Sunday, October 31, 2004


Let me start by saying you are about to enter into the realm of truelly gut renching horror. It is a true story lived by yours truelly. I warn you now of the explicit nature of this tale. Those who are squeemish leave now.

This is not a tail of haunted houses or dark country roads. This is the tale of one of my daily rituals gone horrifically wrong. As I yet again share my experiences about my job with all, I have to state that this day was by far the worse.

I will preface this by informing you all that Luc my new border has a severe constipation problem. With all the fiber that is added to his 3 meals that are then put in a blender and fed to him, this problem is a persistant one. It stands to reason that once every 3rd or 4th day we reep the benefits of said efforts BIG TIME!!

One of my jobs is to also help curb bad behaviour and/or habits he has fostered over time. One of these bad habits is putting his feet up on the toilet seat while sitting on it. Yes he is an adult but he is small of statue and very lean in build. This however does not discount his strength as I will soon atest.

I have been removing him from the t-seat as soon as he puts his feet up. Hoping to teach him that it will not be tolerated and he is just punishing himself from sitting on his favorite (throne) this kind of behaviour in usually derived by being institutionalized. Anyway , sometimes when he goes to the bathroom I stand and wait till he does it again . For those wondering, the door is always open because this person is blind so please don't think I am infringing on his privacy. Walking into doors hurts like a bitch.

As I watch luc this time I am pleased he hasn't put his feet up yet. Just as I was about to praise him he starts to lift them. Isay "NO LUC!" but this time he doesn't stop like he usually does. This time he ignores me. Now I have to remove him from the toilet. I lift him from under his armpit on one side to get him off. Usually he follows and pulls up his pants routinely, he knows the drill. He isn't following the drill, he is using all his weight to stay sitting. I start to pull on his arm and have his butt off the seat while he is counter pulling just as hard to stay there with both feet planted firmly infront of him. At this point I know I can NOT loose the battle . At the same moment I realize this with his ass in the air just above the seat, he craps on the seat! OMG!! Now I just want to throw up! Now I CAN'T let him sit back down or let go cause he will get shit all over himself. He is still pulling and I am still holding on while choking back dry heaves from the stink. As I get more leverage and pull him a few inches closer to me he lets another bomb land SPLAT on the bathroom floor. OH LORD GET ME THROUGH THIS CALAMITY!! I am thinking now he must be done , I just have to get him out of here. I knew he was strong but damn, could just be the extra perpetual power eminating from the back end that's giving him more steam* then usual. I am using all my mite and dry heaving like there is no tomorrow all while trying to focus threw now watery eyes as I watch in amazement, like it was in slow motion, another bomb attack make its way throw the space time continuum falling towards ceramic tile and bathroom rug , bigger then the 2 before it!!!OMG DUCK! I lose some footing to see with horror , Luc steps in the last fresh deposit. His shoe slides forward but in that split second I use that momentum to pull him out of the bathroom. I grab a baby wipe to clean his bum but now he wants his pants up so with one hand I am trying to keep his pants down and bend him over at the same time he is pulling his pants in the opposite direction all while tracking shit all over the hallway outside the bathroom. I finally get his bumb clean, take his shoe off and get him in his room to turn back towards the horror that is my bathroom and hallway. First priority is his shoe. He hates not having it on so I have to be quick to give it back before he starts trapsing back in here . I have the hot water tap in the tub running on the underside of the shoe but it's no use. I need to grab an old toothbrush from under the sink to get the crap out of the running show grooves ewwwww so for now I leave shoe sitting in alittle water to loosen up. I grap a big bag to start picking up the piles of shit on the floor, rince off the rug in the tub to throw in the washer with bleach and boiling water, get the mop and the disinfectant all while coming close to loosing my cookies still dry heaving. The stench is unbeleivable. Adult pooop is not like baby poooop let me assure you. I have to do all this while making sure Luc who is hovering close by wanting his shoe cause he is holding one foot in the air, doesn't come back in till it is all clean. At one point as I am trying to thouroughly clean the grooves in the shoe with the toothbrush , he got too close and stepped in the quickly wiped floor with his sock. I had to remove the sock and the other shoe and sock and sit him down in his room. He didn't much like that but it bought me some time. I was finally able to disinfect everything. Clean the tub. Clean the toilet. Clean the shoe. Rug is washing in washer. Bag of shit is outside. And finally the smell is starting to disappear.

