Thursday, March 29, 2007


My friend Sue tagged me with this. Now normally I have always refused to do any kind of meme on my blog. This is actually the first time in 3 yrs of having my blog that I have consented to doing one.

I figured, 5 things...that should be short and easy. I was wrong. 5 is alot when u have been writting in your blog for 3 years lol, When I actually thought about it, I had to scratch my head more then once.

1- I left home at the age of 16. Worked my way across Canada trying to get as far away from family as possible...(KIDDING MOM) it just happened that way.

2- Almost got myself killed in Mexico, (NOT KIDDING MOM) long story short, wrong place wrong time...I used my head and can write about it now.

3- Used to be a hairdresser in a salon in Alberta, when I came out east I first lived in Toronto. One of my regular clients/friend actually paid for my return flight to go back to Alberta to perm and cut his hair......I stayed and partyed with my friends a week and flew back lol..His perm/haircut had cost him aproximately $600 ...this was about 22 yrs ago. (MOM DIDN'T RAISE A STUPID GIRL, SO I WENT)

4- I once sang in a Coffee House in Toronto. A bluezy song with my friend acompanying me on his guitar. It went over well. (GOT MY SINGING VOICE FROM MOM...HER WHOLE FAMILY IS MUSICAL)

5- Last but no least...I have always been odd in that my body is what some called double jointed (this doesn't exist but it's a term often used) I can pop out my hip or my arm from their sockettes, u can actually hear it or if u have your hand there, u can feel it lol...I KNOW I'M A FREAK...(hmm, seems I've been proving that more and more lately)
Anyway, I have always been able to do weird stuff. My head does the Egyptien but can also move around with face forwards ofcourse in a way that looks like it's not attached to my neck lol, I scares small children lol. Everyone freaks when they see me do it. It's hard to explain unless I did it for u. (MOM, THIS IS PARTLY YOUR FAULT, YOU BORE ME)

If anyone has noticed a reoccuring theme here...well, my MOM aka (MAMAN to us) has become one of my biggest blog fans. She hasn't ventured into comment mode yes as she is a slow 2 finger typer still. I am proud of her though, up untill recently she had no idea how to turn a computer on. BRAVO MAMAN!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I went to exercise my civic duty by voting this evening, here in our Quebec election. I was not able to do so. Why? Because my name was NOT on the voters list!!

I have since written the letter below and sent it to the CTV NEWS and CBC NEWWORLD websites. I just needed to voice my frustration. It may not be heard but I sure felt good writting it.

I hope someone does a story on this in the media because someone fucked up!!

I am sure I am just one of many, certainly in my riding to have gone to vote and been shocked to know they were NOT on the voting list! I am more then incensed. When I was not on the list, they directed me to the verification table. Again, not on the list...what was more alarming is that they said I was aproximately the 32nd person to have the same problem!!..At this one voting station!!


I was told to call the 1-800-ELECTION number. One of the persons at the verification table was even kind enough to write the number down on a slip of paper for me (I later found the number was INCORRECT!) explaining why it did not work. Then, I myself did 411..and was given the Mascouche Bureau de Scrutin...called there to be told again...HMMM not on Quebec CITY office bla bla...did that to be told again I was not on the list and could do NOTHING about it.

I could almost understand all this if I had moved recently, or never voted before but ....I have lived at the same address since aug 2001...before that I lived in the same town since 1991...I have also just renewed my liscense and medical card in excuse. I have voted in almost every election held in the last 16 yrs from the same town.

We recieved 2 cards with our voting station on it. ONe was with my husbands name on it. The other was for (resident) so I just figured I could bring that one in, given I have been in the system all these yrs anyway...(listing reasons above)

The real kicker here is husband has been a Canadian Citizen since only last Aug. 2006...originally from France...and he got to vote and I didn't!!!


(EDITED ;....I added on a short paragraph to this letter as part of my formal complaint to the Elections Quebec Office. )

This letter is my formal complaint...I want answers...Sorry doesn't cut it. I am one of MANY by the the looks of it, who were refused the right to vote. We pay taxes and my name is found easily to pay my municiple taxes twice a year...Why was my name absent from a list it had always been on previously?....I WANT TO KNOW WHY?....With all the close calls in the electoral race, I would bet that if thousands of people were not able to vote based on the fact that 32 ppl in my polling station alone were refused and the stories I have heard on TV and radio since..there are a few ppl who may not infact be elected!
I have sent this letter to the Gazette Montreal, CTV NEWS AND CBC NEWSWORLD.
I am not done venting about this untill I get some answers!

