Sunday, March 29, 2009


After a long shower tonight, I am standing in the tub, drying myself off, working my way down. I then realize I only shaved ONE leg! WTF!..

Monday, March 23, 2009


Another class, another technique...This week we learned how to make the necklace ourselves from A to Z. Meaning that with only a spool of aluminum wire, we could make everything including the hook clasp and connecting loops...The beads we obviously didn't make lol. I finished the necklace lastnight...along with a bracelette and earings to match this time. Our homework (if we want ) was to come up with earings that would go well with our necklace. So with out futhure adieu....

3rd Necklace with earings Hook clasp..3rd Necklace

Above is a better view of the hook clasp I made. Below is just to show how pretty the beads are. Then bracelette last...

Bottom of 3rd Necklace Bracelette for 3rd Necklace

In other news, we are still working hard on the downstairs rooms. Got alot done this weekend. My friend came over for supper Sat. with her sweety...she helped me sort through hords of incases* and took aprox 8 boxes...YES , I SAID 8 BOXES!!.. of STUFF home lol. What a relief!! I am so glad someone will use it or get pleasure from having all sorts of fabrics and crafting stuff. She is a quilter, so it really works out perfectly!!

So I have actually started to see the light!! Through the tunnel of organizing I have done so far. YAY!.. Chris also got the closet organizer up on the one wall, in that new catch all closet in our room...YAY!...Today I can put all his clothes there and and see what I can fit of mine, isn't it easy for us woman to encrouch on our mens closet space? lol

I Really can't wait till the actual decorating begins lol!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So another jewelry course, another necklace...this one is a totally different technique from the first, as u can see. I am really enjoying this course and the ladies are starting to losen up. First course we are all so serious and intent..second course, it's nice to see familiar faces and we are starting to talk abit more. I also found out that there is another intermediate 5 class course that follows this one. YAY!! SIGN ME UP!... So seconde collier...

2nd Jewelry project (March 09)

In other news, we are reoganizing , purging, painting, and hopefully soon decorating two rooms downstairs. My bedroom for one, and my sewing room to become another bedroom.

I have to in gods names do we accumulate SO MUCH CRAP...I think we could call it IN CASE SYNDROME.....I swear we look at this and we look at that and think, I will keep this just IN CASE I could use it some day....then u stick it in any available crevace u can!! Usually forgetting all about it..hense buying what u need SOME day, cause u forgot where u put that INCASE item, when u needed it in the first place..I am also positive that all those INCASEs, have some sort of copulation capabilities, cause they seem to just continually multiply!! overtake!! and creep all over the place! Even attacking when u least expect it! Opening any door, or closet can be lethal!! I think I was yrs overdue from attacking back. The war has been waged and I am going to win, even if it kills me!! When that happens, you can call me the INCASE-ANATOR!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Today was the 1st of 5 classes on jewelry making in a local bead store here. I thought it would be fun and get me out of the house for a few hours. Luckily one of the choices was Sunday mornings, which works perfectly for me since Chris is home.

We will learn 5 different techniques and I actually get to talk to other woman! I was pleasantly surprised and amazed how fast 3 hours flew by! So here is my first project....I plan to do some earings and a bracelette to match this week.....

My first jewelry project

Let me add that, this is not an original idea, I wish I could take credit for it. We had a bunch of different examples of necklaces made with the crimping technique to give us ideas. I chose one similar to this one as insperation..I used different colours and it looks like a cousin of the one that was in the store lol...It's certainly different but I like it..

Friday, March 06, 2009


So basically, at 46, I am clinging to my mid 40's by the skin of my finger yr I will be in my LATE 40's!!...That said, thankfully I am not one of those people who gets depressed with each passing year, HONEST.. I still get excited each year on my bday...I always feel special on my bday no matter what.

So this year we continued the tradition by going to the Montreal's always a treat!

Montreal Casino at night

We didn't win big, or bring any extra home but we had fun with the budget we set, it lasted quite a while..but it totally amazes me how many ppl are there at all hours, betting thousands of dollars!!

Before going there however we did go out for a very nice meal...Chris had a nice steak...

Chris' steak dinner

I had an entre of yummy Escargo Gratinee, followed by butterfly shrimp...I only ate the shrimp , no room for anything else lol...

my Escargo Gratinee

My butterfly shrimp dinner

And ofcourse, we took the typical photos...

Chris staring at my cleavage

Him staring at my cleavage...then pretending all innocense when I call him on it!......See the look of "WHAT??"....

Chris recovering from me telling him to stop looking at my cleavage

I had to also take some pics of myself...update the profile pic etc, so it was the perfect time to try the cam that my new laptop has in it...

46th bday photos 2

So there u have it, that was my 46th birthday, and it was wonderful, and filled with birthday wishes from so many friends and and offline..I am truelly blessed, Thank you all very much!!! It made my day that much more special!!