Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Had someone told me a yr ago that I would be sporting a pair of these silly work out gloves I would have scoffed and rolled my eyes..Seriously..
My opinion of them were the same as those goobers who get all kitted out from head to toe for a new sport to then give it up after one trial class lol..
Well, I have to admit to being wrong about the work out gloves...In Jan when I started working out, my hands kept slipping off the treadmill handles, I fashioned thick faceclothes on the handles with elastics lol, that helped but I honestly have sweaty hands..and once on the Bow flex or eliptical machine I had the same prob...Chris suggested we get me a pair of the gloves..I still scoffed lol..
We happen to be in a sport section shortly after that..he grabbed a pair for me..Next day I put them on. Chris that sexy way...said they looked damn sexy LOL! I had to admit they looked cool, in that.(I look like I work out for real kinda way)...because even if it's been months, I still don't have that feeling of knowing what I am doing or feel like one of those jock kinda ppl lol...but I can say that my nifty sports gloves are awesome! They wick away the sweat. No need for my elastic bound washcloths on handles..I have a good grip on the bowflex and the treadmill...and I might add that they are a total fashion statement, especially when I have red nail polish on LOL.
So this week, after a month from working out..I got back on the workout horse so to speak. Due to having company , then busy painting a few rooms in the house I took a break from it but the worst was getting very sick with Bronchitis and an acute sinus infection putting me out of commision for over 2 weeks...So although I am mostly over it , I am still never far from tissues..still blowing my nose alot lol...

It has actually felt good to be back on track so to speak..I still hate every moment of it..that I doubt will ever change but I feel so good when I got it done...

I have every reason to continue ..but I think the boost I got this week helped alot.
Chris and I went shopping this week, I had to check out a few great summer sales..and tryed on a cpl dresses. After finding a few way to big, I was astonished that I got into size 16! ...and the WOW I got when I pulled the changing room curtain aside, from Chris..was certainly nice also...I was beaming from having a 16 on, and he was beaming ...period lol..
Now, a 16 might not be spectacular to many...but it's a leap for me when you consider I wore a 24-26 for yrs..It has been an uphill battle but worth it ..through surgery which certainly helps but is not a magic pill by any means...and working out as consistantly as I can...

I plan to post a pic of my new dresses next time I get dolled up ...untill then...I hope to keep wearing my sexy work out gloves the Nike logo on them mean... JUST DO IT!


Melody said...

Well done you!! And those gloves *wolf whistle* Lol.

I was only thinking today that I am now 20 kilos lighter than when I first fell pregnant with my Monet back in early 2004. It is great to go shopping and finding clothes actually fit properly for a change.

Star said...

Good for you Moon. Keep up the good work(outs).

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Bob-kat said...

Love the gloves and darn they look the part :)

Well done on getting into a size 16. You must feel so good and I know what a battle losing weight is.

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Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !