Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really find it hard to believe that my only child turned 20 today! I mean really..20? How can that be, I still feel 28 like when I had her...ok, depends on the day but STILL!
Alas it's true, she is no longer a teen and I am no longer in my 20's lol. But she will ALWAYS be my little girl no matter what age.
She couldn't wait to turn 20, said she was past being a "teen" lol..I remember feeling that way, most of us did. We figure out eventually that time does fly by us doesn't it.
So today, we met up with Cleo in Montreal as she had half a day of school only. Was a good thing too as she has been super sick since last week with a really bad case of tonsilitis, could barely talk. Today she was better as the antibiotics finally started to kick in. She certainly isn't 100% but glad she had some time to spend with us on her bday.
We did some shopping on St Catherines , downtown Montreal..and ofcourse mom needs pics no matter how crappy she feels lol, only turn 20 once!
Cleo's 20th bday St Catherines Montreal 4
Cleo's 20th bday St Catherines Montreal
After that, we went to a great fushion resturant that has sushi and japanese food. Both Cleo and Chris' daughter Mahault love sushi, and Chris and I don't but we like japanese food so its perfect!
CLEO's 20th bday 7
For her bday , she asked for a good camera. Last yr in college, she had to rent a digital from school for many of her projects and found that she loved photography and even got paid for some work with photos...so because it was a big ticket item I agreed but only if her Dad pitched in and she also paid a 3rd of the cost....Only because I know by investing herself, she would be that much more reponsible for it. She worked alot over the summer and continues to work school schedule permitting...So...we got her a really nice kit that anyone would be lucky to have...
CLEO's 20th bday 11
CLEO's 20th bday 8
CLEO's 20th bday 10
Chris and his daughter Mahault....
CLEO's 20th bday 1
Me and Chris...
CLEO's 20th bday 3
Had a great meal, toasted Cleo's birthday..( here legal drinking age is 18) and enjoyed some fried icecream lol...
I am afraid to blink for fear that when I reopen my eyes, she will be 40! (and I will be 68!) lol

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Canadian Maple Spread..

As I had company coming from the states recently, I thought, what could I make as a gift that is typically Canadian.

I found a recipe for Maple Spread! It was really simple and delicious, if I do say so myself.

Before starting though, I wanted to prepare something cute to put it in as I was giving some as a gift. So I went to the dollar start to get inspired lol...

It really is a terrific place to get some ideas that don't cost an arm...

I found some great jars that have a rubber seal..some rafia..and some plastic maple leaves...I had some some sticky lables and a pretty stamp...and voila..pretty and yummy .....

Home made maple spread  1

Home made maple spread 2

and btw, she loved it! We shared some here and I sent her home with some..Recipe below if you want it.


-1 cup cooking cream (15%)

-2 egge yokes

-1 cup real maple syrup

-3 tbsp corn starch

-2 tbsp cold water

-3-4 drops of vanilla

In a pot wisk the cream and egg yokes together. Add the maple syrup and bring to a boil on med heat. Aside, mix the cornstarch and cold water....then while continued mixing, add to the pot....Mix smoothly till mixure thickens...then pour into you containers..let cool before refrigerating....



So as my shape starts to take shape so to speak...it has given me a wisp of confidense. I say wisp because I have a very long way to go to attain any kind of real big result. But until then, I can proudly say, I have lost a few inches most everywhere. My weight hasn't moved much but my shape has definately started to change.

My last blood work up and and doctors appointment a cpl weeks ago was very uplifting. My doctor was all smiles and anxious for me to get in her office to show me the numbers lol...Basically, my work up was showing numbers of a person who had NEVER had diabetis! She was so impressed, and kept saying she was proud of me lol...I can also bet, it's nice for a doctor to see a patient get healthier with each visit, rather then the contrary that is more often the case....

Down 7 lbs, not alot but good nonetheless...and we were able to take another medication off the list...cholesterol med was a low dose as a precaution, especially when I was diabetic...but now with my working out, and my numbers being so good...we can scratch it! That makes 8 meds down, in a 2 yr period! I am thrilled!

