Thursday, April 28, 2005


Yes people the whining will finally stop lol. He will be home tomorrow afternoon YAY! What's totally cool is that he returns in WARP speed or is that BEAMED back...hmm, will have to ask SCOTTY on the ENTERPRISE which it is. I say this because he leaves Paris at 12:00 noon and arrives in Montreal at 12:00 eh. OK, OK, I man will have had 6 hours of flight time nevertheless, don't worry I will make sure he is in bed very early tomorrow night (wink).

He really will need lots of sleep to try and catch up to the space time continuum though, he has to work Sat, Sun, and Mon...poor guy.

Today is his daughter's birthday. It's really cool that he is there to celebrate with her. They plan on spending the day at home, no running around doing bunches of stuff like most of the other days. I also know it will start to weigh heavy for the kids and him that time is running out. I know that Chris will be emotionally drained tomorrow as well as physically tired from the dreary travelling. I hope I can help with his heavy heart. All I can do is have open arms and a loving embrace to absorb some tears of sadness and happiness. Those emotions will be close to the surface for some time for him and the children. Atleast now we know that there won't be so much time to pass between seeing them. With him working we can more afford visits. They are supposed to come here for xmas if all goes well and who knows, maybe both him and I will go to France together next year.

So to come back to now...I can't wait to hug my Chris, kiss my Chris, snuggle and smell my Chris but mostly just look in his eyes and tell my Chris I love him......OK OK I know...get a room right?...bite me all of you hehe


Red Clover said...

Welcome Back, Chris..

Hope you enjoyed it.


JustSue said...

Thrilled for you Monette, that you have your sweetheart back in your arms again. Hope you had a wonderful time in France, Obi! Welcome home!