Monday, May 29, 2006


After rubbing and shining, scrubbing and washing...we got this house shining for the arrival of Chris' parents. We picked them up at the airport at around noon today. They seem very nice.

Other then a few gliches in's been a pretty smooth welcome. My french is different from their french so its been humous at times with Chris translating both ways lol.

His parents spoiled us. We recieved 2 bottles of Champagne and 2 bottles of very nice red wine.
His father also brought us 4 of his water colour paintings...all very beautiful. Last year when Chris went to paris to see them and his children, his dad had given him a few of his paintings. I think he was quite happy to see 2 of the pieces framed and displayed here.

I don't know what it is but I know they also thought of bringing something for Cleo. She is at her dad's right now but should be here for lunch from school tomorrow.

His mom also brought me a gorgeous pendant made by an artist in Paris...2 different boxes of specialty chocolates OMGGGG TO DIE FOR...and last but not least...some DIOR perfume..smells devine and has flecks of gold in it. It's perfect for my wedding day, leaves a very slight shimmer on the skin.

We have had the day to get aquainted...thankfully it was beautiful out so we enjoyed sitting on the deck all afternoon. We had a late snack and they even lasted till after 9pm....trying to stay up as late as possible given the jet lag...they actually lasted till 3 am their time with the 6 hour difference. far so good lol. I find them both charming...not surprising since their son is a wonderful man. I hope they will be comfortable here and I hope my opinion of them is resipricated.

Off for now...will keep u posted.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Exactly 2 weeks to the day of my wedding , I finally get my first dress fitting!!! I was really starting to get unravelled. I am sure the dress shop ladies rolled their eyes everything they saw my name on the caller id. I am now convinced though that its because of shops like that who promise everything with loads of time to spare, then can't *deliver* ..... that the term BRIDEZILLA evolved. As calm as I have been thought this whole process, I was really starting to spit nails with regards to my dress.

So the fitting is tonight.

We have been cleaning , cleaning and did I mention cleaning. This place SHINES...All I have left to do is get my daughter's room ready for Chris parents. We pick them up at the airport on Monday.

Yesterday...I went for the facial I had booked. It was inicially for Chris and I both, but Chris suggested I take Cleo if she wanted too. I agreed it was a better idea, I needed to spend some girl time with my daughter.

We had our facials, got some new skin products $$$. Then we shopped for a bra for her to wear with her dress. She needed a strapless..and since we were there we got her a few new bras too. Then we got a quick bite to eat and were off to my hair dressers.

Cleo was getting part black and part red dye put in. I usually do it myself but I didn't want my hands to get stained (cause I make a mess, even with gloves) and frankly, having been a hairdresser years ago, I have lost touch with the new techniques that are out there now. Nancy is really good, and also did a great job in thinning out her hair and giving her a great cut that goes with her goth/punk style. We also figured out how she will have it done for the will look really funky. I love Cleo's suits her well and she does not go over the top.

We also had our meeting at the Hotel this week. Get all the little details written down and pick what cake we wanted. They had a very nice sellection to choose from. We picked a BEAUTIFUL cake that only a true artist could decorate like that. I was truelly amazed at what they can do with icing. The inside will be chocolate (ofcourse lol) my biggest weakness...and the filler cream inside will be Baileys Irish other weakness...what a combo eh!!!

So this week has been a busy one to say the least. As tired as I am I am releaved that pretty much everything is done. The great thing about having company is it makes you really do the big clean u don't do every week ...

I hope to do some cooking this weekend. A huge spigetti sauce and a few lazangna's to freeze. I like to make a big 18 quarts and be done for a long time ...I can/jar it all so it doesn't have to be frozen. I am nervous about feeding Chris' parents lol...I hope they like my cooking lol.

Yes I am remaining calm, cool and collected...YES I AM...HONEST...

Friday, May 19, 2006


Will this rain or grey weather ever stop!! I am getting fed up with it. We need some UV rays nows....or rather the flowers do. I am afraid they are drowning with all this rain.

