Thursday, November 25, 2004

Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application - BlogJet. It's a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here:

I am curious to see how this actually works hmmm the colour thing works as annoying as  this may seem, I was also able to choose a font I like and make it stickhow , ha I actually tryed the white font I am such a goober lol  this thing apparently makes it easy to put a pic in with your text aswell.                                       

 awe how cool is that, less of a hassle then the other program I was using to put pics in my blog.

I think I will have to continue playing with this to get a better grip on it lol at my age its harder to learn new computer stuff when u learn by trial and error lol..bare with me lol


Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Some days I really have to rack my brains as to what to write about. This is one of the reasons I really don't blog everyday. My life leaves little fodder for my musings. I share what I can but frankly my life is quite boring , although it is a happy one. I read other blogs written by friends hoping to enjoy small thrills vicariously through their experiences.
I have also been reading many others through the blog surf in Blog Explosion. Some are great and grab you emediately. Others are just add pages and then others are so bad that the 30 second minimun seems like a lifetime. I certainly don't think my blog is all that and a bag of chips. I have a few faithfull friends and blog aquantances that regularly visit my page as do I theirs.
The surf is just that though, visiting new and different blogs. A quick checking out to see if any given blog peaks your interest one way or the other. If not you move on and so on. It can be very interesting to read about people from all over. I see it as an adventure or sorts. I also love finding new things or different designs and ideas as I surf the blogs.
I was doing just that when I came across one such blogger who just wrote about all the things she hated about other blogs. Hmm I thought, ok. She went on to gripe about what people put on their pages, such as a few adds, sites, tags, blinkies, maps etc etc etc . So I am thinking ,SO WHAT!!! This person must have issues with the world for god sakes. I realize we are intitled to an opinion but geez. Why not try telling everyone how to dress, eat, live, have sex, and what pet to buy. I mean if this person was *bothered by all that and then some, chances are she isn't a happy camper. I have to feel sorry for someone like that. How miserable they must be to nitpick and insult every thing.
I am the first to admit I have my moments. I have even blogged a few of them. It weren't purdy. I do believe though, that, more often then not, my vents have been of legitimate cause or subject. I hope I am correct in thinking that I am a logical thinker and try to be level headed about most things. I am guilty of having passionate feeling about certain things, and I do get very impatient with ignorance and stupidity. I do not suffer fools. I do however have a big heart and I am generous to a fault if I have it to give.
I also have a tendency to stray off the track of the point I want to make in any given subject. As I was saying....
.......I guess I just wanted to say , I hope this woman decides to desist her blog surfing in order to aswage her persistant nausium pertaining to everyone elses blog. Her lack of adventure and acceptance of what others deam fun or cute or just anything they want to add to their blog , may be an indicater of a deeper, underlying problem. Such as , for example a symdrome laymans terms...the best way to translate this without any subterfuge is...she suffers from having her head up her ass.

With that I hope you all enjoy my silly blinkies, maps, weather girl, moonphases, and whatever else I decide to stick on MY page. If you don't, thats ok too, move on and have a great day.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


So I haven't been attending my blog much lately. It has been a bitch here for the last few days. Luc has a dire need for medication adjustments. Poor guy is not a happy camper so he yells for no reason or hits his head with his hands. I couldn't tell you if he suffers from headaches but thats what I would do if I was unable to talk to explain it. He is also full of that makes for a pent up personality if you ask me. I don't think this guy could have more fiber then I put in all his meals already. Let's not forget all his food is put in a blender. I don't want to invest in a fricken wood chipper for god sakes...or start pealing the bark off my back yard trees so he gets another form of fiber added to his diet.

Other then that well, I had to go to my daughters school thurs night for her report card and meet with a few of her teachers. Let me just say that some of her marks have more then enough room for improvements. Nuff said.

