Thursday, April 28, 2005


Yes people the whining will finally stop lol. He will be home tomorrow afternoon YAY! What's totally cool is that he returns in WARP speed or is that BEAMED back...hmm, will have to ask SCOTTY on the ENTERPRISE which it is. I say this because he leaves Paris at 12:00 noon and arrives in Montreal at 12:00 eh. OK, OK, I man will have had 6 hours of flight time nevertheless, don't worry I will make sure he is in bed very early tomorrow night (wink).

He really will need lots of sleep to try and catch up to the space time continuum though, he has to work Sat, Sun, and Mon...poor guy.

Today is his daughter's birthday. It's really cool that he is there to celebrate with her. They plan on spending the day at home, no running around doing bunches of stuff like most of the other days. I also know it will start to weigh heavy for the kids and him that time is running out. I know that Chris will be emotionally drained tomorrow as well as physically tired from the dreary travelling. I hope I can help with his heavy heart. All I can do is have open arms and a loving embrace to absorb some tears of sadness and happiness. Those emotions will be close to the surface for some time for him and the children. Atleast now we know that there won't be so much time to pass between seeing them. With him working we can more afford visits. They are supposed to come here for xmas if all goes well and who knows, maybe both him and I will go to France together next year.

So to come back to now...I can't wait to hug my Chris, kiss my Chris, snuggle and smell my Chris but mostly just look in his eyes and tell my Chris I love him......OK OK I know...get a room right?...bite me all of you hehe

Friday, April 22, 2005

Is It Me or Is Time Standing Still?

OMG! This is worse then watching grass grow or paint dry , someone slap me before I get hysterical. God I miss himmmmmmmmmmmm!!! (just had to get that out)

On a better note, I know that Chris is having fun with his children and family. Everyone loved there gifts and his mother really appreciated the photo album I put together for her. They have been out and about shopping. Chris has a list of ppl in my family to get something for because we will be going across the country this summer to see them. It's way cooler to get something from France then if we had brought doohickeys from here.

He was regailing me with his purchases so far when he almost tripped on his tongue. I ALMOST heard of one of my gifts damnit...hehe.

Tomorrow he and the family are travelling to his sister's. She and her husband have a resturant called L’OrĂ©e du Bois in a very nice region. The link brings u to the site that Chris is building for them. So far though he hasn't been able to load other pics of the really nice interior or the mouthwatering plates that they have sent us. Bernard is an award winning chef in France. They opened up their own establishment just over one year ago in a very hard market but have managed to stay afloat and even finished the year in the black. Hopefully we can get more pics on that site soon.

I called earlier. His dad answered the phone. He says to Chris as he passes him the phone..."the line is odd, sounds like she is far away"..chris says "dad! she's calling from CANADA!!" LOL

On Sunday they hope to go to an open weekend market with all sorts of venders. Lots of antiques among other things. Hopefully he can find something cool for my dad.

Today him and his son made a carboard plane out of a box lying around. They are going to decorate it all up tomorrow and with the digital camera they are going to try to film its first and only flight off the balcony lol...Looking forward to seeing that.

I have been holding up like a grownup so far but it also has alot to do with some friends like Rae and Rachel and some old chat buddies who have kept me company in a chat room I open in the evenings.I can't sleep unless I am really tired, that way I miss Chris less in bed. I am gratefull for all my buddies for being a great deverticement. My days are busy with Mr. Pissy Pants Luc and with his new habit of burping from the depths of CHINA! I find myself singing along. ...or trying to drown out the special sounds of his bliss...what ever works....

Monday, April 18, 2005

My Missing Half

Well he is off. Just pulled out of the driveway. Hidden tears behind his blinking eyes as he drove off and my now free falling tears as I watch him in the distance. So far I think this will be the hardest separation for me. Oddly it isn't the longest. The first year we dated we had to go over a month between some visits. But knowing he was only 3 hours away made it different. This trip is taking him to europe, Paris France to be exact. In all if I count now I won't see him for 12 days. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking..OH BROTHER..GET OVER IT!!..and some may be right but those who really know us will understand. Since Chris moved in over 2 years ago we have basically been attached at the hip lol. So this will be a long ass 12 days. Ok, enough of my wallowing comes the good part.

