Saturday, July 31, 2004

saying goodbye sux , this is last pic scar took before leaving..  Posted by Hello

Kate and Cleo talking with Joseph, Posted by Hello

the kids using complicated apperatices to decipher ancient languages between them, hense french and english  Posted by Hello

Far left is scar's sister Terri and hubby Tony and 3 of 4 kids Posted by Hello

Scarlette and I at 8am after being up till u see any pupils in this pic? I dont lol Posted by Hello

Friday, July 30, 2004

Ring Ring...Allo?..Moon? ...OMG SCARLETTE IS THAT YOU?!?!

Let me tell you I almost fell off my chair when the phone rang and it was a familiar voice on the other end but only one I had ever heard on the mic in chat. Scarlett had told us she may be in the area this summer but wasn't sure when or if it was going to happen....For those that know Scar she is a nurse living in Hawaii..when she is on vacation she leaves that paradise to come to the mainland...what an odd concept lol..leave Hawaii for vacation lol ..doesnt that make ya wanna slap her ? You would think it would but if ya had the chance to meet her all u want to do is hug that special lady...and I did, NEENER NEENER

Anyway...she comes to the mainland to visit her; sisters and parents...she does alot of sight seeing with her sis and the kids and this time was no exception..when she called ( with the prompting of her sister who knew I was close to montreal) she says, Moon I am at the Olympic stadium... I just wanted to call you before we head out back to the states, I am with my sister and her family first reaction is (in my best Anna voice) OH HEEEEELLLLLLLL NOOOOO!!!... its real easy to get here from there... I can order pizza for all for supper.. (my pizza place really loves me these days lol) and if Chris and I don't get to see u when u are this close I will never forgive u girlfriend!...........So with that being settled I had to just wait for them to arrive lol
Omg what a pleasure... they all arrive in 2 vehicles,,,,, sister Terri, hubby Tony, kids Kate 18, Joseph 12, Collin 11 and Brian 7...I think I got that all right lol....what a bunch of well raised kids and smart as can be aswell, was such a joy spending time with them all and ofcouse our buddy Scarlett..aka aunt Chell...I can't begin to tell you how fun it was to see her in person.

We all sat outside on my famous deck and the boys enjoyed playing with my dog and a blow up ball we had .....then the youngest Brian is walking around the yard looking at my Pergola and bench just pondering the place when he comes apon my bird bath...(simple large dish looking thing with one leg pedistal)....and we happen to be watching as he dips 2 fingers in the water and does the sign of the u do in catholic church lmao.....omg I thought we were all going to piss ourselves it was just to cute and funny for words...but I bet my birds are blessed now lololol

Needless to say, the family had planned to go home but with some carefully constructed logic, that driving at night was a bad thing, 4 kids saying common dad we can leave early in the morning and my assuring them I had room for all and it was my pleasure....the ever thinking Collin saying to me, I sure hope we stay but I dont want to put u our..wher I replied ....thats so sweet Collin and I will make u a deal...I will put u in the least comfortable bed ok, where apon he laughed and said OK............I think the cherry on the top of the decision sunday was...Mom taking DAd to the grocery store for a few things they meant to take back home from Canada...(as SHE carefully spelled out THIS IS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN AND WHY SCENARIO)...and they all lived happily ever after sleeping at moonies for one night lol.

The rest of the evening was spend in greatly interesting discussions...lots of laughter, getting to know eachother somewhat..and watching 4 kids try to communicate somehow with my daughter Cleo and her trying to do the same in her limited broken english with them. They sure came up with some inovative ideas such as using french english dictionaries....e-mail to e-mail sending using a translater...Collin talking real loud but real slow in Cleo's face and Kate telling him SHE ISN'T DEAF!!! and Cleo bursting outloud in laughter totally understanding that part ...or just running back and forth asking Chris or myself how do u say this and that lol...I think they really got a kick out of the experience...I know my daughter did.

