Thursday, September 20, 2007


It's hard to believe that it's been 17 yrs already. Looking back at moments in time seem so fast and fleating like the blink of an eye. Other times seem eons ago. The paradox of time does that to our brain as we look at lifetimes and moments in a thought.

I look at my daughter Cleo and see a young women blooming with promise and future. As difficult as this passage in adolesence has often been for us all...there have also been many terrific moments of laughter, closeness and growing.

I glimse so many layers of the chrysalis peal away as she becomes a woman... seeing her learn hard lessons, feel different sorts of love, is lifted by new enlightenments. All this while still being the little girl inside that we so loath at that age and stive to maintain when we get older.

I am filled with the deep love of a mother as I look at the beauty that is my daughter....I love who she is and who she is becoming....I look forward to watching the paths she takes...the choices she makes...good and bad..We have all been there and hopefully learned from the lessons we took away with us.

I will also always see the little girl inside the woman. I will always cherish the memories of her at my breast..her asking a million questions when she was a toddler and her still present silliness when she is at her best.

Je t'aime ma belle coquotte...avec tout mon coeur....0x0x ta Maman.

Cleo and the dogs Cleo, 17 yrs old today Cleo...17 today


Sunday, September 16, 2007


Tatoo day!....But I am with my new duds..size 14 pants! I actually have abit of a waist! I have a long ways to go...and I am still in a stawl with the weight loss...frustratingly at 202 to 205 lbs depending on the day...I just want to get under the 200lb marks!!! GEEZZZ....the good thing in this is that I am getting leaner from all the hard work on the treadmill and eliptical machines...hense the ability to get into a size 14. So I have to be happy with that right now.

My new clothes..(size 14!

We arrived at the convention...found Glen's booth and just wanted to get it over with lol. My brother in law Glen is very good...I wish I could post his books showing all the amazing work he has done. He is also one of the nicest guys you could meet....the fact that he married my sister still makes me scratch my head......KIDDING!!...What can I say, we are all bitches in my family lol.

So here I am , all smiles before he starts.......

Ready when you are!

UM ok...I'm a total wus...I didn't actually wear this pathetic face the whole time...HONEST.. just a few times it smarted more then others...a few yrs ago I hurt my lower back...every's the very spot where my tatoo is that it is actually sensitive to touch..and actually always needless to say...tatoo's don't tickle...this really stung..but I had a brave face on for most of it...REALLY!!


To do a comparison...below is a pic of the tatoo BEFORE Glen started on it...hard to tell but the lines aren't all clean and the colours need work.....


Here is the AFTER pic...what a difference eh! He redid all the outlines and colours and added some lilac shadows to make it pop even more...I LOVE IT!



All done!! Took him less then an hour....and yes, as u can see by his cheesy grin, he's a GOOBER but I love him lol.

If you are interested in seeing more of Glen's here ... It shows a nice collection of his work.

After we were done...Chris and I met up with my sister and Glen's mom who came to MOntreal to do some shopping...we had a bit to eat on St. Catherine street..then later went on to Glen's grandmothers home to spend the evening with her. It was good to spend some time with my little sister...her husband's family are the sweetest ppl...over the yrs when we have had occasion to see them, it's been such a pleasure.

Got home late after a very colourful day full of ink , good food and lot's of laughs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today, Chris and I both had dentists appointments. Cavity repairs yada yada. We always try to schedule our appointments together since we have to have a sitter anyway...we usually plan to do a few other things with out time afterwards.

So both of us had half our faces numb when we were done. Lopsided grins and hoping we weren't each drooling. How sexy. We were being silly trying to kiss eachother...and while laughing it was even funnier....droopy corner meeting smiley corner...The receptionist took it all in stride lol..

Luckily I love my dentist..I have dentist horror stories so it took me yrs to find one that I totally trusted. I have had this dentist over 16 yrs. He has NEVER hurt me. YAY for great dentist!!! They don't get enough acalades!

We had a few errands to run..and decided to put off getting lunch till we were both sure we wouldn't dribble all over ourselves.