...I am truelly thrilled he is going back home. He hasn't seen his kids in almost 3 years. YES it's a very long time. He has done as much as he could by phone or internet as often as possible but it's just not the same as being able to hug or goof around with them in person. He has a son 11 and daughter 13.

BRIEF HISTORY;- (This separation or distance from his children have not been of his choice, just to clearify to those who may be curious. It has been the result of his now ex moving back to France even after agreeing to shared custody then not following through. His daughter stayed in Canada with him because she wanted too and son was younger so stayed with his mom but his ex's partner got a 2 year contract in Malaysia to live and work so Chris felt it only fair that his daughter get the opportunity to experience living there along with his son so he sent his daughter back to europe regardless of his own wants. They were both able to visit many countries during those 2 years because of Chris' unselfishness and being unemployed during that time himself, was unable to afford making a trip out there. They have since come back to France and settled there, now living in Paris. Still very far but atleast it is now do-able..hense this trip. Chris is also comforted by the fact that his parents are there also so he gets knews from them with regard to his children as well. I will not go into the crap his ex has caused but I will say she is very fair with regards to her former inlaws.......BACK TO THE PRESENT..

The really cool part of this story is that the kids knew they would be spending their spring break at their grandparents house (Chris' parents)...they have NO IDEA that their dad is showing up HEE HEE. They are going to totally be a fly on the wall tomorrow morning when he walks through the door hehe.

They will have a great time and his daughter even has a birthday while he is there. We also bought loads of stuff for the kids and whole family for him to bring from here. I swear we got a HUGE suitcase but he barely had room for a few clothes with all the stuff we packed lol. We have stuff for everyone, his parents, his brother, his sister and husband and their 2 children, his grandmother, and ofcourse his own 2 children. We have been shopping for 2 months to not forget anyone. I even put together an album of photos for his parents. They don't have a computer so we can't e-mail pics. I wanted his parents to see a glimse of his life here. I put together a bunch of pics taken over the last 3 yrs..some of him working outside, building the pergola, hosing the toilet him and my dad hauled onto the deck (special-moments)...other pics of him wearing socks on his ears, being the Hulk in a store wearing those big green fists, oh and being a rodeo cowboy while riding a violently moving horsey ride in the mall..u know the ones..u put 50 cents in get the picture...many pics of us together. Oddly, our friends love to take pics of us, well its kinda hard not to as I stated before, we are attached at the hip lol...anyway, I added some really cool snowy pics that Chris took last winter infront of the house along with pics of our dog. They hardly get snow in Paris so they are always surprised by the thought of us getting feet of it. ....I am rambling I know.

All in all, I will rejoyce in his time with his kids and family. I will ask for all the details of their days when he calls and even have a huge grin on my face as he tells me. I will hope they all like their gifts and I will make it through the next 12's the nights I am worried about lol...I know already that there will be many a night my old chat pals will see me online to get through those sleepless hours. It has been a very long time since that only other hope is that I don't have disaster Luc days to top off my misery...Luc seems to have the ability to chose the worse possible times to give me those special DAYS FROM HELL...let's all say a prayer for me please lol......

PS....yes I know I am a total wusss but those who count still love me for it SO THERE!!...If you can't vent with friends...u have no place to breath out.


Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.

You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

Why am I so not surprised lmao....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Flying Nun's are Fun

Well, Audrey aka flyingnun to those who know her in chat , was here. It was short but very sweet. I really enjoyed our time together. She was just as I had thought if not better in person ofcourse. It's one thing to have chatted with someone over years online and even see them on cam smiling at you but it really is a treat to meet them in person. Chris and I have been fortunate to meet quite a few ppl from online over the past couple yrs. Some are like u expect and some aren't..thats ok, it is all part of the experience. Hopefully Audrey can return for a longer stay in the future with her husband Dennis even.

We took Audrey to Old Montreal , it was a bit nipply outside because the sun decided to hide but atleast it wasn't raining. We took in a bunch of different boutiques and drove down the main strip in downtown Montreal...St. Catherines Street.

We took a few pics but keep in mind it was a windy day so we are both having bad hair days....except Chris lol...another good thing about being bald.

