Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last saturday was a day out for me. We ran some arrands..and then planned to meet with a friend of ours for supper.

Our friend is someone we helped, when she came from France to study here in Montreal. Her parents are friends of Chris's sister and husband, and asked us if we could be a contact when she arrived here.

She stayed with us a few days and we helped her move into a place and set her up etc...she has become a great friend and we try to see her when we can. She totally surprised us last saturday when we met at the resturant. She had with her some xmas gifts to give us from her and her parents. How sweet!!

When she went back to france for the xmas holidays, her mom and her found a beautiful necklace for me and they also gave us an absolutley lovely wine decanter. We were totally taken aback at the kindness.

We look forward to meeting her parents when we go to thank them personally. They have sent more then one very good bottle of wine our way via their daughter, in thanks for us having helped. It's really been a pleasure knowing their daughter but we can also relate to their relief in knowing that we are a constant and strong contact for her. They know that we are here for her if she needs anything.

For over a month my mouth had been watering for a famous Montreal smoked meat sandwich at RUBENS Resturant on St. Catherines street, downtown Montreal. Oh boy it was worth the wait. Luckily I can eat anything now..all be it smaller portions...I even allow myself some deserts once in awhile. Not being diabetic anymore has been AWESOME... however, I have become Hypoglysemic sometimes it gets hairy lol. The dumping sydrome, due to the surgery can hit or when these things decide to kick in, it aint purdy!.
..Basically..after 3 small bites of a delicious and decadent sugars shot up, ..and as calm as I tryed to remain, in order not to interupt great conversation at the table...I was very uncomfortable. My heart was beating too fast, I was breaking out in a cold sweat...had major shakes and feeling like I was going to be sick but to afraid that if I stood up, I would pass out ..all at once. I kept silent untill I finally had to ask Chris to help me to the restroom so I could gather myself by either being sick or just being able to breath somewhere private. ....I had hoped it would pass before asking for help, I knew to well that Chris would be beside himself with worry..aswell as our guest.

Thankfully after being in the restroom for abit...things started to calm...I knew the worst was past. This doesn't happen often but when it does it really can be scary and unpredictable. Just something I will have to listen too and try to avoid. My body is teaching me new things all the time lol, some good, some bad lol...C'est la vie!

In other news...we have booked our rental car for the 3 weeks we will be in France. This will make everyones life easier as we will not be at the mercy of anyone to get around. The vehicle is called a
KANGOO lol...its an ugly ass thing but its gas efficient, and has room for 5 ppl and 4 pieces of luggage. As we will be traveling alot with both Chris' kids we needed a mid size vehicle. Let's not forget that gas in France is VERY EXPENSIVE compared to what we northamerica.

So the countdown has begun, less then a month away and the lists in my head are getting longer lol. I will start packing on April 1st...I have purposely not pulled out the luggage yet. I didn.t want to stress myself out more then I needed untill then lol.

So begins my total emersement into fun anticipation ...and anxious list making lol.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Starting March 1st...I had the pleasure of spending some time with my aunt and a cousin...We don't see eachother often, as we don't go into Montreal very often. My aunt just turned 88 yrs old ..we could all be so lucky to be in her shape at that age. She has a busier social life then most ppl I know. She also sings in a chior and seems to always be on the go. It keeps her young at heart and always a pleasure to spend time with. My cousin is near my age and we all 3 have birthdays close to eachother, so this was a birthday lunch for all of us lol.

Lucie, Matante Marie-paule & moi 2

Then wednesday, the 5th came so this is my 45th bday photo. Chris and I were just on our way out. We went to a nice dinner then off to the Montreal Casino...unlike the last few yrs when I won money ...this year, unfortunately I didn't. I did win lots of extra credits in the machines enabling me to play much longer but alas thats all lol. The important thing is we had lots of fun....till next yr.

I have that ...Deer caught in the headlights look, on this pic.....

45th bday pic 2

So we come to this weekend. Another major blizzard...worst so far. Lastnight march 8th. We have reached aprox 350 centimetres of snow fall so the math lol, or better yet....

We opened the door this ...this sunday morn....

WINTER-2008 .March 8th

Oy, were to put it all lol....This on the backdeck is just lastnights snowfall....Here u see our Rae shovelling (he loves to shovel, this yr he has really kept in shape with the help of Chris ofcourse lol)...notice also the hight of the snow at the back of the yard, its to the fense...and our deck hight is over 3 feet off the ground.....

WINTER-2008 March 8th

I titled this pic as I GIVE UP! lol....

WINTER-2008 065

I thought I would remind you what the yard looks like WITHOUT all this BEFORE....


And NOW......since the above pic, we even removed a layer up of the hanging branches on the pine tree..

WINTER-2008 069

And before.......

full house view

And .....NOW....

WINTER-2008 068

With as much snow fallen this yr, we now hope to break the 30 some year record....there hasnt been this much since 70' hopefully we can break that, ...hell we deserve it after all this shoveling!! I have to admit, I haven't done any myself....(um, to busy in the house working? yeah thats it>>>I am sticking to that excuse)...

Hard to believe spring is a few days away lol....we advanced our clocks this weekend...atleast it wont get so dark , so early.......I am so looking forward to our trip...and I am sure, the snow will still be here by the time we leave...maybe not as much...but still....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Me at 6 weeks with my grandmother

March 5th......45 yrs ago...I arrived. Yes, that's me above, in my grandmothers arms. What a journey it's been so far. All the ups and downs we go through in a life...make us who we become. They determine how we are able or unable to deal with the diversity we are face along the paths we take.
Some of us, grow and some don't learn a thing along the way. I would like to think I have learned a thing or two...but the older we get the more we realize how little we actually do know.

I think success is how u feel about where u are in the moment. In this moment I am very happy. I feel charmed sharing my life with my husband. Laughing everyday, appreciated even the mundane...and being able to plan special things for our future.

I think as women, it often takes yrs to really being comfortable in ourselves. Even then, it's never perfect lol. But that saying, it's better after so true...but untill u get there, you don't get it. As I hit my 45th yr, I thought about my journey so far and I can finally say, that I like me. For the most part...I think we spend so much time ..trying to be something or someone else, untill we figure out how to be ourselves...I know I have many more paths to go down and many more lessons to learn but atleast for now, I like the me that I am getting to know better everyday.

One thing I do know for sure it that, I am usually lucky on my bday, so we are continueing the tradition of the past 2 yrs. Going to the Casino for my bday lol. First a nice supper out then a cpl hours playing the slots. Chris was able to change his schedule for the day, freeing up the evening so we could go out.

Oh and I am thrilled that it's and odd numbered year...I prefer the odds, over the evens...don't ask me why, I just do...I am freaky that way lol.

So to finish, I have to say, I love each new yr passing, I love my birthdays and I am proud of the grey hairs and wrinckles I earn along the way...although I see nothing wrong with helping them look the best they can when possible lol.

Are you a birthday lover or one who hates to say their age or crys on bdays? I have known ppl like that.