Sunday, September 16, 2007


Tatoo day!....But I am with my new duds..size 14 pants! I actually have abit of a waist! I have a long ways to go...and I am still in a stawl with the weight loss...frustratingly at 202 to 205 lbs depending on the day...I just want to get under the 200lb marks!!! GEEZZZ....the good thing in this is that I am getting leaner from all the hard work on the treadmill and eliptical machines...hense the ability to get into a size 14. So I have to be happy with that right now.

My new clothes..(size 14!

We arrived at the convention...found Glen's booth and just wanted to get it over with lol. My brother in law Glen is very good...I wish I could post his books showing all the amazing work he has done. He is also one of the nicest guys you could meet....the fact that he married my sister still makes me scratch my head......KIDDING!!...What can I say, we are all bitches in my family lol.

So here I am , all smiles before he starts.......

Ready when you are!

UM ok...I'm a total wus...I didn't actually wear this pathetic face the whole time...HONEST.. just a few times it smarted more then others...a few yrs ago I hurt my lower back...every's the very spot where my tatoo is that it is actually sensitive to touch..and actually always needless to say...tatoo's don't tickle...this really stung..but I had a brave face on for most of it...REALLY!!


To do a comparison...below is a pic of the tatoo BEFORE Glen started on it...hard to tell but the lines aren't all clean and the colours need work.....


Here is the AFTER pic...what a difference eh! He redid all the outlines and colours and added some lilac shadows to make it pop even more...I LOVE IT!



All done!! Took him less then an hour....and yes, as u can see by his cheesy grin, he's a GOOBER but I love him lol.

If you are interested in seeing more of Glen's here ... It shows a nice collection of his work.

After we were done...Chris and I met up with my sister and Glen's mom who came to MOntreal to do some shopping...we had a bit to eat on St. Catherine street..then later went on to Glen's grandmothers home to spend the evening with her. It was good to spend some time with my little sister...her husband's family are the sweetest ppl...over the yrs when we have had occasion to see them, it's been such a pleasure.

Got home late after a very colourful day full of ink , good food and lot's of laughs.


PI said...

OOoh Moon you are so brave. I'm still coming to terms with the fact I had my ears pierced and that was decades ago. It's good to see your face and your lovely smile. Came over from Michele's this lovely sunny day.

Ramona said...

Moon! I really like your new hairstyle, it's very modern and flattering!
I am a wuss, and am too scared to get a tattoo, but Greg just got one a few months ago...he tatood my name on his arm! LOL!
Congrats on the weight loss, you look terrific.

christina said...

great tattoo! the last pose does, however, look as if you are still thinking about what has just happened!

Strangely enough, my post today includes a little film which features a new tattoo (of a scorpion) - not on me though!

Hiya - Michele sent me!


Carmi said...

I admire your courage in getting this: I wouldn't have the guts!

Goober grin aside, he's really very talented. I can't even begin to imagine such rich images: yet he makes them look easy.

Wonderful stuff.

I'll stick to a tattoo-less existence. I'd be banned from donating blood for a year if I got one.

Sarch said...

Moon your face in the last photo made me chuckle. It says "GEEEEZ that hurt!"

Your bro-in-law looks like he would be a hoot. I'll bet he's a great guy.

Glad you got a chance to spend some time with your family.

Michelle says hi.

Awareness said...

Hey Moon........yeeee-ouch.......I'm too much of a chicken to do that. Good on ya.

Michele sent me along....I was supposed to be here earlier, but I got called away from my computer.

cheers to you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You look SMASHING!!!
And BIL Glen did a fantastic job on that Tatoo....It really brought up the color beautifully!

I have flirted with getting a atoo for years....Just never got to doing it..Now, the Tatoo Artis would have to come to me...Oh Well.....

Pez said...

You look great in your new duds! All of your hard work is paying off.

The tattoo looks great!

Anna said...

You look absolutely amazing Monette! Your face is glowing. I think I'm getting used to the lighter hair too ;).

Glen did a fabulous job, the colors are brilliant.


Granny Annie said...

It's great to have talented BILs. My BIL is a dentist and he gave me my only tatoo by having one of my porcelain crowns engraved with a dollar sign. It was a promotion gift. It doesn't show unless I pull my cheek back to expose it. (My face cheek unlike other cheeks that expose tatoos!) My special crown will be good to identify my body if ever need be.

cindy wilson said...

Reminds me when I got my tattoo, My children invited me to the tattoo shop, and while I was there I got a tattoo, they couldn't believe it. I was drinking a beer while getting the tattoo. Was a laid back atmosphere. I was 47 at the time....It's on my back so maybe I need to get Peter to look at it, it might need a touch up. LOL I think you look great, but have thought you always looked great.


JustSue said...

You are looking totally FANTASTIC darlin'!! Keep up the good work!!

Gina said...

Hello again!
Havent been by in a while as I lost my stamina to surf. Waving and will stop again soon!