PS...A reporter called me today from the Gazette Montreal...took some notes etc. At least I got a call back. He wasn't sure if any of it would be published but he said he would keep me posted. Who knows...I think I have done pretty much what I can at this point.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


COMMON!!! He obviously can't draw a straight line! WHY? You may ask. Get a load of this.

Looks like something out of a Frankenstein movie lol....Oh well, good thing I'm not vain. I don't really's on my back afterall, no biggy. Well it is big, but then again, the hump was bigger lol....This scar is one of the kind u can show with pride when comparing scars. The fact that it is long and crooked gives it character and would lend ppl to believe that I'm one tough cookie..(don't nark me out..I am totally aware that I'm a big wuss )

I finally took the bandage off lastnight...I honestly didn't think it would be as big as it is. It has healed pretty good for only 12 days old. There is still a sort of bump left but I think its due to the tissues still healing inside ..could be left over swelling. But as u see the size of the scar, u can imagine how big the actually *hump* was lol....YES I'M A FREAK...

So, yet another thing DONE!... yay.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


FINALLY got stitches removed today but nurse Crachette deamed it necissary to put on another bandage. It had been so itchy that I asked her what the tape was that they had put on there under the gauze. When she showed me I told her I was alergic to that kind, no wonder it itched. She said that it was impossible, because it was hypoalergenic...well duh, some ppl are still alergic to it.

I told her that I had the same tape on my stumach after surgery and had gotten all red around the edges and even blisters by the tape in places. She still insisted and put the same kind of tape back on my scar after she removed the stitches....Really, why listen to the's not like WE would know anything!!

Thankfully I asked her if they had a Derma bandage to put over all, because I know they are waterproof...I use them for Luke when he has skin problems, and still bath him. Good thing I asked, she said she would use that instead (all be it over the damn tape she used)...they are like a second skin. Otherwise I would have been unable to shower till monday...duh!! She then finally said, if I itch some more to remove ..and also replace the derma bandage atleast till sunday YAY!... I haven't even seen the scar yet. Looking forward to finally having a look lol.

Still prohibited from lifting anything, like weights or small children etc but tomorrow I can jump back on the treadmill. I so missed the hum of the sliding rubber under my

As for last first followup since surgery went well. I first saw the nurse who weighed me.
Then saw the Dr...not my surgeon but his partner. We both asked and answered some questions, took all of 10 minutes...all is going well, yada yada. Come back in 2 months.
Then waited for nutritionist...he was very interesting...and well worth the long wait between each person to see. I had a few questions about cereals without sugar and such...they ALL have sugar it seems, so wanted to know what was recommended. I have been so scared of sugar because of the dumping syndrome.

He explained that I can still have some sugar...I actually need it. Whether it be by carbs transformed into sugar or real sugar in things...we need it for energy. As good as substitute sugars are, he also doesnt want ppl to only rely on that. The key to maintaining weight loss was eating moderate amounts of my surgery only allows a certain amount of intake, it is even more important to eat 6 meals a day. I was only getting in about 4...but because of that, the motor slows down. It's better to eat more often, to keep motor running rather then less...oddly enough one can lose more weight by eating more.

Why?.... Because...the key is eating every 3 hours...for normal ppl, (without surgery) but every 2 hours for me. We should eat or have our snack , before we get hungry rather then wait untill we are. That way, each meal becomes more preportionate.. rather then feeding the hunger and eating more then we should. We should all have 3 meals and 3 snacks...when we do that vigilently, we actually tend to eat better foods. When we don't and feed the hunger, our own body askes for high fat; fries, chips, hamburgers, fast food etc. It's a totally normal phenominon...our brains tell us to grab those, to fill the hunger. When we eat more often, we can actually eat more, but our brain will look towards veggies and better foods.

It's not easy to get into that habit at first but when u make the effort, over time, the clock kicks in and the body looks for those snacks and meals. Even a person like me can have a little piece of chocolate cake once in awhile, when eating properly and proportionately over time.

It made alot of sense and it was encouraging even. So, I am trying to get all my meals in...even if they are smaller size, they are still going to make the motor run smoother.

