Friday, August 15, 2008


I am super excited today! One of my long time online chat friends is flying across the country from Vancouver to spend a week with us! I can't wait!

I met Judy online atleast 7 yrs ago. Wow how the time flys. I was chatting with her before I even met Chris in the same chatroom online. We hit it off right away and aways said that some day we would get together.

In the past 2 yrs we have chatted much more. She is even a business partner in SecondLife with me lol. We have our own jewelry line in the virtual world with a nice little store.

I think its been a rare day that we haven't talked in the last 2 yrs, except for being away on vacation etc. I really look forward to spending a week showing her around and just hanging out with her.

I have been very fortunate in the past yrs to meet some online friends and forge life long friendships. I have rarely been disappointed by the meeting of people in real life. Let's face it, sometimes they really don't resemble who they portray themselves to be online. Those are the risks. You smile and when it's over you move on lol, I have been lucky in that, it has only happened a couple times. I will never regret meeting them though. I have made very dear friends over the yrs, because I took the oportunity to meet them when the occasion arose.

Heck, I married one of those people! lol.

So , she arrives tonight. Chris was able to work during the day today, so the timing was perfect to pick her up at the airport when his day is done. Supper will be on the table waiting for them.

One other great thing about having company is that you clean abit deeper then your normal routine lol. My house is pretty clean but man, when company is coming, I make sure no corner is left unclean lol. You know, move all the furniture, do the windows, empty and reorganizing the cutlery drawers lol. So that's what I have been doing all week..but rest assured, its done, so I will be doing NOTHING for the next week while visiting with my friend!

Tomorrow we are taking her to downtown Montreal...this yr they have closed down the Main Street, St.Catherines ST. all summer long like a sidewalk sale. Very cool idea. its a street full of interesting stuff so to be able to walk down the middle of it with the store wears on the street, will be fun. We will probably take her to our fav Smoked Meat restaurant. We plan to do Old Montreal, the Casino, among other things, and this week we will be driving 3 hrs to Quebec City...since this summer is the 400th anniversary, lots has been going on all summer. It is the Oldest part of North America!

We are having friends over for bbq on Sunday. It's supposed to be nice, so we can enjoy the new deck lol. My friend and her bf are among the very few I know here that can speak english lol. Everyone else I know only speaks french. So it will be nice for Judy to have other ppl to talk to then just us lol.

I will be taking pics this week to share ...for now I am off to do some baking and cooking for tonight. ...

Question...Do you often take in your local sights or do u wait for company from abroad to visit, to see them yourselves ?