I finally sit down to take a deep breath that it's all over. Phone rings , it's my honey Chris calling from work. I tell him what had just transpired as he and I both laugh, he says " It is the first time in all the 1 1/2 yrs I have lived there that I am glad I wasn't home" ....I said "BITE ME!!!"

Moral of this story.........if you really want a bag of shit to play a prank on Halloween, there are alot EASIER WAYS TO GET IT THAN THIS!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

PAPER PUSHING PIONS ........continued

OMG You're just gonna love this. It would seem that the lovely caseworker that offered to care for my client those 2 days I was in Ottawa got total shit about having done it. I was floored. I was also not supposed to know that but because she and I clicked so well she told me. Apparently the morning after when she got to work she was SUMMONED! to the boss's office. He proceeded to rip her a new one starting with ...what you did was a conflict of interest, against all protocol, for your own profit, obvioiusly against all known rules and that she hadn't seeked council or informed anyone bla bla bla...he went on to say that there was nothing wrong with it after she retires next june etc but not now bla bla......

Luckily from the week before she actually did sit for me she had mentioned what she was going to do to her emmediate supervizer, her co-worker, the famous social worker I love so much from last post ( and it was right infront of me when she told him her intentions) All for the exact reason of making sure all was ok. Not one person told her otherwize . No one had a problem with her taking one of her acumulated off days that they have harped on her to take and no one among the whole lot said anything about it not being against protocol to do what she did on her free time.

So she tells him that obviously this in NOT known rule hense no one saying a word against it . That she did Not keep it a secret for this very reason. That transparency is a must and always has been. That it was not a conflict of interest because it was to help the foster family out given the 2 day excursion had been planed 2 months earlier and she wanted to ensure the client had the appropriate care. Also it was her free time and since she had ideas of offering her services to people like me after her retirement it would be a great gage to see if she enjoyed it. Then there is the obvious reason......he the boss himself told her and the social worker that I was to get all the help I needed with this client because he is difficult case. He didn't want to have to start all over again with another placement of him. So she was sent to me for as long as I needed, hense that first weekend we spent together when she showed me the appropriet ways to wash and feed and care for him etc.

It would stand to reason we spent alot of time getting to know eachother and my telling her about my daughters day in parliament etc. She was kind enough to offer to sit for those 2 days on her free time and had I hired someone else (although there was no one I knew qualified enough) I would have payed them the same rate.

She didn't go one to tell him all that but some of the latter of it anyway. He finally capitulated and reasoned that it was NOT infact a conflict of interest. WOW how big of him. He did say that she was not to do it again however. Apparently not even when I have a DIRE need to have someone here for such things as doctors appointment with my OTHER CLIENT or for myself . That makes so much much for meeting my needs with this client. All other responsabilities I have fly out the window. OH did I forget to mention that this client can not be driven anywhere unless there is another qualified person to accompany me with him. He is highly agitated in a vehicle. So any idea to just bring him along is a no no .

This governmental organization is not even equiped with a list of babysitters or should I say qualified care givers for the kind of clients we take in. I spent hours on the phone yesterday phoning clinics and such to see if they had a list of adult care givers that would be interested in doing this for a few hours once in awhile etc. No answers yet , left alot of messages . I know it's for not because I am not the first who has tried. Others doing the same job as myself are having a hell of a time aswell so when they do find a friend or other to sit for them they hord them for themselves and don't really share. I so don't blame them.

I am sorry to those who may find all this boring but it is my one forum to vent and try to let go of the frustrations of the political side of my job. I say political because thats exactly what it is. Even in my line of work caring for mentally and physically handicapped people in my own home there is the agencies in the background pushing papers and prosiding over all that at times becomes rediculous. I realize that there are many good reasons for certain things like making sure the clients are well taken care of and that all the guidelines are followed and respected. I am all for making sure that mistakes from the past history of mistreated people as vulnerable as these never re-occur. I have also seen on another scale though, the ass kissing peons that find themselves with 10 clients who just hire welfare recipients to work for them for next to nothing wages under the table while they go to the bank laughing. This as the organizations tells us in meetings that they have had the politic for years to not want more then 4 clients in one home to ensure enough one on one care for each client.