We should all eat that way. Hard to believe that one could eat more and loose weight just by being consistant through the whole day. Many tend to eat less mornings and more as day goes by, so they are making the motabolism store food because its to little, then too much later in the day...the body has to fight harder to burn the excess eaten when we are to hungry, so that excess actually turns to fat. I hope I made this understandable. Sorry if it just sounds like gobbledeegoop lol.

Next week I go back to see the Gynocologist...yay...NOT. Since I have a problem keeping iron in my system (since atleast 2 yrs before surgery) I am always enemic. Last month the gyno, had me try a keep my period from being so heavy, one of the reasons I have low iron levels..even when taking suppliments. So I tryed this hormone by pill form to start in order to see if it takes well to me. I take it on 14th day of cycle for 10 days. So last month I start. By about the 4th day of being on it...I found myself being very curt, impatient, bitchy..when I paused and though...WHY THE HELL? and realized I had been that way for last few days, since I started taking it.

I mean......BITE THE HEADS OFF KITTENS....BITCHY!...Poor Chris...he has been very patient. There have been some months that PMS happens but not often, and not that bad. This is not the same. I asked my fam doc when I saw her a cpl weeks ago if that hormone could be the cause, and she said, absolutely.
The gyno wanted to continue that med if it worked but by giving me an IUD that had the hormone imbedded in it that would be released as the system needs it. I already didnt like the idea of an IUD...never have. So I think I will pass. I also had 2 days less of my period, so it did it's job in terms of that but I much prefer going back to 2 more days of my period, then 10 days of wanting to bitch slap anyone in my path while foaming at the mouth....

When I mentioned that last statement to Chris, all he said in a desperate voice was ''THANK YOU!''.....I think he wanted to fall on the floor and kiss my feet but he restrained himself lol.

SO...the Gyno will have to go back to the drawing board. Or DIE trying lol.

Sunday, March 18, 2007



Sponge baths are certainly better then nothing but there's nothing like a shower to make u feel clean. I have my first surgery follow up tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing exactly what they will do. I believe there will be a weigh in and measurements taken etc.

I have lost 32.5 lbs as of today.

I also needed to get my hair washed. Leaning over the kitchen sink position would pull to hard on the stitches so....

We pulled out the saran wrap and duct tape. Chris taped the saran wrap over my bandage and we jumped in the shower. YES WE ARE WILD AND CRAZY ...all that was missing was handcuffs and babyoil? ....NOT!

So with the help of my sexy wet frenchman, I washed my hair while he held down the seams of the ducttape at the base of my neck. Soaped everything up and VOILA...

OMG I feel clean!!

Only 4 more days till my stitches are removed. He better not stick a new bandage on it and tell me not to get it wet..I swear I will lose it and start screaming so the ppl in the waiting room think he is torturing me.

I will post after tomorrow. Let u know what the follow up visit is all about.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


YAY! It's done!....The bells will tole no longer!

As I was brought into the room by the nurse to change, the 2 nurses wanted to see my *hump* and were both surprised at it's size to which I replied, I am the hunchback of Montreal. They thought that was funny and as I was changing I heard them tell the surgeon who laughed heartily in the operating room waiting for me.

As I nervously made my way towards the operating table, I told them all, I had to get this done as I had started to have the urge to drag a leg behind me when I walk...They all cracked up and I felt abit more at ease by trying to be goofy to cut down on my nervousness.

The doc let me know step by step what he was doing. He drew a nice circle on my back, outlining the *hump* then proceeded to freeze the area with a needle all around. It stung quite alot...everytime he stuck me with it but half way around the circle he drawn, it subsided.

He explained that I would feel preasure here and there as he worked to liberate the *problem*. I honestly didn't feel anything..the freezing was doing a great job. However I could feel my body shake and I felt dizzy and told him so but he assured me it was caused by my own anxiousness. He kept me talking as he poked and proded.

At one point, given it's mass....I could feel his foot on my back as he gruntingly used a whalehook to pry it's gurth from me, with both nurses pulling on him for more leverage!


But I did feel at one point he was proding alot lol. He explained that he had to make sure there was nothing left to better prevent it from coming back. I wanted to see what he removed oddly enough. As he was stitching me up he passed the bowl to the nurse to show me. Yes it was gross but I just had to see. Call me weird. It was just alot of fatty tissue, I would say more then half a lb even.

