Saturday, April 29, 2006



How many times have we used that expression? I know I have many times in my 43 yrs. When I got this pic in an email from a friend I just had to share it. I think the idea to finally capitalize on the old saying is genious!!!
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I am also curious....have u ever been in a situation where you were in or close to being in shit creek with no paddle?

I was once, while in Mexico...alone at 4am, walking home, (to friends apartment) had 4 men following me and getting closer...very dangerous situation. Got out of it in the nick of time by the skin of my teeth...will have to tell the story in more detail some day.

Tell me about yours..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We are going for the second meeting with our officient tomorrow evening. So tonight we had to go over some of the documentation we were given to fill out together. Some was for the ceremony itself...we chose an example of a simple one that we could tweek to make our own. As Chris was going through that, I was going through a questions/answer part . Some questions were simple and others were especially designed to make you think about your partner and relationship. It is also a tool for the officient to get to know us better as a couple.

We had fun deciding what to put down for different questions, like, how did u meet? Who made the first move?....It was cute to think of those days in the beginning lol.

There was one question that asked each person to write about the other. ie; personality, weaknesses, likes etc

I wrote: ...Chris is my hero on so many levels. He is a man of integrity and fairness and also stays true to his own beliefs. He is very deep in that he always strives to learn about more of everything. Chris is also able to make everyone feel special. He is the smartest person I know but is also one of the funniest. He is liked by everyone who knows him, He has no pretentions yet also has much class and taste with most everything. He is also sensitive and romantique and he rocks my world. He has 2 weaknesses, one is being to hard on himself and the other is me. But I am also one of his strengths.

I had to translate it to english but this is what
Chris wrote:....

Monette listens, understands and is a counseller . She is a healer and a voice to be heard. Her wisdom and soul make of her a friend, everyone would need one day. Her humour gets her through all kinds of life challenges. She also lightens the burdens of those she loves. Always ready to give of herself to help the less fortunate than her.
Her generosity is a force to be reckoned with and a weakness because she puts herself last. Monette is like the lighthouse to a ship in the ocean, she is the reason I rush home everyday. Her joie de vivre and her ability to surprise me, make everyday a new adventure. She provides me with a foundation, a basis for achievement.....she is my motivation for grasping at the Moon!

He read that to me and I just wanted to cry....I am the luckiest woman in the world!...How could a person not feel deeply loved after that?...

Sunday, April 16, 2006


YES, I changed my template. I was having issues with the old one so decided to finally change it. It is just plain black I realize but it works for me. I have lost all my doodads that were in the sidebar of the old one but that will only give me room to get more or different things to stick in there.

Hope that everyone who celebrates Easter has had a great Easter Sunday and for those who don't...I hope you had a great Passover or just a great spring Sunday.

Our Easter was very simple. We had a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast...was delicious. Don't often have that kind of breakfast.

Cleo was at her dad's this weekend but they both came over saturday so I could cut her dad's hair. (Yes, I still cut his hair..even 5 yrs after we separated) lol.

I gave Cleo the easter chocolate we got her. But I think she was happier with the cell phone she also got. Since Chris just recieved the company cell phone, he no longer needed the one we had for him, on the family plan. We each had a phone and have a contract so we decided that Cleo would get it. We have been lucky to have held out this long. She is 15 and most of her friends have had one for a yr or 2 already.

The best part is that Chris' phone was due for an upgrade but we were waiting till Cleo could look at some of the models to see what she prefered WITHIN REASON ofcourse...

We got a basic idea before comitting to anything then went back a week later to get one similar to the ones she liked. A new model came out that she hadn't seen but was like what she wanted so we got that. Luckily it didn't cost much more for the upgrade.

Needless to say she LOVED her new phone. She also spend the whole time here, playing with it. Made sure to load a ring tone she liked asap lol. As soon as they left, I called her so I would be the first person to call her on her cell ...when I said that on the phone, I could swear I heard her smile but mostly I also heard her eyes roll.....hehe.....

We moms can be so annoying sometimes lol......I live for it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Stuff Done

Today was another day out, filled with a list of things to do. It was also absolutely beautiful out. What a treat. No need for a jacket even.

We got some banking done then went into Montreal. I think everyone was out trying to catch as much of this warm spring day as they could. We walked down St. Catherines St.(Montreals main strip) hand in hand enjoying the sun as much as the ppl watching. Your see all kinds in Montreal.

We had some shopping to do for Chris' daughter's bday . She likes to read english books when she can so we went to a store that had some of those downtown. Yes, they are actually hard to find outside the big centers lol...where we live and the surrounding areas DON'T have english books . I used to have to go downtown Montreal to get second hand save money...but I would get a whole shit load to last me awhile lol.

While we were there I was in the wedding sections looking for a Guest sign in book. They had a few there but I didn't particularly like any of them. I did find something good though. A wedding scrap book. I hadn't thought of that actually. I have saved copies of our invites and a few other things for keepsake but hadn't thought of putting them in something especially for that. I took a pic of the first page...but it has all kinds of different pages you can write about how u met, when u knew u were in love, your engagement, your wedding invites, your rsvp's, your guests and what you got from them etc etc...I thought it was a brilliant idea! So we got it.
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Here is also a pic of our invites...we had both english and french but I have included a close up of the english ones. I think they are rather nice if I do say so myself. Chris did a great job doing them all with the printer.
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Not bad eh.

