Sunday, April 16, 2006


YES, I changed my template. I was having issues with the old one so decided to finally change it. It is just plain black I realize but it works for me. I have lost all my doodads that were in the sidebar of the old one but that will only give me room to get more or different things to stick in there.

Hope that everyone who celebrates Easter has had a great Easter Sunday and for those who don't...I hope you had a great Passover or just a great spring Sunday.

Our Easter was very simple. We had a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast...was delicious. Don't often have that kind of breakfast.

Cleo was at her dad's this weekend but they both came over saturday so I could cut her dad's hair. (Yes, I still cut his hair..even 5 yrs after we separated) lol.

I gave Cleo the easter chocolate we got her. But I think she was happier with the cell phone she also got. Since Chris just recieved the company cell phone, he no longer needed the one we had for him, on the family plan. We each had a phone and have a contract so we decided that Cleo would get it. We have been lucky to have held out this long. She is 15 and most of her friends have had one for a yr or 2 already.

The best part is that Chris' phone was due for an upgrade but we were waiting till Cleo could look at some of the models to see what she prefered WITHIN REASON ofcourse...

We got a basic idea before comitting to anything then went back a week later to get one similar to the ones she liked. A new model came out that she hadn't seen but was like what she wanted so we got that. Luckily it didn't cost much more for the upgrade.

Needless to say she LOVED her new phone. She also spend the whole time here, playing with it. Made sure to load a ring tone she liked asap lol. As soon as they left, I called her so I would be the first person to call her on her cell ...when I said that on the phone, I could swear I heard her smile but mostly I also heard her eyes roll.....hehe.....

We moms can be so annoying sometimes lol......I live for it!


Bess said...

There's something so festive about a big meal with all the favorites -- sounds like your breakfast was a good way to start the day! :) And I love that you made sure to be the first to call your daughter on her new phone. A little quirky and so loving. It's the little things like that, that make life sweet. :)

T. said...

Sounds like you had a nice Easter. Glad to hear it. I'm a breakfast person myself.I could cook a big breakfast everyday.

Shannon said...

But you forgot the bagels (from that one place in Montreal....*drool* *slobber* *drool*) and cream cheese!

When I got home from work Easter morning, Ran had chocolate covered marshmallows for me ........ *drool**slobber**drool*.

Speaking of work...can you freaking believe it?! I got paid double time and a half!!! That's damn near 50 bucks an hour!!!

Oh yeah......... I like what you've done with the place ;) Lemme know if you want to go through some of my doo-dads, I got a folder just for you member and another of nothing but blinkies that you might like.

Big hugs and talk soon!

cindy said...

Thanks for suggesting that I visit your blog to get my mind off things. It has helped, now I find myself engrossed in your wedding plans. You have great taste and Chris is a keeper. Do you have a pic of your wedding dress?