We had the sitter come on Monday because it was the only day in the 5 day forcast that announced little to no rain. We planned to do all our yard planting. Man did we time that well!! It was a beautiful day..warm with the sun peaking out of the clouds during most of the day. We started at 9:30 am... We pruned and cleaned, raked and pulled weeds untill it was time to go to our local plant nursery totally fill the vehicle of flowers...came home and planted most of them, then went back to fill her up again with more lol.
We also replaced a small tree among the rock garden infront. We planted more flowers then we normally would because we want them to look fuller early because of the company coming for the wedding...His parents are arriving in 9 days!!
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Chris got the garden all turned and planted aswell..we aren't planting alot this yr, just tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and yellow/green beans...but it's enough.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We got all the flower boxes on the deck done and bought some nice hanging ones as you can see. I hung a small one you can't really see above the bench on the pergola, but I wanted to take a photo of the lilac tree...this time of yr it smells heavenly and looks beautiful.
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We worked nonstop all day. We could barely move anymore lol. We had dirt on us from head to toe but we didn't care. It felt so good to get it all done. It all has abit of time to take root and get established before ppl start arriving. I won't have dirt stained hands for my wedding since we got this done now and now we can concentrate on some spring cleaning inside.

So now, 5 days later, we need SUNSHINE! Do I have to dance naked with a live chicken and a parasol to get the rain to stop? I'LL DO IT, HONEST...IT WON'T BE PURDY!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Let me start by saying HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there. This year I got spoiled. Chris and Cleo, stealthily went shopping after Chris' work, to find me a nice vase. Here I was thinking he had to work late lol.

He had picked up my daughter from her friends house after school. She chose a gorgeous vase but as they both rambled into the house, Chris give me a passionate kiss...I was like...WOW what was that for? He hoftily scoffes, Since when do I need a special excuse to kiss u like that hmmfff! here he makes me feel quilty for asking but I later figured out it was so that Cleo could get the big vase past me to her room....THE BIG GOOBER...

So Sunday morning, I get up early for Luc to give him his pills and have him pee, then put him back to bed. Chris has long left for work, the house was quiet. I go back to bed myself. To get up later and see this on the kitchen table.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Is that gorgeous or what!....I go into my daughter's room to say thankyou, she is barely awake, with an eye peaking out of the blankies lol...
I give Chris a call at work, to thank him too, cause I figure he is behind it, but he assures me that although he helped with the financing of it, she was the one who put it all together, and they had NOT gotten flowers on Friday...which meant that my 15 yr old, got up early on a Sunday and walked to the florist carrying the vase to buy fresh flowers to fit into it and but the clear wrap over all....then carried it all home and slumped back into bed. NOW THAT impressed me!!
Cleo later made yummy chocolate chip cookies and we ate warm fresh ones straight out of the oven. Giggling with chocolate smeared faces and milk smiles. It doesn't get much better then that.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Well, it's getting here!...We got a few more things done. Our flowers have all been chosen, I feel good about our local florist. pics will confirm or disaprove that that feeling lol.

I got all my candle holder center pieces assembled...granted only 4 but they needed to be unpacked and put together...I am very thankfull I had 5 because there were a few missing crystals so one will be used for parts lol. I will raffle 2 at the reception and keep 2 for myself....

I finished assembling our wedding favors...they are ready to take to the hotel along with the centrepieces and be put at each place setting...all is ready..packed the knife set, pen set with sign in book and extra candles ....all ready to go....

I took a pic of the first page in the sign book...I have mentioned before that I do caligraphy as a here is an example...u may not notice the gold highlight I also added to the lettering.......I also really like the simple heart with pen I found to go with it.
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Closer view..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Other news is that Chris' poor mom broke her shoulder last week. It is just terrible for her and the timing couldn't be worse. She who loves to stay home and be in her own stuff, has the perfect excuse to not come but she is still coming!! Chris is glad, so am I. We are hoping by the time they get here she will be abit better in terms of pain and comfortability..she will still have to wear a sling but as of this week, she is wearing 2 of them to keep her shoulder totally emobilized...they should be removing one next week.

We are hoping to get all our flower planting done this Monday. Taking a bit of a chance of frost but it is said that if u plant after a full moon your pretty safe, thankfully there is one tomorrow (Sat)...We just want to get the outside all done and have time to take root...we will have so many other things to do before they arrive. Lots of spring cleaning in the house to make it presentable for their stay...(am I anal retentive?) NOOOOOO....hehe, but I want them to arrive to an emaculate house and nice room to stay in. His mom is not the type to be comfortable staying at anyones home, she is kinda stuck here being so far from home...I want to make her as comfortable as possible...and also hope they LIKE me lol...I already know that Chris' dad is very easy going and has no probs sleeping away..he is the adventurous one of the two lol. He was ready to hop on a plane within a minute of Chris asking him to be here lol.

At anyrate, things are getting with Hotel next wed for all the details, choosing the Cake and getting all that ironed out.

My only concern at the moment is the still isn't at the was ordered in my size but I still need a u can tell, I have tryed to get everything done early enough..