So we then went on to look for a necklace and our sign book. We did some shopping inside the underground mall that is really quite cool. You can shop for miles underground going from one center to another with blocks and blocks connecting to eachother and the metro (subway system)'s nice especially in winter lol.

I found my necklace...keep in mind that my dress is not traditional at all. It is a deep bronze colour with an ivory inlay down a slit in the front. I needed something to dress up my neck. I took a pic of it because I wanted to show it to my mom. She wanted to pay for it when I found it, as a way I think of being part of my wedding outfit. It cost more then 60$...thats all I'm saying. But it really is nice heavy costume jewelry and the colours are PERFECT! Here are 2 with flash one without.
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What do u think?

I also found my sign in book in another store. It is exactly what we wanted. Not to big because lets face it , we aren't having 200 guests lol. I wanted a small book that had room for ppl to sign and comment and thats all. ..I wanted ivory but they didn't have it in ivory but as u can see it has somewhat of a pattern on the satiny finish, so it could almost pass for ivory/white ...hard to explain.....I have yet to find a pen with a pedistal on my list.

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So there u have it....oh and we went to the Hotel to put a nice chunk of money down on our reception WHOO HOOO... that felt good.

Then we went to a part of Montreal (Rue Prince Arthure) that has alot a different resturants and tryed a Portugese resturant. We had an assortment of lamb, rabbit, quail, portugese sausage and porc! was a menu choice for 2 ppl to let you try them all. OMG there was so much, it's a good thing Chris was hungry...seeing all that meat on the serving plate had the opposite effect on me lol....I tryed bits of this and that but not alot. Way too much meat for me lol. I just nibbled on some fries and had my salad with some bread...but I have to say that it was all very good , even the tastes I had of the meat....We took the rest home ofcourse...I know a cpl of dogs that will be very happy tomorrow lol.

Tomorrow I hope to go to our local florist and see what kind of catalog they have and what kind of prices. I would like to give my local town first try for the business but again...I am going to price need to loose an arm now..I have been doing pretty good so far....

Let me know what you thing of everything...your feedback is important to me.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am trying to see to as many details as I can so that I don't find myself bombarded or sleeplessly making lists of all the little details at the last minute.

Yesterday Chris and I got alot of stuff done. We recieved our cake knife set this week so we found a place to have it engraved our names and date.
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We also got candles for our centerpieces Image hosting by Photobucket
We got more then we needed incase they burned fast. We lit 2 lastnight to get a good idea how long they would last and we were pleasantly surprised...they were half burned down after 6 hours! One was abit lower then the other but not by much, I will have enough to replace if needed but for the most part they will burn all evening of the reception.

We also got a beautiful shirt and tie for Chris' suit along with a nice brown belt and nice shoes to match. I can't wait to see him all decked out...he will look so dapper and I love that we got him a suit he always wanted that will be worn often in future, rather then rent a tux.

I found my shoes aswell. First store and first pair tryed on. I wasn't sure so did all the other stores to rule out the chance of finding something else....isn't it always the way....ended up going back to first store lol. They are perfect, ivory, not to high and very simple so I will be able to wear them again for something else. Oh yeah...and only 40$

Basically, all that is left is a necklace for me to go with the dress. The flowers for my bouquet and honour table arrangement that will first be used in the ceremony room. No sense in using a flower arrangement for 30 minutes that will be removed and put on the honour table after the ceremony.
We will have to get some boutoniers for Chris, and both our dads and corsage for his mom and my dad's wife. They will be seated with us at the honour table.
I will also need flower petals to sprinkle at the base of the candle holders on each table to add colour.

I need a guests sign in book and pen set. I have been looking at them on ebay but frankly the ones I like I find pricey. I will see what I can find locally before I decide to buy. I got great deals on ebay with the candles and cake set even with currancy conversion but I don't get that feeling with the sign in books...will have to see.

We got confirmation yesterday that Chris' parents have got thier airline tickets! Chris is thrilled. I am looking forward to meeting them....(she says with a bit of terror in her voice)

AND the best thing done yesterday is.....drum role please........ALL the INVITATIONS ARE MAILED!!... I am so glad that is done! We are in good time.. the recommended time is said to be 6 to 8 weeks. We are 8 weeks and 3 days lol....It took me the better part of an evening addressing them all in caligraphy. But they all look nice. We also printed up a list of websites for different hotels in the area to price shop or book at our venue hotel and recieve the locked in price of $209 per night if they mention our name. Otherwize the price is closer to $250 in June. We wanted to make it easier for our travelling guests to have different options.

I am relieved that the big stuff is taken care of now. All the little details are being taken care of as soon as I can think of them.....but I just know that the closer it gets to the time, the more I will think of things ....