As of now, I only have 3 left....1 for my slow thyroid..that will be a lifetime medication...1 for restless leg syndrome, that will also be around for ever, unless I want to kick all night lol, and lastly, one for BP, but not for my heart, it also protects the kidneys, and as they were damaged when my diabetis was bad, it has helped things get better over time..they have healed greatly in 2 yrs, so we hope to be able to eliminate that one with time....I have to say, I was almost skipping on my way out of the doctors office!

As things continue, I have enjoyed the great sales on clothes. So after going down a few sizes, it's been a real pleasure trying things on, modeling for my ever patient and encouraging husband..and even gathered the courage to try on a real pair of jeans. I have always been of the opinion that jeans do nothing but excentuate the worst on ppl that are very voluptuous for the most part lol ...It has been atleast 10 yrs since I put a pair of jeans on. So yes, I finally tryed some one..and voila...here and above, I am wearing my first pair of jeans in many yrs lol...I have to say, I like then ....

First pair of jeans in 10 yrs & blonder still

Oddly enough, they give me a new confidense that I can start fitting into more hip..current things...rather then just strive for something to fit period!

Got my hair trimmed and coloured this week also..it's abit blonder then last time, I like it...

As a totally unrelated bonus this week, I got a new washer/dryer set! Or should I call it a home entertainment center instead?...I say that because I am so in love with then, that I can just sit there and happily watch them go round and round...enjoy the bells and whistles..listen to the silence of them, or dance to the little jingle they chime when done, rather then the atrocious BUZZZ the other ones had...that would wake the dead! I am thrilled as u can tell! .. As I am washing for 7 ppl, my old set was just too small and I really wanted a set with a Sanitary option when needed, as I am dealing with clients with special needs and situations.

New washer/dryer set, yay!

Needless to say, I have been washing everything I can get my hands on this week lol! I hope to sell my old set, they work well, and would be perfect for someone starting out who wants a small frontal set.....

Oh, must go..my dryer just started singing for me again...later!


This past week has been filled with lot's of new beginnings.

School is definately in session!

My daughter Cleo, after having graduated college last spring, just started University in a 3 yr bachelors program that only choose 20 students per yr!Design for theatre that will cover everything from building sets, to designing and sewing costumes, graphics, model building, computer programs...u name it they will work with it or create it. As I have mentioned before, I am very proud of her!

My step daughter Mahault, just started her 2nd yr in college, she did very well last yr, working towards getting to university to eventually become a sexologist, we are very proud of her!

Last but not least! Chris started back at University! after an absense of over 20 yrs ! I am thrilled and very proud of him! He is getting a certificate in Industrial project management.
My one stipulation was that he wasn't allowed any keg parties or bringing home any female homework partners lmao!
First day of university..after 20 yrs
First day of school, 2010
The week was filled with adrenalin to say the least lol..
Two of my clients started back at their program/school also. One has a 5 day schedule since he has been going for yrs now, our other guy only has 1 day a week for now as he is new in the region, they need to make sure he fits in ok, and hopefully availability with classes will alow him to have more days with time..fingers crossed.
As for me...things are pretty routine, Luke , our blind, mute will be home with me as usual. But I will have to get used to having a house full of students! Me thinks the oldest one, my husband will need some getting used too LOL...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Had someone told me a yr ago that I would be sporting a pair of these silly work out gloves I would have scoffed and rolled my eyes..Seriously..
My opinion of them were the same as those goobers who get all kitted out from head to toe for a new sport to then give it up after one trial class lol..
Well, I have to admit to being wrong about the work out gloves...In Jan when I started working out, my hands kept slipping off the treadmill handles, I fashioned thick faceclothes on the handles with elastics lol, that helped but I honestly have sweaty hands..and once on the Bow flex or eliptical machine I had the same prob...Chris suggested we get me a pair of the gloves..I still scoffed lol..
We happen to be in a sport section shortly after that..he grabbed a pair for me..Next day I put them on. Chris growled...in that sexy way...said they looked damn sexy LOL! I had to admit they looked cool, in that.(I look like I work out for real kinda way)...because even if it's been months, I still don't have that feeling of knowing what I am doing or feel like one of those jock kinda ppl lol...but I can say that my nifty sports gloves are awesome! They wick away the sweat. No need for my elastic bound washcloths on handles..I have a good grip on the bowflex and the treadmill...and I might add that they are a total fashion statement, especially when I have red nail polish on LOL.
So this week, after a month from working out..I got back on the workout horse so to speak. Due to having company , then busy painting a few rooms in the house I took a break from it but the worst was getting very sick with Bronchitis and an acute sinus infection putting me out of commision for over 2 weeks...So although I am mostly over it , I am still never far from tissues..still blowing my nose alot lol...

