Monday, February 23, 2009


Tayo loves to stick his nose in the snow...I just had to take a pic of it all stuck to him...he seems to say...MOM, I am not eating the yellow snow HONEST!

Honest mom I'm not tasting the yellow snow Bed time 2
double click to see all 3 in photo

Above is our night time set up. Even our fur balls need covering up during our winters lol. We have our bedroom downstairs where its alot colder then anywhere else in the during the winter, we add a blanket....and they usually even work there heads under the covers...I got this pic just before they did that lol. It's a ritual each night, they take there places on the coushins and wait for me to wrap them up with the blanky lol.

I thought I would finally take a pic, because every night just before I turn off the light, I look down at them and it makes me smile every time lol.

We all need to keep warm during these cold winters!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have been putting off cleaning the over flowing coat closet. It's a big job that I will eventually get to, honestLY! The worst part is really the humungus hord of shoes piled up at the bottom of said closet. Boots, shoes, sandels, thongs..u name it, there is everykind of footwear huddled down there.

So the other day my husband says............"Seriously do you women begin to accumulate so many shoes?"

To which, I just looked up.....gave him THE LOOK.....

Hubby help up his hands in surrender....."OK, OK, I forgot.....they follow you home...sorry."

I lowered my gaze to resume what I was doing...thinking lucky I was to have such a smart husband.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, that's enough. My laptop let me down, it kicked the bucket, it bit the bullet, it went caput..u get the picture.

Sent it to the pc doc for a complete diagnostic. They tried fluids, they tried shooting high pressured air into it, they tryed electric shock therapy but alas, they concluded that only specialized surgery would repair the damage. Surgery that wasn't covered by the warranty that ran out TWO MONTHS AGO!! How sad is that!!

So given this bad news, we realized we were much better off replacing it, rather then pump new money in an old laptop that could die just as easily.

After more then 2 weeks without my laptop, I realized my sanity was also in jeopardy. Day time tv is enough to drive anyone nuts....

So thankfully, I was able to get a new one last I had seen before xmas that I really liked. Being xmas it wasn't the time..nor did I need one then. The good news is that we paid ALOT less then the price we saw it selling for in Dec. YaY!

In other news...speaking of diagnostics...we are still waiting for results from the different tests Chris underwent. He is still having the same symtoms of irregular heart beats, along with headaches. Some days are better then others, we haven't figured out what makes it so. He no longer has any caffeine and he returned to doing his work outs and back to work...We just hope to get some answers to know what the plan is from there.

We appreciate all the inquiries about his health...Hopefully we will have some concrete answers..In the meantime, he will be fine...because if he isn't I will kill him!
PS... Because I lost everything on my harddrive, I have to reconstruct my blog bare with me..I will visit the blogs I can get back to, through past and present comments made here...hopefully I will have my list back soon.