Saturday, October 29, 2005


As of this month we have had our blind Luc a whole year already. It has been a year full of new experiences that have passed quiCkly like a bout of diarrhea or slow like excruciating constipation. You will understand my shitty analogies in a moment.

As Luc is severely mentally handicapped he is unable to comunicate much. He does understand a few key words but that's about it. Over the past year I have become attached to Luc over the thick and thick of things. Luc shows little emotion but he has been known to enjoy laying his head on my breast for a few moments when he lets me hug him. Other then that nothing unless he is not happy, then we all know it.

We can identify different things by the sounds he makes. For instance he seems happy enough when he sits at his kitchen chair rocking his head back and forth and moans. He also kinda of fills his cheeks full of air, swallows it and treats us with the joyous sounds of burps that seem like they come from the DEPTHS OF HELL!! Let me also mention that his digestive system is a work of art. I have to feed him all pureed food but it continues to entertain him and us for 30 minutes after his meal is done. It muraculously finds its way back up his throat to his mouth so he can enjoy it again. We can hear this reguratation quite clearly . It fills me with warm fuzzy thoughts as I know how much he loves to eat and knowing he can enjoy it all twice is so pleasing to me and him I am sure.

Luc's other hobby is sitting sideways on the toilet seat with his feet up on it (yes u read that right) He is a tiny little man so he feels comfortable on there while rocking back and forth. It also helps him to be in that position when a bowel movement decides to grace us with its presence. Luc has majoy constiption issues. It is not out of the ordinary for him to shit once a week or less but when it happens we know by the sound he makes. We could be sitting in the living room and hear Luc in the bathroom make kind of a muffled growl and know it's THAT TIME.. it always makes us clap with glee when that happens. Then we draw straws to win who gets to go in and flush halfway through so he doesn't plug up the toilet. There is so much that it takes no time to fill the house with the aroma that is Luc, in the air.

On one such occasion a week or so ago, Luc did this as per usual and when I thought he was done I made sure that his posterior was clean but he then wanted to remain on the toilet be it. I returned to the kitchen. He exited a few minutes later coming towards me with arms stretched in the kitchen. I was touched because felt like he was actually seeking my to give me a hug. It was so obvious he wasn't going towards his kitchen chair like he usually does. My heart was swelling at the thought when I notice him stop short in the middle of his walking towards me. He reaches behind him inside his pants, and proceeds to pull out a big ball of CRAP! that was stuck to his ASS!! holds it out towards me then just throws it on the floor. I have heard of a burnt offering but thats rediculous!!! He then goes to sit down at his usual place at the table....OH NO U DON'T!!!....Once my brain kicked into action after witnessing this I got him back to the bathroom ASAP of course and got him and everything else cleaned up. OY VEY!!

It gets better. Oddly enough, this week Luc has actually shit everyday. This would be a great thing under normal circumstances except Luc has been showing different odd behaviors lately, all duelly noted for the doctors. He had some changes done to him meds in the recent past and we have been noting these changes to try to curb some of them. The most pressing infact is his bowel movements. It would seem that he is overly fascinated by them. He now wants to play with it as it comes out and also wipe some under his nose so he can smell it real close like. The shit doesn't hit the FAN here, it hits his HAND and flies all over the place!!!...NOW we draw straws to see who has to stay in there the whole time he is in there shitting in order to prevent him playing with it. I sure hope this new hobby is short lived!!! Otherwise, anyone have a gas mask for sale cheep?

Next time you think your having a shitty and be happy it isn't literal. LMAO

Friday, October 28, 2005


Here are some pics of my engagement ring (she says with pride)
Image hosted by
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I had to add this one below of both of the set...hopefully if all goes well, by June next yr I will be wearing both on my finger. We are unable to officially set a date yet as we are still waiting for a last document from France saying they recognize Chris' devorse. We have waited this long....glad to know we are in the home stretch.
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Aren't they gorgeous? If I do say so myself.....

Saturday, October 22, 2005


YAY!! I can finally get online during the day again! It's incredible how much u can miss it untill u don't have it. Although my days are filled with the joys of Luc and his bodily functions....yes I know, the bliss of it is mind boggling....I had the luxury and I really appreciate the LUXURY of having a laptop upstairs here to pop on and check things out or play silly games or chat with a friend, check mail etc when ever I want. Since getting Luc, (already one whole year ago this month!) I can't go downstairs to my desk and PC there, I have to be near Luc at all times. My laptop was my entertainment...because frankly, daytime TV is for the birds.

Anyway, my laptop went poof in Aug so I could only get online late at night to check mail and what ever else but frankly after my long days I was very tired and went to bed except for a choice few times there were friends online.

ENTER new laptop!!! Chris was all for us getting a new one, he felt bad that my days were so long when he was at work. He's my hero. We are still going to get the other one repaired if it can be done by a friend, otherwize it would cost to much to repair elsewhere...then Chris will use that one for himself although he can use this one anytime he wants lol.

So yes I am back and to put a little colour on this page, I am going to post some pics of what has been keeping me busy for the past month or so fur balls...

Seems that the little one has to sit on the big one everychance she gets. At first Shinoo (big one) would move and growl but she finally just gave up and puts up with it now. Can u see the (I just give up) look on her face?

I was going to post more pics but for some reason blogger doesn't want me too right now. I am thankful I was able to put atleast 2. Next post will have a few more and I also want to finally show u my BLING BLING..I took a pic of my ring so stay tuned lol.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Yes, I finally have some photos of my daughter's redone room. Stupid me forgot to take a before pic but luckily I have one from over a year ago taken when we had company and the kids were in her bedroom so it will give u a pretty good idea of the drastic changes made. Now its a far more mature yet still a funky room for a teen. Let me know what u think.


That gives u some idea..I know I should have taken some before starting lol. It's hard to see but behind the bunk bed the wall is a salmon coloured floral wall paper. It was there when I bought this house.....hense Cleo's desire to change her room these last few years lol....... Keep in mind that I had to eliminate most of her furniture to make room for a piano. We were very fortunate that my father bought her one this summer because she showed a big interest in wanting to learn. I just don't have the house for it so it had to fit in her room or not at all. We totally reorganized her closet with shelves and baskets and with just enough space to hang a few things along with something to hold her belts and ties and the few caps she all fits and has a home along with the DIRTY clothes she has no excuse leave anything on the floor...(again famous last words!!!)


The only thing left to put in there is a desk type thing we ordered to put her tv and vcr/dvd player in. It is the only corner of the room I didn't take pics of. Other then that u get a basic idea. I used closet organizers from sears to do the wall treatment on eachside of her bed. Not as pricey as ordering real furniture..I think it kinda makes the bed look like a built in. Also all the shelves and little drawers gives her lots of space to put niknaks and books. I also love the 2 floating shelves above her bed also..they are very sturdy btw, no danger of falling..they are from ikea. I think her room turned out really cool if I do say so myself.