Monday, September 22, 2008


Where has the time gone? Seems like only a few years ago, I held my beautiful baby Cleo in my arms. Now she is officially an ...ADULT!...OMG!...

I am not as freaked out as I seem honestly, but I have been trying to remember all those things she asked permission for over the years..when I answered ....NO WAY!... When you are 18 it will be your choice, untill then, IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Cleo at aprox 8 weeks old

As I think back, I should be afraid...VERY AFRAID!...I seriously hope she has some of her mom's common sense lol. Never the less, she must make her own mistakes and hopefully learn from them. She is turning out to be a very special young woman. Her future will be filled with adventures and experiences. I hope that some of the things I have tryed to teach her over these years, will have sunk in lol.

I know she will find her own way, In her own way.

Cleo 1

In Canada, legal drinking age, varies in the provinces between 18 or 19 yrs old. Here in Quebec it is 18. ...although, not being totally nieve, I do know she has been to a few clubs already...(eye roll)..Now she can be there LEGALLY...(oy vey + eye roll).

Thankfully she refuses to get in a car with anyone who has been drinking or under the influence. Unfortunately, she learned that the hard being in a minor accident for that very reason last scared her enough to make her adiment about it today. Of that I am very thankful.

Below are a cpl funny photos, taken of her last week...She was covered in paint! It was initiation week....hense her colourful attire lol...When she walked in the house after school, I just started laughing LOL!

Atleast the blue went well with her hair LOL!

College (CJEP) Initiation 2(fall 2008)

College (CJEP) Initiation 1(fall 2008)

Her birthday was last saturday the 20th. She spend the day at her dad's house. As she loves music, he got her a decent classical guitar. She has been learning to play ...She has a musician friend teaching her and he is blown away on how fast she is learning. She is also adamant about continuing her piano lessons each week. So far, she is managing all that with her full caseload in college.

Sunday was our day to spend with her. We went shopping in Montreal. She needed some clothes so we had fun finding things she liked. We later went out for supper at one of her fav resturants...along with her best friend Mel and her cousin Chantal. It was a very enjoyable day.

I think she was happy about the whole weekend...I would be. Everyone was very generous, she got it should be...her family is proud of her...

Je t'aime ma belle suis fiere de toi.......0x0x

Monday, September 08, 2008


As this summer comes to a close I have to say that it's been a pretty good one for me. Many here would complain about all the rain we had , and we honestly got alot! I for one, am thankful. I hardly watered my flowers or garden all season ! My flowers are full and brimming and my garden graced us with luscious tomatoes and cucumbers in no time!

This summer I watched my daughter work hard next to her step dad Chris as they rebuilt our deck. They were both so proud of their accomplishment and had fun doing it.

I am also proud as Cleo returns to college this fall. After doing a whole semester last session of just credit courses in order to get into the program she was hoping for, it paid off. She started the arts program last week. It is fun to see how excited she is about it.

A friend of hers took some pretty cool photos of her this summer and tweeked some with colour...this one below is not tweeked however, her eyes really are that colour as is her hair lol. If u want to see the few others, I put them in the flickr..just double click on this to see the others.

Cleo 6

I have enjoyed watching the squirrels from the deck, as I am sure they have enjoyed watching us.

SUMMER 2008, Squirrel

Other things I enjoy watching...mmm....oops, sorry, got side tracked by my husbands backside.....just give me a moment.........................................................................

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal 7

..........BACK to more photos ........ Shinoo, also enjoyed watching the squirrels or the 2 other dogs goofing around as usual....

SUMMER 2008, Shinoo on deck

SUMMER 2008,

My flowers never looked better then this year either... even alot fuller then last time I posted a pic....the moon faced statue could still be seen in the past pic, now u can hardly see the top of his head lol

SUMMER 2008, 8

SUMMER 2008, 10

Autumn begins, routines kick in...the leaves start to fall and the flowers will die. Although some may be sad I look forward to the next adventures to come. We must make room for the new growth , the new year, the new things in our lives to sprout.......Ok, in these parts, we usually have to dig ourselves out of banks of snow first but hey, it's all part of the fun lol!

I know many of you out there live in places that have little season changes unlike us. I personally love the change of season, there is something to be enjoyed with every season ...or not lol...and always something to look forward to for the next one.

Do you like the different seasons, or would u prefer to live in a climate that has very little change, no snow, no real get my drift? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We had a great time during Judy's visit. Chris had the week off and the weather was actually the best we had all summer! It only rained one evening, and it turned out to be the evening we were at the Montreal Casino, so it didn't matter! LOL....No, we didn't win big, nor did we lose big lol...The fun is in playing a few slots and checking out all 5 floors of the casino. It's pretty cool, having been the France Pavillion for Expo 67.

We also spend time at the old port of MOntreal, took a tour trolley to travel along the length of the port..

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal 16

Me and Judy on the tour trolley....

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal  1

We also did the 3 hour drive to Quebec City...always worth the trip, but this summer especially. All summer was full of festivities celebrating their 400th anniversary. It is the oldest settlement in all of North America! ...


We stopped at the base of the Chateau for a snack...I took this photo there, it's one of my favs of Chris, so I had to put it here lol


Boardwalk up at the Chateau Frontenac


We had a great day in Quebec, got alot of walking down most every day we went out. We also enjoyed sitting out on the deck and having lazy days at home or just being goofy.... We went shopping ofcourse...and I had a cpl friends over for supper, the only friends I have here who actualy also speak english, so that Judy had other ppl then just us to talk to for an evening lol!

To be honest, it really seemed like we had gotten together many times before, since we have been chatting atleast 7 was actually odd to think it was the first time we were together face to face. So needless to say, we had a great time and I hope she enjoyed her visit.

SUMMER 2008, Judy relaxing on the deck

This last photo was taken on her last day here. Sitting out on the deck wondering where the week went! It was a real treat for me to have a friend here and I think we spend more time laughing then anything else.

Many more photos from our escapades...just double click on any photo here and u will be able to see all of them. Enjoy.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting some great online friends? I know I have asked a similar question...I have known some people to be afraid to meet online aquaintances...I think everything should be done with common sense...and there are very different circumstances ofcourse....What is your overall opinion on the subject?