Yesterday afternoon we got a more then needed repreave. Chris and I were actually able to get out for the afternoon , TOGETHER! Although our time was spent mostly getting stuff done, shopping and paying bills it was all fun doing it together. Usually it is either him or me going out to do and/or get what ever because someone always has to be here for Luc. Anyway, we had the luxury of having one of those huge bovarian hotdogs and shared a large poutine between us for lunch,,,,YUMMM ...I know it isn't the best food for me but like we say, all things in moderation. We were able to get a few xmas gifts at cosco and I treated myself to a really nice stationary set that was in a really nice leather chest box. I felt guilty about it not being xmas yet but Chris insisted and had to bend my rubber arm to get it lol. We also went to Pier 1 Imports, I love that store. Lots of cool things in there to look at. I found some perfect xmas balls as gifts for ladies in the little salon I go to once every 2 months with my friend. One does my nails, one is a foot nurse (not a pedicurist) and the other is an estitician for facials or whatever else we decide to get done on that one day we go. All 3 are really nice women. What is cool about these lovely glass balls is that they are all hand painted with beautifull scenes on them (FROM THE INSIDE!!) imagine that eh. Each ball has its own velvet box with a tiny clasp closing it. They were all on sale so they came to just over 11$ each. I thought they were perfect and not to high priced and each of the 3 ladies gets the same thing but each ball has a different scene on them. I so love to go on and on and on about silly things lol. I just loved my afternoon out with Chris yesterday. Just browsing and stealing kisses here and there behind the fake bamboo tree or the xmas decoraton display.

We goofed around and browsed and bought till our feet were killing us and we were happy to be on our way back to remove our shoes and appreciate HOME. It was so nice to just get out. Our sitter was a trooper. Luc gave her a hard time the whole time we were gone but handled it without calling our cell so we could enjoy our afternoon.

I have a docs appointment next tues afternoon so we have already scheduled her coming back then and she will remain till after supper so we can go out for supper aswell. I am looking forward to it. It actually kinda feels like dating now that we can't get out together much anymore lol.

Well thats it for today. Hope all are doing well. Continue to bare with me , I post when I can. Good thing I am done for today, I have a blind naked guy stalking me. Arg , I hate that he purposely removes his clothing to piss me off it would seem. GOTTA GO

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Fiona


Can you tell by now that my cerebrial cortex is on the blink so I am just using these amusing fillers to entertain myself and hopefully some of you.

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This is kinda cool

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President John F. Kennedy is assassinated as he rides in a motorcade through downtown Dallas

Betty Friedan publishes The Feminine Mystique, launching a middle-class feminist movement

Michael Jordan, Quentin Tarantino, Conan O'Brien, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt are born

Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series

Chicago Bears win the NFL championship

Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup

The Beatles receive their first #1 hit single, when "Please Please Me" tops the charts in the UK

Astroboy (known as Mighty Atom in Japanese) Japan's first ever anime was launched

NBC expands its evening network news program to 30 minutes

The television remote control is authorized by the FCC

What Happened the Year You Were Born?

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Does anyone here speak Dog?

How does one coherently tell a dog that they are confined to one month of bedrest? Seriously, one month of rest is perscribed by the vet. My right lobe understands what she means my left one just laughed at the notion. I sat the dog down and explained as clearly as I could.

She must refrain from using an upwardly perpetual motion to atain the hight of the divan , nor move in an excellerated speed in the yard and ofcourse desist from following the flow of gravity downwards during furniture disinbarkment. I fear she was perplexed at she cocked her head to the side and looked at me with her big black eyes as if to say are you on?......Were my instructions not concise?

Let me add that all this was said in french. My dog does not understand english. It would seem though that since she is also on pain killers/anti_inflamitories her ability to heed my instructions has been compromized. I am hoping that if I find someone who speaks in dog* this will be rectifyed inthat it should facilitate comprehension regardless of her altered state. I am however baffled by her cognative recognition in hearing the pill bottle being handled in preparation of administration. Her excitement is overwhelming.

I surmise that I shall have to come to terms with the fact that my dog likes to be stoned and being with this family has turned her into a drug addict. I can't say I blame her all that much. I realize the underlying cause is living with a bunch of nutbars (all of us included with our borders) resulting in irresponsible use in her everyday dog skills, hense back problems. Although assured of her recovery, I now realize this to be a superficial cover up and doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

What is more troubling is my ability to foresee the future. I so dread when she runs out of her meds and starts selling her food to the underground squirrels or other verman to support a dirtier habit to get a fix. Just imagining her free basing in the dark corner of the deck is too much to handle. God forbid she starts to sell herself to the dogs from the other side of the street. Her youthfull beauty fading quickly in this dog eat dog world.