A side of my good friends who I used to live across the street from for 10 years called to say she got her invite yesterday. Why so fast?...Her address is the only one I didn't have written down in my book. It's funny how we can live so close to someone for years and not pay attention to their house number. I couldn't tell you what it was, to save my own life so I delivered it to her mailbox personally during the day. She was at work.

I felt bad because it wasn't officially mailed. When she called I told her so but she said she saw it totally differently. She said she felt that it was more special for her knowing I actually delivered it personally to her door. .....AND she confirmed to me that she would be there with bells on! But wanted to keep the the RSVP as part of the invite for a keepsake because she knew we did them ourselves....(with the printer)..we bought the kit with the handmade paper, they are really pretty if I do say so myself. And we did both languages, french and english.

SO I have my first official YES response lol!!!.....OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT.....(big grins)

Sunday, April 02, 2006


OMG! WE DID IT!! ..YES folks, we got a dress for my 15 yr old daughter!!..I am still realing was not without pain.

Pain? you say.....Well, picture this...a teen walking around with a 100lb weight on her hunched shoulders, dragging her feet as she follows me with the look of (my dog just died) on her face....SERIOUSLY!....we were just SHOPPING for god sakes.
Everytime I would find something I thought she may like..she would grunt or shrug a shoulder. With more prodding I would get an actual syllable of YEAH or NO. We actually made it to the dressing room once or twice..she tryed a few dresses on to declare that no dress looks good on her. Or, it's too low in the front or too much skin is showing...ARG!!

I was becoming impatient to say the actually look at the girls her age in the mall that couldn't buy enough crap or wear inapropriet atire and think...why can't Cleo be more like that.....FOR A SPLIT SECOND... I had to take a deep breath.

So I took her aside and said....OK, here is it...this is turning out to be a nightmare, I know u hate to shop but u look like its worse then a root canal..and frankly I have had enough. I would not and could not make u wear something u hate. Believe it or not, I actually want you to find something u will feel good about wearing and forgive me for saying it but something u may even feel pretty in. BUT I need your help finding it. Most would give an arm to go shopping for special clothes and shoes to match but this is rediculous Cleo, u really have to change that face and try to help me help you find something you like. I don't care if it isn't a dress, it could be a pant outfit or a skirt and top...just as long as it's dressy enough for the wedding.

Let me also add that Cleo is tall, slim and very pretty. I know I am her mother but it's true lol. She is at that awkward age and she is very selfconscience. I am actually very gratefull for the fact that is isnt the typical barbie type that has her belly button showing and shows off nonexistant cleavage like most of the girls I see infront of the school. Cleo is far more conservative but with a style milange of goth and punk. She pulls it off well and I really love how she puts herself together. It isn't over the top and her makeup is also subtle so I am all for it. That is why I was striving to find something she could feel good in. She really hates to shop, when we have to get her school clothes, it's like pullin teeth but when we happen to find something she actually likes I can't get to the cash register fast enough to buy it. I don't even look at the price for the most part lol. No matter what we get her, she wears it out so it's worth it.

I think our/my talk kicked in somewhat because she started to get into it more. Her cousin Chantal met us at the mall also and that helped. We were going to change gears and scrap the dress idea and go for a pants/jacket outfit but then I remembered a Medieval/goth store she likes so we made our way there.

There were some overly priced dresses there but Cleo's eyes actually lit up. I actually heard the chorus of choir singers go off in my head. AAAAHHHHHHH.... We picked out a cpl dresses and a skirt set. She had a few misses but then she came out with a red/black taffita dress with ivory embroidery on it. It has those string and loop laceups in the front and the back but its is very simply cut. It has spegetti straps and no low cut in the front...and the length was PERFECT.. and guess what....SHE WAS SMILING ......HALILULIAAAAAAA... I swear I almost fell to my knees to start thanking god. CHUCHING!!! BOUGHT THAT DRESS IN SPLIT SECOND TIME!!

We then went back to a store we saw earlier to add a chiffon wrap to it and look at the pretty sandels they had. OMG my daughter who hates *girly* things picked out the hottest pair of black heels I have ever seen lmao.

While there, my neice saw a dress she liked and tryed it on. Looked awesome on her and was actually a great price. She also picked out shoes...the same ones that Cleo chose but a different colour. She phoned her dad to get the ok and frankly I would have punched him had he said no. He was hoping that with my help, she would get what she needed for the wedding because he didn't have the time to spend trying to shop with her. Granted , dads aren't usually the best choice for those things. I don't mind at all. I also often think her mother is looking down on me at times like these and either laughing or smiling. ...

So we got TWO teens all decked out for the wedding today!...My previous hope that all the planets would be in perfect alinement came true......or someone please pinch me ...I just want to make sure I am not dreaming and my cosmic carma isn't trying to play a horrible APRIL FOOLS joke on my brain.........

NO WAIT....I GOT PICS FOR PROOF!!!! HEHE!! The tall one is my daughter Cleo and the other is my neice Chantal...keep in mind they threw on the dresses for me so I could get these photos. They wanted me to assure everyone that their hair will be NICE for the big day lol.
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