In the 10 years I have done this job, I have never wanted more then 2 clients. It is enough for me and just enough to pay my morgage and needs. I also know I am giving them optimum care. I learned many years ago how to play the game. Yes it can all be a game. Unfortunately it mostly has nothing to do with how well you do your job but how smart you are in dealing with these self important paper pushing pions that couldn't do our job for a full 24 hours before calling their mommys to save their own lives.

I realize they wouldn't choose to do this job like I do but there inlies the conflict when they are so apt at pissing us around and be it what ever lable they tout, tell us how to do our job. Social worker, educator, caseworker, there are afew different titles and I am trying to translate them from french to english lol so it they aren't all acurate. Nevertheless some of the lame brain ideas they come up with for dealing with any given behavior or personality problems are laughable. I smile and play the game till they finally figure out that their idea didn't work. DUHHHH

OK, this vent ........oops post is done for today. I assure you that I have had some more enjoyable posts with funny experiences but I am currently dealing with this so I am writing about it.
Bare, bear, bair with me lol

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


If you have been reading my blog you know I have a new client/border living here. When he first came I knew that clients like him were very high maintenance thus with said client there is a budget for respite that comes with them. I mentioned this budget to the social worker assigned to his case. He said he didn't know about that. I reasured him that I did but wasn't sure of the details because I had never had a client of this level of handicap. I asked him to get imformed on the subject. After all it is his job and I shouldn't even have been the person to light a bulb about the subject to him in the first place.

Now I will admit that this guy is new on the job and has lots of details to learn along the way but to drag his ass about finding things out is no excuse. I told him to get the details about this on the 12 of oct. He also knew I was hiring someone for the following weekend to go to Ottawa because it was a trip arranged months before.

Now to explain why I am pissed. Yesterday I had a meeting here with another social worker who works in another branch . She was here to have me sign the new contract about this client. When I mentioned that I wanted to see the annex 7.1 about respite pay she informs me that I have to write a letter to the boss (higher up paper pusher) asking to negotiate respite pay and justify how many hours a week I will need in time off.

OK, so let me get this straight. I have to ask for and justify that I need a break for a few hours a week. I know I have chosen this job but I don't care who the fek you are but even if you love your job, everyone needs a break. I work at home doing this so it's not like I can decide to punch out and go home and leave my job behind. I can't even go downstairs to sew in my sewing room, or take a nap or even take a shower unless there is someone else here that can watch over him. Again I reiterate, I chose this job I realize that. I just find it maddening that I have to actually *justify * needing to leave the house once in awhile to just go shopping or even eat out with my partner not to mention the fact that I have another client that I have to take to the doctors office and other meetings with other social workers to work on his behavior and /or social skills. This client doesn't have the same level of severe handicap as the one I am speaking of.

So let me go back abit. When she mentions the so called letter. I realize that had I known about having to write the letter in the first place it would have been written 15 days BEFORE when I asked about it in the first place. These letters are retroactive. So the close to 200$ we paid for a sitter during our Ottawa trip by rights won't be reinbursed!!! WHY? Because the social worker didn't tell me that on the 12th or the 13th or the 14th or the 15th ect ect . God only knows when he would have told me because frankly it is the other social worker that informed me. When I called him to verify he says ,"oh yea , that is what you have to do" WELL DUH!!!!

I had no problems letting him know that I would have appreciated learning that alot earlier and that I would appreciate him informing the *boss of his lack to inform me in the first week. I would like to be credited for his mistake regardless and recieve what was due to me for the dates mentioned bla bla bla. I was polite because unfortunatly I have to continue working with him so to alienate the dork now would just make things more difficult for me in the future.

So I have vented here instead. I mean geez, we all have jobs to do. We can all make some errors. I certainly can't permit myself to sluff off with my clients it would affect their health and care. I have to submit on demand fully balanced budget sheets with all their expenses and bank accounts. I have to make sure everything is written down, the i's dotted and the t's crossed. It is part of my job. I do it. So what in heck is his excuss? Especially when it affects someone else for god sakes!! Oh and it is also his job to pay me the money that the other foster family owes me . We get a certain amount paid to us for the month ahead. In other words, given that I recieved my client on the 8th, they owe me for the other 24 days of the month that they already got paid. This transaction usually takes place the same day as moving day or day after. When one of my former clients moved I had that money ready to go to other family imediately. Now I am still waiting for that money 19 days later. ARGGGGGGGGGG

It isn't a huge amount it is only a few hundred but I have had to buy basic needs for the client who arrived with no soap, shampoo, battery toothbrush (does better job because I have to brush his teeth aswell) Not to mention they suggested I get an ear thermometer and baby monitor etc. I have made quit afew buys for the client thinking there would be money quickly. I wasn't able to get the monitor yet , we ran out of money. We have a budget and thinking I would get some reimburement sooner I wasn't worried. Now I am just really mad. Any one know a constuction site close to me? I swear I am spitting nails right now , could be usefull. OH wait, I need to justify my need to leave the house for a few hours, scatch that idea.