I pray we can prevent the degeneration from occuring. I will need the help and encouragement from friends and family to get us through this. Thank you all so much for listening to my inner crys of help and dire need of support in regard to my still sweet little dog Shinoo.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pouting for our Pooch

Our canine companion is in the hospital tonight. OK you can all say AWWEEE. Poor thing hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of days and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. She wimpered when we picked her up or she was hesitant to jump down off the chair. No matter how we tryed to figure out where she was hurt we could not pin point it. Job for the profesionals. We have a great vet. She is sweet and gentle with our dog and really takes the time to expain everything.
Apparently it is common for small dogs with longish bodies to have back problems. It would seem that our Shinooo may have a herniated disc. She is staying overnight in hospital for some xrays then cortizone shot and anti-inflamitory meds then tomorrow another xray to see if all is better. She is pretty sure that it will be ok with lots of rest in the next few days and that was basically what she was doing. Keeping quiet and laying still so she wasn't in pain.
The hardest part for me is having to leave her there. I know how pet owners are , they make others want to roll their eyes and say for god sakes , it's a dog sheesh! Well so be it. They really do become a part of the family.
We adopted Shinoo at the SPCA last dec. She was already 2 yrs old. She had been left there by a family who had small children who may have been bitten by her. Sometimes these pure breds are less patient or just her personality made for her being less tolerant of small hands pulling at her. They were adamant that if we had small children it wouldn't be a great idea to adopt her. Luckily my daughter is 14 and the clients here don't really interact with animals. We have not regretted adopting her one bit ever since. She is cuddly and smart and we love her to bits. Besides how many dogs do you know that let someone dye her pony tail and tail red? When we take her out with us she gets all the attention and loves it lol. We plan to send a card with a photo of her to the SPCA for xmas this year with a letter as if written by Shinoo herself to say hi to all and how her first year with her new family has been great. They had all become attached to her there because she was there for quite a few months before she was adopted by us. The xmas card will be a cute way to say thankyou for taking good care of her untill she had a permenant home with us.
Last august we took her into the vets office because she was constantly scratching . To find out that she was alergic to the late summer/fall pollen. I thought it was funny and so did Chris because he is alergic aswell. With todays visit Chris laughed when she told him about the herniated disc, only because Chris himself had a back operation years ago for the same problem. The vet went on to ask Chris if he had any other conditions the dog should know about lol. Chris came home to tell me that he thinks the poor dog will have gout next.
I miss our pooch and I hope she doesn't think we just left her there.......arg I gotta stop being a baby thinking about her. She will be right as rain tomorrow. I am posting a few pics we took this summer so you will all have the chance to say AWWWE.

I wuv sleeping here Posted by Hello

what a cutey Posted by Hello

Taking in some sunshine on the bench Posted by Hello

Here she is , our Shinoo Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


The GashlyCrumb Tinies - You have a terribly wicked
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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I get the best comments

I really have to say I love the comments I get. One thing is evident, I know a bunch of nutbars lol. The new visiters to my blog who commented seem to fit right in aswell.

Meg I feel your pain hun. I quit smoking almost 7 months ago. I was a pack and a half smoker a day. I also gained weight. It is actually what put my body over the edge and declared itself diabetic. It would have happened eventually anyway. I am so glad I quite smoking , no more coughing and less out of breath but mostly , just not being slave to a filthy habit. Meg it gets better I promise and keep up the good work. As for moving in , well I have a huge back yard you can all camp in but I strongly suggest you wait till summer time. Winters here tend to freeze a mans balls into tiny peas and womens nipples can ingrave diamonds. But it is entirely your call lol.

For those wondering about the deck chair comment from Shannon....well ....when I lost 1 lb at the very beginning of this new eating plan, my mom was thrilled for me. She didn't want me to look at it as a small thing so her example of a bad way of looking at it was .......Don't think of it as loosing a deck chair off the Queen now all the lbs I loose we call deck chairs. O h and Shannon, I intend to loose them all plus a few life rafts, life boats, a couch, desk, firstmate and oh yeah the STEAM ENGINE!!! HEHE

Jenn omg Chris and I laughed so hard with your new favorite t-shirt line (grow your own dope plant a (G.W.)Bush. I love ya gf.