He did 3 layers of stitches. the 2 inner layers are the melting kind ofcourse but I have to go back next week Thursday to have the outer ones removed. They have totally bandaged everything up with a sticky plastic cover over all that I have to keep on untill I go back ARG!... No shower, can't get it wet. Washcloth baths and I will have to wash my hair in the sink untill then.

The good and the bad news is that the doc totally prohibited any excersise untill then. Although, part of me was glad I had an excuss to not get on the treadmill...I did express surprise that I had to wait so long. He explained that with all the stitches inside and out, it was imparative that I do no physical activity as to not pull on the muscles and tissues so even fast walking was physical.

So thankfully today I lost atleast half a lb of fat without trying to hard lol.

It all took less then 30 mins. I was abit on the shaky side nonetheless. Chris and I went out for breakfast and ran a few errands. Payed bills etc.

We then stopped off at the store where I get my facial stuff. I had received a 2 for 1 coupon from them for my bday. I have never been a person who creams her face everyday like I should but since the surgery I have been good about it. Only because I know I need to keep my skin hydrated to keep elasticity as I am losing weight at this rate. I have such dry skin since surgery, probably due to less intake and winter season combined. I got some good advise on products better suited for me now and the great part was the 2 for 1 was applied to ALL the products I bought. I got 3 in all and a second one of all 3 for free!!...I am set for a long time now.

By noon, we were both pooped. Niether one of us slept much last night. We got home and had to have a nap. Amazing how a silly little surgery can totally ring you out. Glad I was able to get some stuff done today anyway. I am in some pain since that the freezing has worn off so Tylenol is my friend right now.

Chris is my hero, always by my side, whether it be my sleepless body next to him worried about the next day always thinking to much or waiting for me in a waiting room holding my coat. Luckily he was able to take today off. Now I am just looking forward to getting this already annoying bandage off.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Tomorrow I have another surgery to go through. No worries, it's a very minor one but I'm not looking forward to it by any means.

It will be local, so only frozen ACK!...I was less aprehensive about the big surgery then this one, only because I knew I would be out cold for it lol. I know ...very silly.

I have a large lump/hump, behind my neck/ started out very subtle..and has slowly grown over the last 3 yrs. It is apparently a sort of fat deposit..many ppl get them, and they can be anywhere. Luckily my hair has always been long enough to cover it up. I never tie up my hair though, it's to apparent. Up till now it's not been a big issue..I always had the intention of having it removed but now sooner then later.

I have started having a sore neck/shoulder area because of it, so it's now time.

But mostly, I have lately had the overwhelming urge to drag a leg behind me when I walk . I also feel the need to rasp ''MASTAAA'' in a lispy voice. Yes Mastaaa, No Mastaa....where's the bell Mastaa?

So as of tomorrow, the hunch back of Moon's house will be no more.

The good news is I will probably lose a whole lb tomorrow haha. Yes, its quite substancial. It should take about 30 minutes in all the doctor said. I am so NOT looking forward to it. Even if logically I know I won't feel anything, I will hear it all, and that kinda freaks me out.

So tomorrow morning around 9:30am..I will be in the operating room...getting a lb of flesh ripped off me...and I wasn't even a bad girl!! How's that for fair!

Wish me luck..or just pray I don't whine like a baby......for Chris' sake.

Friday, March 09, 2007


My mom and her husband Ben, finally got themselves a little dog to dote over. Her name is Sophie. She is what u call a Teacup Maltese. She is about 2lbs now but shouldn't get over 3 lbs in all. She is mostly a fluff ball mom says...she is tiny under all that fur.
My own two dogs, sent Sophie a nice little card welcoming Sophie into the family along with a very cute but tiny black collar with a sparkling rhinestone in the middle of a little bow.
Here are a cpl pics of Sophie...although under those I had to remind u all how cute my own dogs are lol.

Don't u just want to cuddler your nose in her fur??

Here are a few of my little the little house we got a few months back. We were sure the little Clochette would go in it more often then the bigger Shinoo, because she barely fits, but the opposite is true ...Shinoo is the one to curl up in there and only now because she does, the little one figures it must be a good thing so wants to go in now herself...but usually when Shinoo is in there lol,

Both are really bushy right now with it being winter. I let their fur grow as it's so cold outside. Come spring they will have a salon day and get all prettied up lol. But I do love the bushy look...they keep me warmer that way lol.