It has actually felt good to be back on track so to speak..I still hate every moment of it..that I doubt will ever change but I feel so good when I got it done...

I have every reason to continue ..but I think the boost I got this week helped alot.
Chris and I went shopping this week, I had to check out a few great summer sales..and tryed on a cpl dresses. After finding a few way to big, I was astonished that I got into size 16! ...and the WOW I got when I pulled the changing room curtain aside, from Chris..was certainly nice also...I was beaming from having a 16 on, and he was beaming ...period lol..
Now, a 16 might not be spectacular to many...but it's a leap for me when you consider I wore a 24-26 for yrs..It has been an uphill battle but worth it ..through surgery which certainly helps but is not a magic pill by any means...and working out as consistantly as I can...

I plan to post a pic of my new dresses next time I get dolled up ...untill then...I hope to keep wearing my sexy work out gloves ...like the Nike logo on them mean... JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Everyday that he can, my husband Chris does laps in our pool..I have to envy his love of it, not to mention his tenacity! He does 240 laps (10 metres long) takes him about an hour.....I know! nuts right?

Anyway today, his laps weren't quite finished when I hear him call my name ...then tell me to bring the camera!

I rushed outside to see an adorable little duck!! He had just decided to join Chris in the pool! No mom in sight!
Duck in the pool!
Duck 2
What's funny, is that this little guy must have just walked across the whole yard ..because he didn't have his flying feathers yet! He was loving the pool, diving deep, swimming all around it...the dogs seemed perlexed to say the least...like, um what's that thing in the pool with you daddy? lol

Thankfully, our neighbours are avid bird watchers. They also have heeps of bird feeders set up so many birds come to feed along with some duck families. We brought our little duck over to them, to see what they could suggest , we couldn't just leave our little guy in the pool..

Thankfully the neighbours had a big cage they could rig, to feed the little guy, put a large pool of water in...and hopefully be able to integrate the duck to the other duck families when they showed up...the one gentleman next door is home recuperating from an accident so he can tend to the little duck full time...I am very relieved we had great neighbours who also have a large interest in feathered friends!
Duck 4
So that was todays adventure lol!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cleo's first showing in a real Art Gallery!

Tonight I went to a new showing in an Art Gallery. Eight young artists were featured. One being my daughter Cleo! It is needless to say how proud I am of her, words would be hard to really express how much.
Cleo June 2, 2010) gallery showing (4
Cleo , gallery showing
June 2, 2010, money machine
In gallery, both pieces on wall are Cleo's
Both pieces on the wall are Cleo's, I have a more photos of us in flickr, if interested, just double click on any of these to go directly to flickr...Enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Court métrage / Short movie - Julie Monette Theoret

Just click below to view....

Court métrage / Short movie - Julie Monette Theoret

This is the short 3D movie my god daughter did! We saw it on a big screen lastnight at her college graduation lastnight along with 22 other short movies done by the other grad students. I am so very proud of Julie!

After the ceremonies in the theatre, they had all the graduates leave..to another area..where we soon followed. They were all set up individually with their movie poster behind them and their portfolios on tables infront of them, along with their resume's and business cards. Great for anyone in the industry to meet, shake hands with and get info from anyone of these fresh graduates..There was also a live band playing, hors d'oeuvres, wine and other refreshments being served for all. It was such a lovely evening!

