Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mont Saint Michel is on the shores of Normandie, flanked by Bretany in France. This absolute marvel is over 1000 yrs old. When I first saw it in the distance I was awe struck.

Funny enough, I previously had no idea what Mont Saint Michel was. As we had to go to Bretany to drop off Chris' children where they live, Chris told me he wanted to show this place to me. It was an hour out of our way..but it was worth it. I honestly thought, a mont? We just spent a week in the Pyreneese, I didn't need to see another mountain lol...how ignorant was I!

At high tide, this is surrounded by water. It has only been in the last century that a road was build up to it. For miles and miles u see sands when the tide is low. Many have died, walking the sands, as some are quick sand, and swallow u up if u are not with an experienced guide.


The abbey, stands at the top with the village spiralling down around it..it is a self contained village. People still live there. Among many boutiques, and a cpl hotels, and resturants its such a special place to explore.


All these pics, can be viewed larger. By clicking any of the pics on my blog twice, u are automatically brought to my flickr page to see many more photos. I have just chosen a few to display on my poste.


We spent all afternoon exploring this spectacular place. We then had a meal a the famous Mere Poulards resturant. It is famous for its fluffy light omelettes. You can even watch the chefs beat the eggs in the front of the huge fire place..they are beaten over 40 times they say.....As the sun was going down, we left this seemingly fairytale like place. Feeling blessed to have seen it with my own eyes. Thanks to my husband, the perfect tour guide lol!

It is 4 hours from Paris. We got home (Versailles, where his parents live, just after midnight).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


If there is one small piece of advise I could give anyone traveling to Europe...it would be BRING MORE THEN 1 or 2 ELECTRIC ADAPTORS!... Europe uses different plugs then us...the prongs are much different. We got a small kit that has a converter for the heat apliances ie; flat iron, hair dryer...which blew the moment I turned on the hair dryer...the simple adaptor works but I have to keep on low settings, to not BLOW my appliances, as they have diff voltage here. Hense the need for the converter. For the other things, like camera batteries and laptops...the plug adaptor works fine..but when u only have 1, well u have to make sure that everynight u charge all your stuff..each their turn, so they are fresh for the next day...HENSE the NEED for more then one!

My tip for the day lol.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Mamie's house

We arrived back home lastnight. It was a very long 7 hr flight for me but it's good to be home. As vacations go, I have to say this was one of the best of my life.

Some reading my blog, assumed we were back 2 weeks ago lol, I was able to post 1 blog while away...we had no internet access unless we went to a Mcdonalds...and even that was limited for some things..and not ALL Mcdonalds have access btw lol. While in the Haute Pyrenees we tryed 4 different Mcdonalds during our travels that didn't have any WiFi. No big deal really..but we did like to check our messages and send our quick messages to family etc.

So as all holidays go...we are thrilled to take off, live new adventures, meet and greet loved ones, shop and walk till u drop....then alas, Drunk from all the sites, sounds, tastes and joy of living so many rich moments....the thought of returning home to calmer routines , the humdrum of your own life...becomes just as sublime as all of the above. Ones own bed and surroundings are re-appreciated as special and all ours. Perfect balance...vacations...Happy to leave and just as happy to return home.

Our whole time away was perfect except for one thing. I got sick 3 days before leaving damnit! Woke up Thurs, May 1st ( a national holiday in France) with Bronchitis. Worst timing couldnt have happened and I knew I needed to get meds asap or be to sick by Saturday to fly home. No prob...as they dont have doc clinics there really, doctors have their own pratices...on a holiday, u call the local police, ask which doc is on call for the town..get the number. Within 10 minutes, we had an appointment a few blocks away..no waiting room, no waiting, went to see him, yada yada, got perscriptions..very charming man. Then went to the pharmacy that was also open oncall..as they were also closed for the holiday. (pharmacies there are really basic pharmacies...not full of everything else like here in northamerica) ..So thankfully for small fee..for consultation because I am not a citizen, I was treated asap..(will be reinbursed by my medical ) And I was able to start meds 2 days before leaving...but I was too sick to go visit the Chateau of Versailles that is very close to where Chris' parents live...because it was one of the easiest places to go see, it was on the last to do list lol....but I did get a book full of awesome pics and discriptions of it at the Chateau itself...Then went home to rest lol.

PS< the pic above is taken infront of Chris' grandmothers home. In the village of Galan, in the Haute Pyrenees...the house is actually very big, 5 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces with an inner courtyard. Over 200 yrs old. I have taken lots of pics that I hope to organize this week.

It's good to be home.