Monday, October 23, 2006


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No matter how bad we look or feel our dogs love us anyway.

Ok, so does Chris ofcourse but I don't want him to get sick cuddling me lol.

I wanted to say thankyou to all my well wishers. It was so nice of you to drop by to comiserate.
I am feeling much better. The meds are doing their job...and my sweety has been taking such good care of me. The dogs have been keeping me warm for sure lol.

This post comes about because of a friend of mine. She called me crying this week. She has to put her dog down. He is too sick to help and she is doing the right thing so he no longer suffers. It breaks my heart the pain she must be feeling. She has had many good years with her LUCKY so it's easy to understand how much it hurts to lose a dear friend. It made me thankful that for now, my dogs are relatively healthy. One has alergies, other has epileptsi but the are both treated for their probs. So here is abit about them lol.

Honestly, I have such cuddly dogs. None of these pics have been set up. They have to sit on mommy when ever they can. When they can't they have to cuddle themselves...
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I swear, ppl laugh when they see our dogs. If we are in the kitchen, they are close by always, but the little one JUST HAS TO SIT on the bigger one. The big one just lets her now, it's part of the routine...we have no idea why little one does it but its so cute.
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Here are a few other pics of our k-9 babies...even at when u feel like total shit...pets somehow make us smile. So here I share some smiles with you.
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Yes they would both sleep in this dog bed together all the time. It got so stretched and used it didn't last long with washing it also. We opted for the large colourful pillow u see above now lol.
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I grew up with animals, we always had dogs, cats..even had horses, rabits and a wild black bear came down the mountain into our yard one spring in BC growing up. With exception of the bear...I always loved having animals around.
When I started being a foster care provider, the first client we had was alergic to many things so we had to go without animals for yrs. It was odd for me to not have pets during that time...ok, fish, but they aren't very interactive lol. When changes happened, we were thrilled to be able to have a dog again. Chris is alergic to cats so we got our dog, then a yr later got the little one...they add so much to our lives. I hope you have enjoyed seeing our critters lol.

I will coin the phrase..Your Turn...used by some blog friends...
Do you have pets? Have u always? ....What kind of pets do u have?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The good news is that my daughter is much better. She is finally going back to school today. I on the other hand will be making yet another trip to the doctor's clinic FOR ME! this time. ARGGG!

Yes, it just had to happen...I had to get sick this time. Unfortunately I never get colds or flu even...I catch a bug in within 24 hours it turns into full blown Broncitis with a sinus infection...if I wait longer, I develope pnuemonia to make it a nice neat package of MISERABLE , get me an oxygen tent SICK!

On a positive note...I no longer smoke so I hope it doesn't take as long to become a clear breathing human again.

I have been lucky and thankful regardless of how crappy I feel. The last time I got sick, with this was April 2004. Why do I know this? Well, I got so sick that time I thought I was going to die. It got so bad that I was terrified I wouldn't make it. It was also a good thing because it scared the begibbers our of me enough to QUIT SMOKING! Cold turkey. After smoking 20 yrs plus with a 2.5 yr break when I got pregnant with my daughter and made the mistake of taking a damn start again. I have now passed that 2.5 yr mark of not smoking and know enough to NOT TOUCH it again lol.


Ok...just got through to the clinic a minute ago to make my NO Appointment=Appointment!...Yes, u read right. We can no longer just walk in to the emergency clinic if we are sick. We have to be on the phone at 8:30am to call in to reserve our place during the day.If I wait and call at 9am, the day will be booked up so I would be shit out of luck and have to wait another day....With the redial digital feature, it took me 14 minutes from the strike of 8:30...and got in for 1:45pm. YAY...I see clear painless breathing in my future!

As Chris works tomorrow and all weekend, I am releaved that I will have started antibiotics tonight. Hopefully start getting better rather then worse while caring for my guys with no help.

My husband (giggle) is so good to me..he has done everything to make things easier for me ontop of take care of ME...and he can even type in stuffed nose mode to make me laugh..while sending me a message from the pc downstairs...I thought it was jibberish, till he came upstairs and read it back to me ...sounding like me reading it with my stuffed up head....after I slugged him, I squeakingly laughed my head off lol!

It just kinda sucks this time of the year...when u know the long cold winter is afoot and u get sick ontop of it..whether it be a pesky cold or flu or's like getting a kick when your down lol.

The Flu shot is next month! ....I for one have gotten it for the last 8 yrs atleast. It has made a HUGE difference to me. I won't go without it. My clients also get one. I used to get sick atleast 3 times a yr (with antibiotic for pneumonic and broncitis everytime) before I got the shot. Since I get the shot. I have gone as little as one year and as long as 3 years without getting sick. So huge improvement for me.

Have u been hit with an Automne bug yet? Do u get a flu shot?

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's been a busy week here in the 4th Dimentional front. I had a few appointments to tend to with work and clients. It's also that time of yr when all the maintenance updates kick in. Like Doctors annual checkups..Flu shots...Dentists...Pap Smears....OK I am the only one getting that but basically, we all need our tune ups before the year is out lol.

