Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Thought I would put some summer in my blog today . I certainly don't presume to be a photographer of any sort..with my little digital camera lol...as quality of closeup will atest too. I do however still enjoy photographing the wonder of the blooms I am fortunate to have in my own yard.

To start, here is the BLOOMING pile of discarded wood in the driveway. We have to bundle it up and haul it to an appropriet dumping ground...unless ofcourse any of you wish to take it to burn? If so, please contact me lol.

All the old deck wood

Here are some perenials in the back yard...

Flowers in Yard 2008 010

Flowers in Yard 2008 Flowers in Yard 2008 008

Flowers in Yard 2008 004

As I did last winter...I thought it would be fun to remember what the front yard looked like only 4 months ago March. Hard to believe...

The branch tips are about 10 feet from the ground.

....and now....July...

Flowers in Yard 2008 003


WINTER-2008 065

..and now...july...

Flowers in Yard 2008 006

I love to see the flowers filling out...they will look even better next month lol...the ones among the rocks will fill out even more...this has been a great yr, lot's of heat with short thunder storms, then sun again...We are already eating tomatoes and yellow beans from the garden. I already have small cucumbers . We have lots of zuccini flowers started, so they should start soon, first time planting those. The peas are close to being ready to pic...we actually only plant peas to eat them raw lol...its fun, while in the garden to pick and open the pods lol.

Have you planted a garden this yr, if so hows it doing? Ours isn't very big but its fun to go get stuff for dinner directly from our own garden....so satifying to know u helped create from seed, something on your plate!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This summer the deck needed to be rebuilt. I am not sure how many yrs ago it had been built but it's been atleast 15 yrs. Long before I bought this house 7 yrs ago.

So the plan was to replace all the floor boards and the beams underneath, plus all the cross planks. We only planned to keep the side rails. We will replace those with different ones next yr. Hoping to do front stairs leading down to another open platform next summer. For now we are doing what we can afford ...and prevent one of us (probably me) falling through the damn thing!

Chris had Cleo to help him. She was a huge help and thankfully she isn't afraid of hard work. I just supervised through the doorway, while taking photos lol....(hey, I have to care for Luc our blind guy remember?) ....(was very thankful of that this week lol).

Here they are tearing up the rotten planks....

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 1

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 2

Damn, some are harder then others!!! ...........

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 5

Yeeehaaa...the floor is off!!

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 6

Two TOOLS posing with their weapons of choice......YO!

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 7

All the new under beams and planks are done...the worst was during a horribly humid day that was 103F...I don't know how they did it!

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 10

Last screw on the deck floor!...In all they screwed almost 1200 screws!...Now that's alot of screwing!!

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 12

Mom, what do u mean I'm not dressed appropriately? I have my safety glasses on and my steel toed boots......

>mom " Oh nevermind"

Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 15 Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 16


Chris & Cleo working on rebuilding the deck 2008 - 17

They worked so hard, I am proud of them both!! From tues to sat they really gave it their all. Yesterday was beautiful out, after everything was put back on the deck we enjoyed a nice supper out on our SAFE new deck! ( double click on any pic to go to flicker to see a few more photos to this series if u want)

Anyone else with reno projects this summer? What are u doing? Or just going away on holiday this yr? Share...