...I mean, I realize I have a month till the wedding and most all is done, ...I have just not wanted to have a million last minute details to deal with all at once, I have wanted to savour and enjoy all these steps and not turn into a bridezilla cause I have too much to do in too short a time then get frazzled and ugly lol.....I know that no matter how well planned I have tryed to do this, there will ALWAYS be a few last minute mishaps or details to take care of.
THAT being said....I called the store and they told me that it isn't in yet but NOT TO WORRY...we know your wedding is June 9th....arg...the note of condasention in her voice kinda got my back up...I am thankfull that we only paid for half the dress so far.......anyway..fingers crossed, I will feel alot better when they call for my fitting.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I bet your wondering what a Blinky is, well let me explain...One of the blogs I read regularly is written by a lovely fellow canadian by the name of Christine...and one day awhile back Christine decided to create a new friend for her cat Pooks and posted a pic in her blog of Pooks and New Friend and needed ideas on what to name this new critter creation. Well...I came up with the name >Blinky..I thought it kinda looked like a lightbalb and lights make u blink ..yada yada u get the picture..I thought it was brilliant if I do say so myself lol.

I also commented that I knew two dogs who would love a blinky...and wouldn't u know it but Christine emailed me and offered to send my dogs a Blinky each!!! I can't tell you how delighted I was and how sweet Christine was to offer them to us...she wouldn't even hear of me paying for the postage...she (a perfect stranger) told me to consider them a wedding gift. Now how special is that? It renews faith that there are still so many nice ppl out there...once in awhile we need to be reminded that.

So now I will share a little photo story of the Doggy Dilema OR Don't Touch MY Blinky Damnit!
Here is our innocent Clochette hugging her very own Blinky
Oh I lubs my Blinky Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
But wait! Do I see another Blinky? Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOH OH OH I WANT THAT ONE TOO!!Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHEY! This one is mine ..says Shinoo....Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Awe Common, can't we both play with it? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting BUT MOM!!! She has her own, this one is MINE!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting OH Brother!! I GIVE UP!! Little brat always has to play with my stuff!!!

Moral of the story .....If the little bitch perseveres, she always gets what she wants!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


OK, now I am at that point in the plans where everything about the wedding is pretty much done. What is my focus now?..It's me. ...I realize that I can't lose a million lbs before the wedding ofcourse but I do hope to look my best apart from that lol.
I made an appointment to have my makeup done Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
it was today.
I wanted to have a professional do it for a few reasons...I wanted to update my look, I think we can easily fall into a rut of doing the same thing for yrs and actually age ourselves by not trying to stay up to date with the times.....I was hoping to maybe get some new ideas and ofcourse...look good. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
What ended up happening is I now feel totally confident about doing MY OWN makeup on my wedding day lol!
I have done almost exactly what she did today and even abit better if I do say so myself lol. I don't regret going at all, who doesn't enjoy a little pampering.

I did however book a facial for 2 weeks from now. Even in my 40's I am plagued with mild acne...not alot but a facial will make a needed difference a cpl weeks before the wedding.

I am now just in the mood to shave,Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting scrub, rub, Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingbuff and creamPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting anything I can lol so that this moon will be presentablePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
for the wedding.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, May 01, 2006


Yes, I had to add a gagette on my blog lol...If you didn't notice (like it's not obnoxciously obvious already) I put a Wedding Countdown at the top of my blog.

Hey, it will only happen once in my life...(no comments from the peanut gallery out there) I waited till 43 to marry, it's not going to happen again lol!

As much as we can't wait and the days seem to drag the same time it seems unreal that its actually only 39 days away!!!

Part of me wants to make the days go faster and another part of me wants to:

-call the dress store and start screaming for my first fitting!
-call the florist and make sure there will be enough flowers to fill a big enough bouquet to be proportionate to this big girl!
-run around the house making lists of the minute details I have already made lists of!
-make a visual grouping of all the things purchased so far in the living room in order to not forget anything...including my strapless bra and underwear...paired with the cake knife set and candles.....
the more I see that happening, the more it will look like some kind of kinky ...I better do that pile of stuff in the bedroom....Um, that's not a great idea either...

I will think of something!!

-I already have the urge to pack my suitcase for the day of...we will be getting ready there and staying the night....
-I just know I will forget something....good think Chris is driving cause I would probably forget him too he would let me!!
-I am making lists in my head, and checking them twice....then shaking my head and starting all over again...I could really get some tips from Santa right now lmao!
-Over all, I take some breaths and just hope that everything will come together.

MOST of all, I am loving all of this....the nerves, the excitement, the lists, the whole could I not....

I will be marrying the most wonderful man in the world!!! It doesn't get better then this.

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