On that daughter is sick. She either has the mumps or an absess...with a side of Mono....yes, u heard it...MONO! Good Grief!....Will know more today...had a bloodwork done yesterday, go back to doc's today. Fingers crossed it's not Mono..thats a long recovery sickness and not great for a school year, let alone a graduating one...sheesh.

So when able ...I am still having fun amusing myself in the 3rd Dimention. This 3D chat is something else. I have been having so much fun showing some of my friends around in there. Chris has his avatar too so me and the hubby get on together for shits and giggles. Are we being silly? Certainly some may think so...or even juvenile...if you happen to think so, well all I can say is THANK YOU. HEHE

IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

I figure at our age, we earned the right to do just that. I certainly hope we will never be to old to do SILLY and enjoy things like kids sometimes lol. I have gotten many comments so far from ppl who clicked on the program and tryed it out....most LOVE IT... I say most because I haven't gotten feedback from everyone yet lol.

Other then the endless catalog of things to shop for (yes I to like to shop) to add to your avatar's wardrobe and accessories....the BEST fun has really just been chatting again with some old friends. I have become so disenchanted with Chat in general over the last cpl yrs that I hardly did it anymore. This however is different...its pretty cool and although it's still a form of chat...u can only get a kick out of it. Chris' daughter in France and my niece both have chatted with us and as odd as it seems...its fun to see Chris with his daughter in 3D...hug eachother. It's better then typing hug in a text box for sure lol.

So if u haven't yet tryed it...u just have to take a's free. Come join me and I will show u around if u want. Click on the link and after registering u will automatically be put in my buddies list...just send me a message in my homepage saying u want a tour. It would be my pleasure!

IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

EDIT:...Tests came back...the good news is no Mononucliosis..bad news is a very bad absess...had to get stronger antibiotics because after 48 hrs with the other ones, there was NO effect..if in 2 days with the stronger meds, there is still no change, we have to take her to the hospital on saturday to have them treat her by IV. She can barely swallow poor thing her throat is so send healing thoughts our way..she is miserable and in pain...cpl that with being a teen..well...she is on the verge of death.....Um could u send some thoughts of endurance my way while your at it?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


For some of you out there who may indulge in some form of chat...You WILL get a real kick out of this. I know I am.
IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

I rarely chat in chatrooms anymore...but I do like to keep intouch with a few of my old chat buddies in PM's (private messages). Over the yrs I have made some really good friends from chat, and yes, even met my husband online, through chat. U JUST NEVER
But when a friend showed me this, I checked it out and had so much fun just dressing my avatar and checking out how it works. It is not yet well known but they have many countries chatting on it. It is so cool and different I amused myself all afternoon. My name in there is Moonmisttt.....big stretch I know lol....if u click on my avatar on here or the heading above it, I will be added to your friends list in the IMVU..if you don't want me there u can just delete me when u get there lol.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

WELCOME to QUEBEC and the Places we showed Mom and Ben

Let me give you a small guided tour of some interesting places to see if you should ever be in my neck of the woods.
The 4 days my mom and her hubby Ben were here, we tryed to make their stay interesting and fun. Luckily we had beautiful sunny fall weather. Couldn't ask for better when walking outside doing the touristy stuff. So ofcourse, being Montreal, we went to the Old Port of Montreal and walked around.
This is one of the streets in the old part of MontrealMom and hubby Ben
Ben, Mom and I infront of the Notre Dame Basilica ..I suggest u click on that to see the website...the inside of this very old church is breathtaking. Although not religious myself..I can only appreciate the master craftmanship of the ppl who built it.Ben, Mom and Moi
So here you have Montreal. I found a link to various LIVE CAMS if you're interested..bare in mind that these cams usually have one minute or 30 second delays but I find cams like these all over the world fascinating.

Next we travel to QUEBEC CITY...This photo of Ben and Mom was taken inside the lobby of the CHATEAU FRONTENAC HOTEL
Ben and Mom It has boutiques to see and a huge boardwalk looking down towards the old buildings below and the water front...breathtaking indeed.
Last but not least. On the last day here we were taking them to the Montreal train station where they were to travel by train aprox 3 hours to Ottawa to spend 4 days with my sister Brigitte....We had enough time to walk downtown Montreal but also give them the experience of shopping underground. DOUBLE DECKER CITY is what it is sometimes referred to. You can shop for blocks and blocks under ground. Use the underground Metro (subway) and never come outside. Granted walking down St. Catherines mainstreet in Montreal is fantastic on a clear day..BUT our winters are YUCKY! AND COLD! So, it's pretty cool that u can still access all the big stores and hundreds of small boutiques from key Metro stations and never have to pop your head outside.

So this concludes our tour of some of Quebec's tourist attractions ....I feel I should warn you that if u ever have the chance to visit some of these mom and her hubby Ben WON'T be in the background lol....I ajoined links to all the places I mentioned, so have fun exploring.

Have any of you been to Quebec? If not, have u been to Canada? If so, Where? If not...well, would you like to visit our country?
I would love to know where you are from if you care to share...