Then to the wee hours of the morning...Scar and I just gabbed and laughed till we had tears rolling down our cheeks like 2 girlfriends who had done it before, known eachother eons like it was a common occurance..what fun we had!!!...who knows given our distance when we can do that again but I will always charish it and I am also very thankful to have met such a nice family in her sister Terri and hubby Tony and kids..................we certainly hope to see them again sometime...besides they have advised us that we can bring the dog for a visit any time lol...........Well I guess I could call todays blog my SCARLETTE LETTER LOL....hope u enjoyed it , I sure did writing will follow when I have them to load..............

Thursday, July 29, 2004

OMG today was a long one...Chris went into work late so logic would dictate that he will be home after midnight late ACK!!! I am so not used to being alone much anymore...and frankly my company kinda sux lol.. with my border still in camp, my daughter at her dad's the evening is the worse if Chris isnt here. So to pass some time I made my recipe for AMISH BREAD PUDDING...haven't made it in ages and I had planned to make it last week with all my company here but it just didnt happen. Chris hasn't tasted it yet so when he gets home he will have a treat.
Speaking of of the great ideas we had last week among us ladies was for each of us to make a meal while they were here..( as Rae stated in one of her comments) what a terrific idea, first night as u all read, I had pizza waiting ..but the next night I gave them a Lasagna supper with fresh garden salad and garlic bread...then next night we were out sight seeing and ate at a resturant..then Anna made a delicious chicken dish with an awesome rice dish, typically puerto rican is flavour   omg yumm yumm day was out again..then Rae made some deliriously good homemade macaroni and cheese, I don't know how many cheeses she put in there but man it was good..and we all got a huge ass steak to grill on the bbq to go with night we were out..then last night Shan made a terrific and humungous meat loaf (or should I say mountain) we served with corn on the cob and I made my famous mashed potatoes that she loved so much at xmas when she all that made for great meals by all and sure helped on the budget with everyone pitching in that way...besides the obvious joy in cooking for others and getting to taste things u might not have tasted before...I can't remember who's idea it was, but man, I really recomment it to others if they have lots of company coming, gives all a pleasure in helping out and in creating something and ofcourse sharing it among friends.
Another great idea, yes I will regail u with more lol...was for all 4 of us to go through our old or new but never used makeup and mostly clothes, to then bring them all here to go through and see what fit who and who wanted what lol...It sure gave me a great incentive to purge my closet full of clothes I hadn't worn in forever... all that wasn't taken would all go to a woman's shelter. We all got something out of it , some more then others...Rae totally cleaned up and so did Anna's mom lol assuming ofcourse that her mom likes what Anna picked out for her..wich was mostly some things I had that were flowery that her mom likes in general, and some pieces that I made myself back in the day I couldnt afford to buy clothes......let me also add they all got a good laugh at some of these WELL CONSTRUCTED CONCOCTIONS!!! due to my um absolutely UNIQUE choice in fabrics...that I chose at a time when I didn't even know I was colour blind...believe it or not lol, or the mere fact that it was cheap materials may have led me astray as to its actual feasablility being used as a shorts and vest set...I believe Rae's actual words were..THATS THE FUCKING UGLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!!........omg we almost all pissed ourselves laughing at one point or another during this swap...I for one will never forget it lol, it was to funny for words sometimes...and to have done all that , have a  terrific  side aching laughter session with 3 great ladies ..and have a huge load of clothes to send to a shelter to help other women to all else for sure...............antoher thing I recommend for sure if ever u get together with a few friends. .....Well thats all for today , my man just got home after doing an extra 2 hours overtime and I passed some time on here waiting for him by reliving some great moments from last week. You should see the big smile I have on my face to u later..............xoxoxox

Monday, July 26, 2004

Awe look at that face, don't ya just wanna hug him??? Posted by Hello

Then John's hehe Posted by Hello

I got to play in Anna's hair hehe Posted by Hello

This is one of the coolest murals I have ever seen, the detail is unbelievable Posted by Hello