Below is Julie with her bf who lives in France. He came to Canada for the special occasion of Julie's graduation. He returns home in a week unfortunately...He once lived in Canada for over a yr but had to return due to visa issues..so needless to say, they don't get enough time together but I am so glad he was there to celebrate this evening with her.
I have more photos and a short video on my flickr page of the evening. Just double click on any of these photos to get there if u want to see more.
Bravo Julie ma belle!! I am very proud of you! Chris , Cleo and I all had a wonderful evening and I am so happy to have been there to share this special moment in your life with you!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My daughter Cleo graduated from college today. I am so proud of her and how far she has come over the last 2.5 yrs she attended college. She has flourished into an artist and grown in maturity both noted by myself and her peers.
This evening was for the 98 art students graduation and their friends and family to enjoy many of the displays and pieces of art produced over the past yr.
CLEO 002
Vingnette , Office caos piece

This year, Cleo was one of only 5 chosen out of 98 students to take part in a provincial exposition.
Winning Students from all colleges across Quebec had all their chosen art projects meet for a weekend long exhibit...they had all expenses payed for that weekend, including many cool workshops to take part in...The sculpter that won her that spot was a machine called "The Money Machine" ..its an odd conveyer belt thing that brings pennies up the ramp to fall into metal hands, that never seem to catch the money in fact..they open at the wrong time....this is on purpose to convey how money falls through our hands, it also seems to just go round and round like society itself with money etc etc, ..

MOney machine
The photo of her in the other vignette she did, pic below also, is one that is Office Caos...It won a price tonight at graduation...one of only about 5 given out this evening..She is invited to show her work in a real Art Gallery.
Tetes bleues

Below is a blue tarp with her likeness, each student had to do one...was hard to get a good photo of it as it was night, outside...What's interesting is that this is not done with paint, it's all done with diff coloured electrical tape! Yes Tape, all cut pieces to end up looking like a sort of pop art likeness...
She has learned so much , yet there is much more to come! She starts university in fall...for another great adventure towards a BA....
I have loaded a bunch of pics of her work...just double click on any of these here, to go to the flickr page...I can't say I understand all the pieces, or find them all beautiful lol..but they often had specific mediums and/or themes to follow. I hope you enjoy...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week, we got a very special delivery. A brand spankin new John Deere mowing tractor! To top that off....it was a very generous house warming gift from my Dad!! Merci Papa! 0x0x0x...

The delivery guy thought it was funny that I had my camera for his arrival lol, but hey, some may not think it's a big deal, we sure do!! Since we moved here last summer, Chris has been doing the lawn with a small electric mower..we would joke that we wouldn't see him for 3 days untill it was done...Seriously, it took forever to do it with this yard. Just like I have mentioned before about the driveway...

Summer time = Wow, we have a 6 car driveway!

Winter time= Holy crap, we have a 6 car driveway to remove snow from!

Well having a yard of 23,000 square feet is the same thing in terms of lawn care lol. Chris is like a little boy with a new toy with the thing! So I had to share this short clip of his mayden voyage on his man tractor lol....With his favorite Tilley hat, I call him my Indianna Jones on a tractor lol.

Isn't he cute on that thing lol.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


My daughter got the official confirmation today! She made the cut! For one of the hardest programs to get into in the Univercity of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).....Only 20 students chosen each year to be part of a 3 year bachelors program in arts...precisely Scenographie (Design for Theatre in english)....

It's pretty cool to say the least! She has worked very hard to get this far. In this province, one must do 2 yrs of college before going to Univercity...she has done very well in the arts program in college..

