Friday, May 26, 2006


Exactly 2 weeks to the day of my wedding , I finally get my first dress fitting!!! I was really starting to get unravelled. I am sure the dress shop ladies rolled their eyes everything they saw my name on the caller id. I am now convinced though that its because of shops like that who promise everything with loads of time to spare, then can't *deliver* ..... that the term BRIDEZILLA evolved. As calm as I have been thought this whole process, I was really starting to spit nails with regards to my dress.

So the fitting is tonight.

We have been cleaning , cleaning and did I mention cleaning. This place SHINES...All I have left to do is get my daughter's room ready for Chris parents. We pick them up at the airport on Monday.

Yesterday...I went for the facial I had booked. It was inicially for Chris and I both, but Chris suggested I take Cleo if she wanted too. I agreed it was a better idea, I needed to spend some girl time with my daughter.

We had our facials, got some new skin products $$$. Then we shopped for a bra for her to wear with her dress. She needed a strapless..and since we were there we got her a few new bras too. Then we got a quick bite to eat and were off to my hair dressers.

Cleo was getting part black and part red dye put in. I usually do it myself but I didn't want my hands to get stained (cause I make a mess, even with gloves) and frankly, having been a hairdresser years ago, I have lost touch with the new techniques that are out there now. Nancy is really good, and also did a great job in thinning out her hair and giving her a great cut that goes with her goth/punk style. We also figured out how she will have it done for the will look really funky. I love Cleo's suits her well and she does not go over the top.

We also had our meeting at the Hotel this week. Get all the little details written down and pick what cake we wanted. They had a very nice sellection to choose from. We picked a BEAUTIFUL cake that only a true artist could decorate like that. I was truelly amazed at what they can do with icing. The inside will be chocolate (ofcourse lol) my biggest weakness...and the filler cream inside will be Baileys Irish other weakness...what a combo eh!!!

So this week has been a busy one to say the least. As tired as I am I am releaved that pretty much everything is done. The great thing about having company is it makes you really do the big clean u don't do every week ...

I hope to do some cooking this weekend. A huge spigetti sauce and a few lazangna's to freeze. I like to make a big 18 quarts and be done for a long time ...I can/jar it all so it doesn't have to be frozen. I am nervous about feeding Chris' parents lol...I hope they like my cooking lol.

Yes I am remaining calm, cool and collected...YES I AM...HONEST...


T. said...

Sounds like everything is going great. You're going to look beautiful and have a wonderful wedding day!

scarlett said...

Moon, it is fact, the dress makers job, to try to drive you into a panic, in your final few days before the wedding. Your challenge, is to successfully make your way through her maze of mistakes and irritations, and come out the serene and beautiful bride you will be. It is a an easy task for you. Bigs hugs and kisses,

Shannon said...

Just so that everyone knows...

I've been more stressed about her dress than SHE has been!

I guess that's what friends are for eh?