galan France. In the Hautes-Pyrenees mountains, near the border of Spain. I found a family tourist site that have a few pics of Galan. Very close to Lourdes, Toulouse and Tarbes, where Chris was born btw...Galan is a small village that is probably close to a 1000 years old..she still lives in the house that Chris's mother was raised in. The house is probably close to 300 yrs old. His grandmother is not getting any younger at 86 yrs of age...she will be thrilled to see her grandson and hopefully meet his new wife lol. I look forward to spending time with her.

From there we hope to drive towards the South of France, Côte d'Azur in the french Riviera if all goes well...Chris was fortunate to grow up spending his summers there as a boy. Only because they had an uncle who lived there and welcomed them each year, as much for their pleasure as for his.

One thing is for sure...I will have the best tour guide anyone could hope for! How better to visit a place then through the eyes of someone who knows it so well!!

Mostly though, I really can't wait to see parts of my husbands world. Where he grew up, the everyday views he saw as a boy. The people who love him. The places where defining moments in his life happened.

My other point of interest is vested in my own family history. All my ancestors came from there on both my parents sides. It is a place I have wanted to touch, see and experience since I was a little girl. I know our time there will be short lived...but I know we will be back. For now, this first time to actually be going there is thrilling to me.

Tell there a place you have always wanted to see in your lifetime? If so, where is it and have you been able to fulfill it yet? Oh and WHY is this place so special to you?