Thursday, April 09, 2009


So I finished the 5th and last class for this series. I really enjoyed them all. Some techniques, I could take or leave but you never know when something your learned will come in handy. I have signed up for the Intermediate 5 class series in May. It depends on demand so I hope they schedule a weekend slot so I can go.

Of the 5 classes, this necklace is my least favorite. The technique is usefull however. How to integrate 2 or more stands to a necklace etc...My choice of beads was overkill lol, I have such a hard time choosing colours being colour blind that when I find something that works, I just go with not having alot of time before class, makes me rush, so this necklace turned out too bulky/big for my taste. No worries because I can take it apart and use the beads for something different...the focal point on this one is really pretty though, I will definately do something with everything on this necklace, just not together lol.

5th and last class 1

Closer view...

5th and last class 3

I have had some fun coming up with a cpl original designs of my own. Just fooling around. I made 2 of the one below....

First orginal

I gave one to my cousin for her bday..she loved it...and kept one for myself and got many comments..and my daughter wants me to make her one like it, but with a shorter chain...

My first orginal necklace.

Finally, my last experiment. I had fun fooling around. If I can make something non cemetrical, I will lol.....I wore is out and got nice comments on it...I think you will either like it or hate it lol....

2nd original

Closer view of 2nd original necklace.

So that's it for jewelry so far...I have been having fun, shopping for beads online...have to be carefull to not go overboard lol.

We are still working downstairs, getting stuff to start soon as we get our income taxes, I can order the new bedding sets I like for my bedroom and the other former sewing room that will become a bedroom. I have taken all the before pics!! I can't wait to take the AFTER!...This weekend I am in search of an old door..something with character if possible. We are going to check out a huge flee market..if we dont find one, I will just buy one from the hardwear store or $ the ones u can use in the house , that arent just flat...WHY?... well, I don't have a headboard or nice bedroom set, so I will paint a door and screw it to the wall behind my bed. To work as a headboard. I have some ugly bedside tables I am using now..that I plan on painting the same colour, probably black...Recycling and reusing lol...hopefully the total effect will look nice.

Happy EAster for those who celebrate ...Happy long weekend for those who don't lol.