Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been waiting till it was official to write about this. It's official! We are Chicago bound this June!

I can't wait...we are going to see our dear friends Anna & John there. They came here a few summers ago for a week with other online friends. Anna also attended our wedding. We have had an open (rather, PLEADING) invitation to go to Chicago for yrs. God love Anna lol.

This came about in an odd way...let me explain. We have 2 other online friends among us who we have chatted with for atleast 6 yrs now. I knew Jenn and Les online before they knew eachother lol. They fell inlove. AWE.. It couldn't have happened to two better ppl. They are meant to be together those 2. The hard part is he is canadian, from Bc and she is american from Georgia. Not an easy relationship to say the least.

Friends have watched this couple cope with the difficulties of a long distance amour...cryed with happiness when they each travelled to be with the other on rare but precious moments. Known how difficult it has been to aquire all the information and paperwork needed to plan their life together under the same roof. Our friends actually got married last Nov. It was however bitter sweet as they couldn't yet live together.

Well! After over 2 long yrs of redtape and frustrations.....they will finally be driving HOME to canada in June. Les actually works in the North West Territories now...way way way up north. He is flying to Jen in June so they can drive her car all the way across the country with his beloved wife and son in tough. FINALLY!

We are all very happy for them...The bonus for us is...since they will be passing by Chicago, they have decided to stop at Anna's for a cpl days break...and since its the closest we will ever be to them on the planet we thought it would be cool to go at the same time. When I told Anna my thoughts, I thought she was going to have a heart attack while she was screaming , jumping up and down and pinching herself to make sure it was happening for real. (me thinks she was happy lol). Thankfully Anna & John have a very big house and is willing to have us all there...she is beside herself with excitement lol.

We certainly didn't need an excuse to go to Anna's...we always intended to go some day. Given we hadn't planned much for holidays this year this just fell into place with the timing.

I can't wait to see all our friends...seeing some of Chicago and seeing my house in the rearview mirror as we drive away lol.

Last year we only got 5 days away with out honeymoon...This will be a nice break for me. We have a great sitter who knows the clients well so we leave knowing all will be just fine.

The only problem I find myself thinking about at the moment is not having anything to wear...literally lol. I could have much worse things to think about lol. I am wearing the only pants that actually fit me right now by june I will have opened my mom's and sister's box and hopefully find stuff that fits lol.

I am so excited!! It's something very special to look forward to! It will be a great break for us. I love my job but doing it 24/7 gets tirering. My one day a week out of the house is often just getting more stuff done.

We plan to take our time, stop halfway to stay in a hotel and arrive the next evening at Anna's. I look forward to seeing some country I haven't seen.


Saturday, April 21, 2007


I received this from my dear friend Sue today....

OK...status report many pounds...and update your damned Blog will ya!:) it was a beautiful spring day today and my day to go out called for a spring outfit. As I was doing the makeup thing and actually wearing a pair of capri pants I bought 2 yrs ago on sale but never fit into....It was was pleased to get Chris to take a pic...I know I said I would wait till I hit the 50lb mark, but heck, I felt so good that here I am at 45lbs lost so far...yay. I will do the front and back poses when I do hit that mark but for today...IT'S SPRING!!AND SANDLE WEATHER!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Canada's cracked-out capital ....(SOME OF MY SISTER'S WORK)

This is a great article in the national paper GLOBE AND MAIL . My sister worked with journalist Erin Anderssen on this story. The link below brings you to the photo gallery as you hear both Erin Anderssen and Brigitte Bouvier photographer(my sister) narrate the experience. It's short but interesting

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yes, it's that time of year again...YAY!..SPRING AS FINALLY ARRIVED! (knocks on wood)
I always look forward to when I can get the dogs to their salon for their spring cleaning. As we have such harsh winters, we make sure they have a thick winter parka on to go outside to do their business. As you can see:




Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Woke up sat with a scratchy throat. I knew it wouldn't be long till the full blown anarchy in my body kicked in. Untill then, I would enjoy my saturday out.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was looking forward to getting a nice housewarming gift for one of my closest friends. We were going over to see the house they just moved into in Jan. We also had another purpose, to baptise thier new bbq with a yummy steak supper.

Francine is the friend who came and helped me by staying here the weekend right after I got out of the hospital as Chris had to work. She hadn't seen me since that time. We live over an hour apart so we don't see eachother often.

When she saw me should couldn't believe the change already. I am now at 39lbs lost...It does show now and it's been fun finding clothes in the closet that I haven't been able to wear for years. Loose feels good..even baggy in the ass looks good to me lol.......I digress..

Anyway.. earlier, Chris and I went to Pier One Imports...I love alot of their stuff. We found some great black metal candle bases and got 3, (big, med and small) and bought some awesome textured cylinder candles to fit on each. The big one was atleast a foot high and 6 inches across with 3 wicks in it..with the other 2 graduating smaller in size. Made for a really nice grouping. Oh and they smell devine, (sable) was the scent.

It was so nice to see their house and spend time with my friend. They have a really nice little house perfect for the 2 of them. We had a great supper and gabbed till it was time to get home for the sitter.

When we did, my sitter mentioned that, in the last 2 yrs since she has worked for us, it was the first time I had gone out to spend supper or an evening with friends. She was right....although we will miss Chris' old schedule of working does make a difference for others that we will be free to go out weekends now.

So sundays dawns with a more then scratchy throat. I try to head this thing off at the pass with my inhalers...only used when sick. Anarchy is brewing for sure..spend sunday night up coughing...finally slept around 6am monday so got up too late to get in to the clinic...still hoping I could avoid the unavoidable...

Bronkitis with a side of sinus infection for good measure ..I just knew it. Always all or nothing with me lol.

Got in to see the doc have that confirmed. So atleast I am being medicated. Whoop Yay...cough hack cough.