Each year, there is an intercollege competition...each college in Quebec chooses 5 of their best projects..to then take part in a province wide art exhibit, among all the diff colleges...Cleo was one of the 5 chosen in her college among aprox 100 art students...Her college has a very strong art department....This very weekend, all the chosen go to the city in Quebec that will be hosting the exhibit..3 full days of workshops and activities, meals and hotel is payed for ...the overall winner is chosen for the whole province.
To be among the artists chosen is pretty cool indeed..she leaves for the 3 days, tomorrow afternoon...for a very cool experience no doubt! We are very proud of her!
As for UQAM, she had her interview with her portfolio over a week ago...they had many interviews scheduled before and after her, but the proffessor that looked at her work and talked to her for aprox 30 mins, said he was very impressed with all her work...and that she was "IN "FOR SURE!... She was on a cloud when she got through the whole day in there!

And as much as I was thrilled for her, I as a parent thought, I hope he was serious, and wouldn't say that unless it was really true, given how difficult it was to get in that program. So I held my breath for over a week untill the official paper arrived to confirm everything lol...It is also why I waited to post anything about it lol....Don't get me wrong, I had faith in my daughter, but as a parent I think we are wary of others and also learn that untill it's in writting......yada yada...
Needless to say, I am a very proud mom...and know my daughter will create more wonderfull things, but mostly, knowing she is going into something she will love is priceless....Bravo my belle Cleo, je suis fiere de toi! 0x0x

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Urban Dog Photog by Brigitte Bouvier

This short piece was done by my sister Brigitte Bouvier. A photo journalist. About her friend Sue Bird who is also a photo journalist with a site called Urban Dog Photog. If you love animals, you will absolutely love this!! Enjoy!

The person you see is not my sister, as some think lol. My sister created and produced this documentary, so she was behind the camers, not infront of it lol.

The border collie you see at the beginning and the end is however my sister's dog Kiezer.

Please share this video! It will be awesome for both Brigitte and Sue in terms of visability! THANKS

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ONE LUCKY BIRD!!!, Could have been Crispy Wings!

Today I heard slight scratching in the chimney...then stopped...later it happened again...stopped. Few hours later..Chris was home, so he heard it too, so I knew I wasn't going crazy lol.

Keep in mind, it's still cool enough most days to merit a nice fire in the fireplace, so what turned out to be a black bird, was very lucky indeed!

He opened the flu, it would fall down hopefully and we could "help" it out. So below is a photo and the video story of how this bird was very lucky lol.

Alls well that ends well! No living thing was harmed in the making of this post! PS...my oven mits are in the laundry lol.

Monday, April 19, 2010


YES! I said armpits! ARGHHHHH
I have been working out since Jan 1st, and haven't really lost any weight. Now ..I do realize, and repeat to myself constantly, that building muscle is what needs to be done in order to then have that muscle burn the excess...and I mean EXCESS of fat that seems to cling to my body for dear life!
That said, I also realize that muscle is much heavier then said fat! Which explains why initally, I did gain a few lbs the first month I started my torture...I mean exercising schedule.
I have been pretty consistant in doing a mixture of cardio and resistance training with lots of crunches & core exercises on a floor mat to have a well rounded routine that takes me about an hour in all. Usually 4 or 5 times a week.
I have heard so many ppl that start working out say once they got into it, they LOVE it and NEED it...hate to miss it.
I am still waiting for this epiphany of need TO HIT ME! Seriously I personally think they are all full of bovine waste product! but hey, if saying that helps them to just DO IT, good for them!