Anna I always appreciate your encouragements and hugs....and if my crappy horrors day made you laugh, thats why I wrote it. Was also my way to look at it with humour then remember it with a desperate plee for a gas mask.

Squirrels hun I am still alive and kicking. I guess we have never been online at the same time. I really miss you and all the gang. We are really going to have to make an appointment to all meet in a room and chat like we used to. I go into some rooms briefly now and it's just not the same. I have been keeping up with blogs though and I think your bathroom renovations look awesome. Great work you guys. I hope to chat with you soon. Hugs my friend.

Amanda hun, your butt is as cute as it has always been ya goober, I know for a fact that my 6.5 deck chairs have picked up residence on a small scooner in the south pacific. I know this because I got a lovely postcard the other day. They said "Having a blast...send the others as soon as possible.....and no offense but we aren't coming back, front, sideways or upside down."

Sev dude, thanks for the comment lol, if you weren't 5000 thats ok, like you said, close enough. Thanks for stopping by.

I have to send a shout out to all of you who took the time to pin my map. Wow it's really awesome to see the pins acumulate on there. Thanks for stopping by and participating. Each small pin and message makes my day...and the world alot smaller.

As for my meeting concerning the famous respite pay. I got a few bucks. I had hoped for more but as it is totally apart from my contract and considered an extra only reserved for a sellect few clients , I guess I can live with it. I didn't really get to negotiate, he basically arrived with papers in hand ready to sign with amount already put in the blank. He could sell ice to the inuit for god sakes but I can atleast say it was a fair offer. I had a brief talk in the bedroom with Chris before signing it . We both agreed it was more then nothing but fair . It would also pay for abit of respite each month without it coming out of my pocket or we could use it all at once for inhome care in the event we want to take vacation time away. All in all, I am pleased. Had I not been informed and asked about that special annex to be added to my contract I wouldn't have received squat. Let us also safely assume that *they* would not have enlightened me about it either lol.

Well thats it for today. All have a great day...........0x0x0x

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Few Mentions

Just wanted to say a few different things today. First of all I need to thank all the great friends and readers I have for leaving me comments. I get so much pleasure from the comments I recieve whether for laughs, advice or just acknowledgment , they are all appreciated.

I also added a guest map, I saw it on another blog and loved the idea of seeing all the pins on a map from people who visit my a blog. Please plant your flower on my map, someday I hope to have a map full of flowers from all over. This does not mean you can bury dead relatives or hide your homicide victims or use this as a pet cemetary. I realize for some this was not needed information but for others, one has to be clear and precise.

I noticed that I passed the 5000 counter mark, I wish I had posted for the 5000th person leave a comment or just say hi. I can't tell you why or what difference it would have made honestly. I guess I just think its cool that I have had over 5000 hits . So call me, silly. Just don't call me late for lunch.

Having said that, let me just announce that I went to see my dietician yesterday for follow up from the month before, 26 days from last appointment actually. I am happy to say that with good eating, no starving and using moderation with my favorite things . I have lost 6.5 lbs in the last 25 days. I was surprised to say the least. I knew I was slowly losing so I expected maybe a 3 lbs loss. I have to admit I was thrilled. I can only get better and feel better one day at a time. Wooo hooooo. Good for me and good for Chris, he has lost a few lbs aswell so fits better in his few pants that had gotten tight lately. It's all in the team work.

Last little update. I got a call from the paper pushing boss yesterday. He is coming to my home tomorrow morning with the other paper pushing pion that is basically useless. Anyway. they are coming to offer me a figure concerning my letter asking for respite pay. I have no idea what they are going to pitch. I hope it is worthy of my time and not a blatant insult to my intelligence. I have hopefully made it clear that I am awear of what some others are recieving for the same thing so lets hope we don't beat around the bush to much.

Speaking of Bush. Hmmm I better not go there. My opinions are very strong ones and I fear if I let them rip I risk alienating some readers. Besides being canadian, my thoughts are a mute point. I will say though that although I am from another country, many of us are interested and informed on a regular basis on the political forum in the US. The opposite is true for the reverse lol................All I want to say now is.......GOOD LUCK!

Wish me luck for tomorrows discussion and untill next post, all have a great day or week. Never know when I will post next. Hugs.........0x0x0x