One thing I definately had to do was get a few clothes. I have been pretty good about altering clothes so far, mostly summer stuff like capri's etc. But now, with fall here, I really needed some pants.

So we went to one of my fav stores..and although I haven't lost any lbs in the last 6 weeks ( frustrating as all hell!) My body still continues to change from working out. I couldn't believe that a size 14...YES 14 pant fits me!!!! They look great too btw lol. I got a black pair and a grey pair. Chris also pointed out that most all my tops are too big also...(perfect husband he is) So I tryed on a few tops. I am now wearing the smallest size of top in the store...and the smallest pants...Soon I will actually have to shop in regular sized clothing stores...hard to believe.


Sorry , just had to say it again lol.

This weekend I am going to the Montreal Tatoo convention. My brother in law will be there. It will be the first time I have been to one of those. I have wanted Glen to redo my lower back tatoo. He wasn't the person who originally did it. It's very nice ( designed it myself) but it could have been done alot better. It was a tatoo I had done at 38 yrs old to mark a new beginning in my life when I left my daughter's father and started over again.

At any rate my BIL Glen is very good...and I am not just saying that because he's family. His work is awesome! Since he will be in town we have booked off some of his time to redo/recolour my tatoo. Extra bonus is that my sister will be intown also, along with Glen's own mom. So they can shop in Montreal. His mom is a terrific lady. We plan to all meet up after and do some shopping. Another bonus will be having supper with them along with Glen's grandmother...another great lady full of energy and a laughing spirit.

I really look forward to Saturday...if I think of it, I will get Chris to take a photo of me in some of my new duds lol.

Friday, September 07, 2007

All together now...AWEEEEEEE

Yes..this post can make anyone just say AWEEEEEE...

The new dog we rescued is fitting in perfectly. Tayo has quickly found a place in our hearts. Over the last 3 weeks we have had him, we have gotten to know his personality. He is learning our routine with the others.. like when I say ''Bedtime Peepee Time!'' (Said in french ofcourse) All three are up and out the dog door for a pee before bed...then all file downstairs to our room to each curl up on their own coushin near our bed. It's too cute.

He is a very sweet, playful,cuddly and goofy boy. But very distinctly a boy...His masculine build or the way he PLOPs down anywhere is so contrary to the delicate manner both female dogs are. It's quite funny in comparison. He is also in need of Lots of cuddles... because of is nature? or maybe the cold way he was treated in his former home..there is no way to know but he just loves to be totally cuddled in ones arms and almost purrs with glee ..or should I say Snorts with glee lol.

I am also convinced that he is madly in love with Clochette....He is almost always near her or needs to know where she is...I also believe that Clochette isn't adverse to his advances...evidence of this follows....

I think its more then just friends

They often play hard but the little one holds her own. At times I think he may be abit rough but come to realise that she is the one who eggs him on lol.

Clochette & Tayo playing

These last two photos say it all.....I think there is love in the air....In case u are wondering..they have both been operated on so there will be no babies in our future...something I am thankful for to be honest lol...3 dogs is enough!

Love in the air? Clochette & Tayo sleeping

I can hear u all say AWEEEEEE...

Don't images like this just make u smile? Have you got pets that obviously care for eachother? If so... share stories or why not post some pics?!

If u care to see more pics on any of these u see to be brought to the flickr page...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


BUT WHY?!?! I asked my mom as I held onto her leg for dear life. I DON'T WANT TO GO IN THERE! MAMA !! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! I WANT TO GO HOME my voice trembling as tears fell down my cheeks. I didn't understand why I couldn't just go back home. All these people ...all these kids I didn't know. It was so scary. As my mom tryed prying me off her leg through the classroom door..I think I even held onto the door jam. There was NO way I was going in there... I wanted no part of it. I wouldn't take the teachers hand to go inside...till finally my mom had to bring me to a desk herself. When she turned and walked away.. I just knew then I had to suck it up and be quiet even though I was terrified and shaking on the instinct was to take a run for it where, I had no idea..but I also knew in that moment that this was the beginning of something different for me.

This was grade 1.

Do u have memories from childhood that stick out like they were yesterday ? This one for me is clear as day lol.