Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have been remise for sure. Just haven't had the urge to blog for a number of reasons. One being that we have been buy. Online often yes but doing something else.

It was also the time of year that we all had doctor's appointments...check ups, flu shots...yada yada.

Updates......I got the flu....
...........So did Cleo
...........and Chris
Now don't get me wrong...I advocate the flu shot, have been for 10 yrs lol, Timing was just all wrong this yr lol.

I have also been in the works to get a major surgery. Gastric bypass. YES I know...many do not like the idea. I know many how have had it done and have researched it for yrs. Why? because I was put on a waiting list in 1999 to be truthfull. The doc I had, retired, so my paperwork we sent to another hospital and I had to start all over again. With all that, life was happening ofcourse so u put things aside, or it just doesn't become the only thing on your mind.

In 2004 I was finally to see the Doc who does the surgery. Unfortunately, I was so sick that week with pnuemonia that I couldn't make it. It took months before I was able to get through to get more info about another appointment.
Bla Bla, need to fill out a 20 page form now bla bla bla ...

So I had to get my old medical file from other hospital t get al the info needed to fill the new form lmao!!....arg!

And ofcourse LIFE HAPPENS.... u put things aside...u have get married....your forget about the pile of papers in the drawer u shoved full of crap...and months go by

SO...finally got to it all again....only because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My diabetis, apnea, constant inemia, blood pressure etc etc...was making me more worried. Chris and I both want to be married a very long time so my initial reason for starting this whole process is totally different today then it was 7 yrs ago.
7 yrs ago, I was just a fat unhappy woman in a sad relationship. Wanted to look and feel better overall. and maybe save my relationship.

7 yrs later, I am an extreamly happy woman, with a loving husband and terrific relationship...confident in the woman I am and the beauty I hold for the man I love. Never felt so special...BUT... I am also very sick for just 43 yrs old. I am staining my heart by all the yoyo weight loss with every attempt I go through and I have many complications due to all of it that I didn't have 7 yrs ago. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!...

Here is the DOWN SIDE... the gov has changed the criteria for the being accepted only if one has a 55bmi(body mass index) in other words, I would have to be over 400lbs to be eliable now. So if I want surgery I may have to still wait another 5 yrs and even then not know if I get it. They may change criteria or not...
If I pay for it myself....or have insurance..I could have it in aprox 2 months!

go figure!

No canada doesn't have a 2 tier system....nuh huh..

I am very proud of my country, but it just makes me mad....that this could be so easy for me if I had money.

Well, Chris' insurance wont pay it, they don't cover that sort of thing, yada we are going to finance it .

YES....U HEARD ME..... The good knews it , most can be tax although it has to be paid for now, we will get some back. of right now, if all goes well, my date on the surgeons cutting table is JAN 30TH 2007.

I know that sounded bad lol. But honestly as nervous as I am or was before. I have every confidense in the Doctor. We met him a few weeks ago. He was very patient and took all the time we needed to answer all our questions. Also explained the risks and his yrs of expertise without being big headed. He is also one of the few in canada that do it the way he does. Wont go into details lol.

So thats that for my news.

As for the BF... Cleo broke up with him......For all my thoughts of it being hard for her being the first was I wrong...I think I was the most affected with it lol.
She came home one night...after being with him...shut the front door and calmly said..well I broke up with him.
I was like What? Why?
He was getting on my nerves ...she said...
Well are u ok? did he take it? Do u want to talk about it? bla bla bla bla
MOM!...ITS NO BIG DEAL...sheeesh, get over it...It was pretty mutual. We just decided to be friends, thats it.

Um, well,ok...are u sure?...I know I always felt bad when I broke up with someone cause it was hard to hurt them...or just kinda feeling bumbed that it just didn't work out....if u want to talk abou.....

As you can see, I was the heartbroken one in the whole me a big GOOBER LOL.


Chris and I have found the perfect hobby together. We play in a 3D chat world together. It's not the one I have mentioned here before. This one is HUGE.. world that has ppl from all over the planet in it. With over 1,5 million members. It is a world onto itself. With clubs, and shopping, and home and land owners...u can enjoy actual real live concerts, of singers, but u see their avatar on stage infront of all the other avatars in the club...there is real land to buy if u want to build or buy a prefab house on it...its can walk around beautiful places or fly if u customize your avatar the way u want it.

It sounds funny I know..but its really cool. It's also something other then watch tv that chris and I can do together...given I don't go out much. It's a great way to explore something different as a cpl.

We rent a piece of paradise in Second Life...once in there u realize u want a place of your own to go to. Or not. It's up to each person. We rented a lovely place ...on the tip of an island..u hear the surf and the birds. We enjoy the hottub and have invited ppl we have met in there over to sit around the fire on the beach and talk..many cpls from all over enjoy this pasttime.
There are real jobs to be had in SL ...its really amazing...There have been many articles written about SL (second life) One that Chris' mom even sent us from France, written by a reporter on the subject.

If you want more info...let me know.

Well thats all for now, dont want it to turn into a book lol.
Sorry for being so bad at blogging lately. I have been reading all my favorites though..although not commenting most time. HUGS ....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I AM FINE THANKS.....(Physically atleast- Mentally is a whole different story lol)

Well, I got good and told by Kenju that I have been gone long enough lol....and YES I AM OK...Thanks for caring. I was actually surprised that somebody noticed.

I just haven't had much of anything to say. Things with daughter are LIVABLE...she has a BF. Yes it's her first. It's all or nothing with her I tell ya. She was never boy crazy (like her mom). There was rarely a boy that turned her head. She turns 16 and BAMB!..Meets a guy..and starts dating him....All or nothing? Well...from no boys, to a 19 yr old with a nice car and an APARTMENT!...OY VEY!....

The good news is, he works 2 jobs...shares his apartment with a buddy AND seems to be pretty decent fellow. We have had him over for supper a few times. He knows what time I want her in on a school night but I also told him he could stay and visit with her after he brought her home etc....I have tryed to respect her wanting to spend time with him, given his two jobs...and I think she has realized that I am not a monster and she has appreciated that.

I just know the shoe will eventually drop. How deep we feel as teens..specially the first love. I still remember mine. I hope I can pick up the pieces when that happens lol. Untill then, I will enjoy this reprieve from Anarchy

Other then ex's gf ..totally crossed the line. Because of that the little respect I had for him is gone and well, my opinion of her was just reinforced. I will save this for another post. Suffice it to say for now...stupidity and insanity do seem to go well together lmao!

For the few that have kept coming back to my page..thanks for being patient with me.

Whats new with you? lol