This last photo, is one of my favorites. It was taken last fall, less bushy lol. But this basically shows where they are usually sitting. The black thing u see there is my knee. They jump up and find their place sitting against my leg and the arm of the chair. Sometimes Clochette is ontop of Shinoo or like this time, Shinoo has her head resting on Clochette...ahhh its bliss when on mommy.

If I had an idian name it would be '' WHERE SLEEPING DOGS LYE''



SO to all the women out there, I hope you gave a thought to yourselves and the women around you. If not, do so today...the women of today and yesterday are united in the continued effort to make the world a better place, whether it be on a global scale or a small moment in any given day in ones all counts.

I was surprised today by my husband who arrived from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Shown above. Why?...Because he felt I should be celebrated..on this day. He is one of the few men I know who even knows what INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY is lol.
Yes, I am a very lucky Woman.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Here I am as promised. Took this photo yesterday on my birthday..wearing the Pashmina my sister got me from China. Isn't it pretty?...Now for the other photo's...I look like I was posing for mug shots but frankly, it's not easy to smile when u are getting full body shots of yourself lol...I didn't want to smile for the face pics either , because I have chipmunk cheeks lol...I want to be able to tell with time if my face gets thinner.

Now once I saw these photo's side by side...I know where I have lost weight but it's not very discernable to look at them honestly. Yesterday when I took the second set, I was down ,just shy of 24lbs...but today I have lost 26.5lbs...go figure..So although u can't see a huge difference..I am glad I will have this photo record to look back on anyway. I purposely put the same clothes on for both sets.

Basically yes I have lost 25lbs in these photos but at my size, the best anology to use is, it's like LOOSING A DECK CHAIR ON THE QUEEN MARY!! lmao


It's so hard to see thighs are so much less in these pants...atleast I know that lol.


OK, That's all I am posting for now, I will post more after another 25lbs has dissappeared. We will see a bigger difference then atleast lol.

Monday, March 05, 2007


YES....I am officially in my MID 40's......

I am 44 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! ....

Let me explain this formula for those who don't know..

(I have had to explain it to a few already lol)

In any for the 40's ie;...there is the decade number,

then 41, 42, 43 = Early 40's or what ever decade.

then 44, 45, 46 = Mid '' ''

then 47, 48, 49 = Late '' ''

Hense... This Moon is in her Mid 40's... for a few yrs lol. How do I feel?


So today..once I get all ready to go out ..I hope to take a few photos. I want one wearing the pretty Pashmina my sister brought from China for me. I will add them tomorrow, hopefull with the news that we won some money at the Montreal Casino today. If not, thats ok too, we will still have fun by going. Here's a photo of our Casino. It was originally the France Pavilion built for Expo 67.

Wish me luck!! See you all soon.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Today, Friday March 2/ 07....a snow storm hit us ealy morning around 5am . We were expecting it. Chris left for work at aprox 6:30 took him about an hour to only 10 klms ( less in miles). He saw that it was getting alot worse very fast so just turned around. YAY!..

So, he called in as I am sure most did today. Took his clothes off and snuggled back into bed. BLISS!!! AHHHH. We got a few more hours of sleep. hehe.

The photo above are the tracks made by the Fedex guy. He delivered my bday present from my sister Brigitte. She went to China last month. She got me some black pearl earings and a beautiful Pashmina. THANKS SIS!

As I was getting dressed for my treadmill stint..he was sitting at the pc with his coffee just behind me.

I do a good 25 minutes on there, while watching tv. Helps the time go by but somehow I felt like Chris wasn't busy on the pc or watching tv. I turned to notice my pervert was watching my ass! ....OMG... don't u have something else to do!?....

''Nope.....It doesn't get better then this hehe.''

Blushes aside...I figure as long as my husband likes what he's a great thing lol.

BTW I am now down 23lbs. As soon as it's been 25 I will post some photos. There won't be a big difference but there will be a subtle one.


I took these photo's today...when Chris was out shovelling. I have more in the Flikr if u want to go have a look.

He is still smiling lol. Although he had to go out later today to do it all over again. Not as much but it's still coming down.
BTW, most schools were off today anyway for the start of study week. So today and all next week most school are closed. I bet some were bumbed they couldn't use a SNOW DAY for an ACTIVE school day lol.