As for moi? I HATE every *!^~%#!$@$*! Second of it! Seriously! I hate hate hate it...but..I can safely say I LOVE when I finished that god forsaken hour of HELL..that seems like it took a freakin half day of my life!
After over 3 months of this torture, I have FINALLY started to see a few results...some mild measurement reductions....let me mention that my little sewers tape measure mortifyingly couldn't reach around my waist...yes folks I am VERY VALUPTUOUS in stature (this being the most diplomatic of discriptions I could think of ). So using the big construction measuring tape from the garage has proved to be imbarrasing if anything but the Wheeeee & SLAP sound it makes when it's auto retreat mechanism brings it back to its casing is Disconcerting at best.
I don't think I have a number of lbs to lose goal anymore, I think it will be using a sewers measuring tape goal instead lol! Once I get to that pinnacle of achievement I will do naked backward cartwheels (in my mind).
So anyway, I digress!...As I was saying earlier...things have started to change, very subtly...of this I am very gratefull but still impatient..it's so true what they say, the older we get the harder and longer it takes to lose weight and see changes.
As I was putting my nighty on last night, I was facing the mirror and stopped in amazement...while my arms were up in the air! My ARMPITS have lost weight!!! OMG I started laughing, called Chris over...Look! My armpits are hollower! It's so noticeable it's funny! Why couldn't it be my waist for the love of Pete! NOOO I have to have deeper armpits! YAY working out has helped the one area that NO ONE else will ever notice LMAO!!
Unless ofcourse I start walking around and randomly lift my arms and point...LOOK..see....eh, obvious isn't it??? My pits rock!

Ok, so I have had my little vent...but let me reiterate that I am going to continue to do my body good by exercising...ofcourse I want to melt and look the way I did at 20 but I know that's NOT GONNA HAPPEN .......EVER!!.....lol..I do want to be healthier however and those days I just don't feel like it (basically everyday) I have to repeat to myself JUST DO IT!! and I usually do, and proud of myself for it.

I have come a very long way....For those who did not know, a few yrs ago I was a very sick person...I had full blown type 2 diabetis.. with a very slow thyroid , so weight got way out of hand, morbidly obese , high bp, cholesterol , swelling, reflux...u name it, I had perscriptions for it! I was taking meds for diabetis and so many other things, it wasn't funny! I was way too young to be so sick...with my kidneys showing bad results it got really scary when my doctor said, if things didn't change I was on the road to dialosis..soon!...NO WAY!
By that time, I was already on a waiting list for Gastric Bypass.. It was the best way for me to get the ball rolling healthwise and go from there...but let me tell you, anyone who thinks it's a quick fix that is easy are SO WRONG!...It's not easy by any means and it certainly does not eliminate the problems caused to need it in the first place! I lost 80lbs within a few months of surgery, that enables my body to better deal with diabetis without the meds..and slowly most all the meds I had been taking, were eliminated one by one !! I got alot healthier! That said...even if you can't eat alot at once, u can still eat often and you can still gain weight...it started to creep back slowly..but I refuse to go back where I was...so over the last 2 yrs I have struggled with food and exercise like many ...on and off the wagon so to speak...and I will struggle with it all my life...I have made alot of good food long term habit changes that will stay with me always..but I refuse to DIET.. Diets are what make ppl fat..they do not work! The key is moderation and logic..we can have anything we want, just not tons of it lol..its that simple..The moment we deprive ourselves of things, we want them more and go crazy till we want to eat a tub full of it at once lol...u get the picture...Anyway....
I still weigh over 200lbs...yes I actually just wrote that for everyone to see...but that's ok...I have come a very long way, to being a much healthier person, striving to become even better every day...kicking and screaming with each step I take! LOL....I have every reason to want to live longer and be healthy doing it with the fabulous husband I have who supports me no matter what I do, who loves me no matter how much I weigh and who is often working out right next to me sweating on the days he isn't at work...During the last 8 yrs we have been together no matter my size (and there has been quite a few lol) he has ALWAYS made me feel like I was the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world to him! How lucky am I?
So I will finish this by saying:

I can only strive for more hollows to follow! One day at a time!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I had a wonderful afternoon today! I was able to reunite with a friend I hadn't seen in almost 30 yrs! It's those moments you realize that time really does fly by! To be honest, it can also be abit intimidating to be 30 yrs older and on your way to meet such an old friend...but again, life is too short to let such things hold you back.
I was so excited to see Darryl again and meet his wife Barb...truth be told, he looks terrific and very happy. Within a few minutes, his wife seemed like someone we had known for yrs also. Very genuine and generous of nature. It's not always easy for spouses, when 2 ppl who went to school together start comparing notes and naming names lol...but Barb and Chris seemed to take us in stride and even got on well talking to eachother while Darryl and I reminised.
If there was one down side to the day it was that originaly, the plan was for them to come to our house to spend the whole day. Unfortunately it couldn't happen so we met them at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Montreal instead for lunch...So the plan is for us to get together again some time!
The visit was to short lived, and I would love to make new memories...so.