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We would have loved to have her here for longer. Auds and I gabbed till late in the night monday and again lastnight till almost 2am even knowing that we had to get up at 4am so Chris could bring her back into Montreal to the train station. I atleast got to go back to bed so I hope Audrey was able to sleep on the train to Toronto or on her flight back to California....I am anxious to hear from her tonight when she gets home safe 10pm our time. It's going to a very long day of travelling for her.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

OMG it aint so

You Are 60% Normal

(Really Normal)

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal

You're like most people most of the time

But you've got those quirks that make you endearing

You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so!

OMG Shan....both of us are normal....(head in hands crying...THE SHAME! THE SHAME!)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yes I am still alive

Alive but very remis about posting. Just alot of things going on and all of them very different from the other. Some I will post about in more detail another day.

Notably, my just turned 16 yr old niece Chantal, letting me know she had a positive on a pregnancy test. Asked me to be with her for what ever needs to be done up to and during an abortion. Also break the new to her father. I said yes to all the above and will be as supportive as I can under the circumstances. I am posting this as info, not a forum for your views on pro choice as right to life arguments. I respect your right to have a personal opinion, so please afford me the same respect in return. ....As a footnote, my niece lost her mother, my best friend Manon 4 yrs ago to cancer, hense her calling me in times of need. I will keep you posted.

I spend days doing a big spring clean on paperwork. Good lord ppl..don't do as I do in saving every fricken little, big, medium piece of paper, receipt, bill, and or scribble for the last 10 yrs!!! I kid you not, I shredded 3 huge leaf bags , no not the normal green garbage bags, we are talking 3 huge orange leaf bags for yardwork..full of SHREDDED shredder was glowing red and spitting sparks back at me I swear!!

We bought a nice big new computer desk and also a 2 drawer filing cabinet. I wanted to start new with better organized files and computer area. took me 3 days but was so worth it. Besides all that justified my perchase of a nifty Brother P Touch label maker for my new files. Sue eat ya heart out gf hehe. Oh wait, u already had one, I was eating my heart out when I didn't lmao.

Other news is that last week Chris and I designed out wedding rings. Now don't be jumping up and down yet. Nothing is official. Until all the pertinent paperwork is filed with the French government and the island he was married, his divorse is not totally final so.....We went to a jeweler that was recommended by ppl who have known her for many yrs so we wanted to get a basic idea on prices etc. This woman works out of her home and its by appointment only. I was kind of expecting a basement set up but was struck by her whole house basically being a jewelry store. Intercom stating your name at the door before its opened by an employee. In a very quiet middle income neighbourhood. ...It was quickly determined that she knew what she was doing, also knowing she knew the ppl who recommented her for the past 2o or so yrs. Anyway, as we looked at settings and such we were struck by her vast selection and the pricing was noticably better given she has no overhead with no boutique location to pay for. I fell in love with this one solitaire setting and chose a band we designed to match the decoration on the engagement ring. Chris then chose a simple wedding ring and asked to mimic the same design on his that were on mine...we decided to order the rings then and there. She will also have all the mapping and appraisal workup done with the 3 rings. We then plan to just put them away and when the time is right it will be one less thing to have to worry about or pay for during a time that will have other expenses. God knows that solitaire diamond will be mumbling my name from the bottom of the thing is for sure. My rings are the most beautiful in the whole wide world and will fit perfectly on my virgin wedding finger. Also, for my buddies who want to see it, rest assured, I will post pics when the time is appropriate.

Awesome knews this last few weeks got comfirmed yesterday. Many of my fellow online friends know her as Flyingnun aka Audrey. She is travelling to Toronto for a big party there next weekend but on Monday April 11th following, she will be taking the train from there to Montreal where Chris will pick her up and bring her here. We have that evening and all next day with her. Hoping its nice weather so we can enjoy the Old Port of Montreal so she can see some sights. She has to leave on a early train back to TO Wednesday to make it in time for her flight home to California. I am thrilled to be spending time with her however short. We have been blessed to have met many of the friends we have made in chat. Many with whom we have chatted atleast 5 yrs. I am sad to say that we chat much less and many of us have drifted apart but somehow we stay in touch with the ones that count, some how some way we are never far when we need to connect. I will post what ever pics I am able to take with Audrey and us. .........

I promise to try to post more often now. So many days I think I have nothing interesting to say then when I do, seems like it all comes out at once and then I aways end up long winded lmao....bare with me my friends and stay patient.