Old Quebec trams Posted by Hello

John is feeling lucky hehe Posted by Hello

The 3 wize men?  Posted by Hello

Shan and Ran , secred garden Posted by Hello

Ryan and Rae , secret garden Posted by Hello

John and Anna in the secret garden in old Quebec Posted by Hello

Awe look at that smile.. Ryan is a cutey for sure Posted by Hello

um honey I know u like feet around your ears but that aint them..ahem Posted by Hello

just some gabbing wenches lol Posted by Hello

On Mont-Royal lookout  Posted by Hello

the whole gang at the old port of Montreal Posted by Hello

The pic says it all Posted by Hello

look how lucky I am, between my sweet Anna and her hunk John Posted by Hello

there's my cowboy , gotta love him  Posted by Hello

Back to the routine...almost

Ok so my company is all gone, its Monday and Chris is back at work, although he will be going from 9am to 7pm accounting for travel time...means he will be home in the evenings instead..for 2 weeks..I so prefer that...but when I say almost..means our border Martin is still in camp for next 2 weeks... a welcome break.
Well let me tell u, it was so cool to have 6 friends here for a week, I certainly hope we struck a nice balance of some touristy things and just being lazy on the deck or watching movies..granted the Quebec trip was a long and tiring one but I think totally worth doing it for those here who will probably never go back or be that close to it...such a gorgeous city...and I am always happy to spend a day there.
It's amazing how much more u learn about ppl when u meet and spend real time with them..different nuances u never see online or on cam...spontanious laughter..or wit..lets face it its hard to be that way with the mic or typing in a chat room lol......and seeing how cpls interact with eachother...I feel so lucky to have been able to host all 3 cpls at once as comfortable as I could, each in a private room, I  hope they were all ok, ..poor rae had some probs atfirst with air mattress, but  in putting the futon ontop.. I think she was alot better...sorry rae, shoulda done that right away.
The weather gods were on my side... except for very first night all arrived..we ate inside only because it was already 11 pm, we knew they were all had the table all set and ready for them to barrel in and decompress from the slightly stressfull trip from Rae and Ryan's place...after a few wrong turns and a 6 hour trip turning into 10 hours...we were ready for them with big hugs and lots of pizza lol
I seriously though I would be far more stressed having all these ppl in my house for a week..trying to keep it tidy and be the best host I could.....rather, I enjoyed it alot more then I thought only because it was less stressfull because everyone really made it easy..they were all very helpfull..all very easy to enjoy time with.. the atmosphere for me anyway was very relaxed ..I certainly hope they felt the same....and I have to say my Chris is such a wonderfull man..he was and is always by my side to help me with anything I need...I never had that in a partner before..I realize all the total differences still after 2 yrs exspecially when we do something; having 6 my former life, no matter how many ppl were at my house..I had to basically take care of everything with no help including preparing the house before hand...what a different life I live was just as enjoyable getting the house all ready for them to arrive..extra anticipation with someone right there with me doing it all and more....I LOVE U CHRIS 
I can safely say it wasn't an anticlimax..u know when u are so excited and when it happens u are sometimes dissappointed ...we both were very pleasantly...I don't want to say surprized..cause we knew most all that were coming..what I mean is pleasantly captivated..ya thats a good everyone that came be it for different reasons....we had a great week with everyone and man the day they left after being 8 adults in the house for a was soooooo quiet lol...we didn't know what to do exactly so when in doubt...have a nap we did.
WOW for a first blog I  sure said alot lol...and I am far from done about this past week lol...but then I guess thats the purpose of a blog... its never done lol let me see how I can put some pics on here......

Well so much for that

Ya that was easy... I have no idea how to post a pic lol, call me goober ..and impatient lol I am gonna ask Rae how its done cause its easier then reading everything and figuring out how to do it all myself and have that personal satifaction for succeeding ....that is how Chris is about most everything lol, gotta love him...I on the other hand is NOT ....if it can be made more efficient in my head by getting help I will now, where is rae when I need her lol