Darryl Kari & I (March 31/2010)
Darryl and Barb...to next time...hopefully staying in our home or if we go out your way in future...Chris and I look forward to sharing more good conversations.....
Darryl Kari & his wife Barb (March 31/2010)
more stories and adventures and continued friendship!
Thanks for a great afternoon!....

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hortense & Matilda have relatives!

As I start my 48th yr, as it was my 47th bday yesterday..it has become more then apparent that theres some things we just have to deal with and try to do it with either humour or good graces!

I know what I want for my bday, just need to go get it for myself this week...or as SOON AS I POSSIBLY CAN! Let me explain.....

Couple weeks ago, Chris and I were shopping at a house wares store, and while in the bathroom section I see some mirrors. I found myself propelled towards a round mirror that had a long folding arm. The arm is meant to be attached to the wall, so u can pull it out and possition as needed etc...I have found in the past yrs that my eyesight has done that AGE thing, where u have to back up about 10 feet to see the writting on the wall so to speak..ARGH.. so yes, I have found myself stacking the rooms with those little reading glasses..atleast to make it fun, I have accumulated some really cute, colourful ones for chuckles, I look so cute with my pink ones decked with sparkly fleur d'ly accents on them while reading in the bathtub .....I digress.....

..so back to said mirror..well I thought this mirror was briliant! But WAIT it gets better! as I approuch I notice it has 5X magnifying on it, so I had to look closer, ...OMG! I was so shocked, I almost backed into the display behind me! Seriously, there should be a warning/disclamer label on these things...(OBJECTS SEEN WILL APPEAR LARGER AND OUT OF NOWHERE TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU AND EMBARRASE HARDENED CRIMINALS EVEN!)

So after my heartrate becomes stable I reapprouch tentitavely ...so as not to startle my brain again...but mostly to confirm the worst.....Holy Crap Batman, it's true...Hortense and Matilda my two regularly reoccuring chin hairs have relatives!! (Yes I named my 2 chin hairs, as I got so used to seeing them over and over again, it just seemed fitting to me....)

So here I am thinking I should join the freaking circus! as the bearded lady, this is just WRONG WRONG WRONG!... how the hell have I been walking around in public like this, sheesh, it's a wonder I haven't already tripped on the damn invasion! I was mortifyed and vowed that I needed this miracle of mirrors...but I had to wait, as it was more then my budget would allow for now...so as I sit here longing for the perfect solution to my utter embarrasement, I am wondering if I should find names for the new relatives.......maybe not as I will be going to get my mirror on Monday YAY!

As for my birthday itself, I had a wonderful day! I got all dolled up...with extra care, as I wanted to take some new bday photos before heading out the door and before my makeup fell off lol. Makeup is my friend!

47th Birthday ( 3

We went out for a nice supper then off to the Montreal Casino. It has become a tradition for the last 4 yrs...We set a budget and stuck to it. We didnt bring more money home but we had alot of fun trying! We made it last hours and even had one machine give me 2 hours of fun for only a few bucks! Bless Chris, because we got home at 2:30 am, and he had to get up for work this morning early. He is so good to me..and wouldn't have me cashing out the machine so we could leave...He said, just play it out, it's your night, enjoy it!

As I am now officially in my late 40's I can safely say I am happy and proud. Although I am getting older...I have also been on a road to better health for the past few yrs. The new wrinkles and gray hair I see, have been earned and I hope there's still alot of room for new things to be learned!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Took my aunt out for lunch today. In a few days, she will be 90 years old! She is a lovely person and I am proud to be related to her. I could be so lucky to look at good as her and as active as she is for her age!

Matante Marie-Paul and I, before her 90th bday