Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, that's enough. My laptop died...it let me down, it kicked the bucket, it bit the bullet, it went caput..u get the picture.

Sent it to the pc doc for a complete diagnostic. They tried fluids, they tried shooting high pressured air into it, they tryed electric shock therapy but alas, they concluded that only specialized surgery would repair the damage. Surgery that wasn't covered by the warranty that ran out TWO MONTHS AGO!! How sad is that!!

So given this bad news, we realized we were much better off replacing it, rather then pump new money in an old laptop that could die just as easily.

After more then 2 weeks without my laptop, I realized my sanity was also in jeopardy. Day time tv is enough to drive anyone nuts....

So thankfully, I was able to get a new one last weekend...one I had seen before xmas that I really liked. Being xmas it wasn't the time..nor did I need one then. The good news is that we paid ALOT less then the price we saw it selling for in Dec. YaY!

In other news...speaking of diagnostics...we are still waiting for results from the different tests Chris underwent. He is still having the same symtoms of irregular heart beats, along with headaches. Some days are better then others, we haven't figured out what makes it so. He no longer has any caffeine and he returned to doing his work outs and back to work...We just hope to get some answers to know what the plan is from there.

We appreciate all the inquiries about his health...Hopefully we will have some concrete answers..In the meantime, he will be fine...because if he isn't I will kill him!
PS... Because I lost everything on my harddrive, I have to reconstruct my blog list..so bare with me..I will visit the blogs I can get back to, through past and present comments made here...hopefully I will have my list back soon.


kenju said...

Moon, I know how bad it is when you lose everything on your hard drive. UGH. So now, you can find me again, at least!

I wondered what had happened to you - and also how Chris was doing.

PI said...

Good luck with Chris and his health. He's doing all the right things.
I'm sure these machines are specially wired to run out just after the insurance runs out. Sorry about your hard drive. We should all back things up.

Star said...

Remember me on your list to visit. I look forward to hearing from you. Tell Chris to hang in there, Sounds like he is doing all the right things. My laptop is starting to run a little slower.Aren't we all? I try yo keep it healthy.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I experienced losing EVERYTHING on my Hard Drive back in 2005...It was horrific, so I know what you are going through....You might consider getting an External Hard Druve as back up, so that IF anytging should happen to your NEW Laptop in a few years...You will have EVERYTHING on the External....
I have one and it truly gives me a GREAT feeling of comfort knoeing that everything---and I mean EVERYTHING is backed up on the External Hard Drive.

I will keep my fingers crossed for GOOD news about Chris. Don't you wonder why it takes so long to get these tests back??

Bob-kat said...

Congratulations on the new lap top. I recently got a new one myself! It's awful that you lost everything but good that you are up and running again and not at the mercy of daytime TV!

I do hope they get to the bottom of what is wrong with Chris soon. It must be worrying for you both. Fingers crossed for some news soon so that you can deal with it and carry on!

cindy wilson said...

Welcome back to land of computers. Hope you find answers to Chris's health problems soon. Wishing him the best.


Anna said...

I sure did miss you! Thank goodness for telephones. I know how nuts being without your laptop was. You have to be upstairs all day long with no real entertainment sucks.

I'm glad you got your new and improved laptop just in time, any longer and you would have started pulling out your hair *chuckles*

I hope you guys get some answers soon about those tests.


Bytch said...

Still got fingers crossed, makes it hard to type after a while, though.. :)

Still in my thoughts