If you do a job do it right!! If your learning atleast make a good effort . FOR GOD SAKES GET YOUR HEAD OUTTA YOUR ASS AND QUITE PISSIN AROUND!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

New Traffic

I have joined a new site called BlogExplosion. It enables you to surf blogs from all over not just this blogspot group. I have been having fun surfing all kinds of blogs. Some are awesome and some are just there lol but thats ok it has helped pass some time. BlogExplosion is just an addition for access to more interesting blogs. I have already got a few blogs in my favorites list that have been regular reads for months. Funny how we become attached to perfect strangers after a time of reading about their lives and thoughts. You know who you are out there. It is so fun to exchange comments or hear an insight from these people. I ofcourse have a list of friends blogs , that goes without saying. I feel like my day is missing something when I haven't caught up on my daily reads be it friends or new friends* blogs. If you want to know more about BlogExplosion just click on the tag I put on the side bar. I am looking forward to discovering different and interesting blogs.

Frankly chat isn't what it used to be. It could be me or it could be a general thing but I find it so mundane and disappointing lately. Same thing day in, day out. God forbid you try to actually have a decent conversation or introduce an actual subject about anything other then sex . I can flirt and be goofy like the next guy but it sure gets old when thats all there is. I could go on but thats a post for another day.

Have a gander at BlogExplosion if interested. Click on the tag on the side.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some People are gonna hate me for this

I know I am losing weight but I don't dare buy a scale because I would be stepping on the damn thing every 15 minutes. I have to give most of the credit to Chris my partner. He has taken it apon himself to make sure I eat properly according to what the dietician told us. He loves to cook and I love to let him.

I did the whole (big meal on the table at precisely 5pm when the male got home) thing, for 14 years. It was never appreciated and the few times I can count on one hand he made a meal we had to thank the gods and genuflect for his supreme goodness of heart for doing it ..........can you tell that was in a former relationship?

I know I am now a very blessed woman these days . The cherry on top is that my man is french hehe. Everything he cooks is sublime.

To get back to what I was saying . We got some basic guidelines to follow for this new diet. It takes some getting used to but only because us, like most have bad eating habits to curb. I would not eat all day and then eat to much later. Not good for any body let alone a diabetic one. Oddly enough I have come to the conclusion that my new found diabetis has been the thing I needed to take better care of myself. Granted I have alot of help from my partner. He is actually better able to tell me what we should eat then I am on any given day lol, but then he is the one working out the daily menus. I am still not eating everything I am supposed to ironically. Proof again that good eating is what gets the engine and matabulism working rather then stuffing yourself with crap all the time.

I won't lie and say I never eat some of the junk food out there. While in Ottawa we had pizza and I have had a burger and fries on occasion. You all know that saying "With Moderation" heck it isn't that hard to do. With help I am making better choices and I am feeling better because of it. Hell, I finally woke up when I found out I was diabetic. I know it would probably have taken me a while longer to make changes had that not happened to forse the issue.

What this post is really all about is that after learning more and more about diabetis and how horrible it can be to a persons body, I am what some would call FLABBERGASTED. Why ? you may ask. Well the majority of people I know personally who are diabetic either type 1 or 2 are the worst eaters I know. I am talking horrible here. Some who eat worse then I ever did when I was eating anything. Some who declared after I told them I was diagnosed that they had been diabetics for years. I thought to myself , um ok, so you eat crap constantly knowing your diabetic, why???

I didn't ask some of these friends for advise for that simple reason. It was frustrating because I had to get all my advise from a hired dietician. I would have gone to see her regardless to start anyway but I will continue to see her for updates. What makes me sad is knowing a few of my close friends are slowly killing themselves . I was to ignorant about diabetis to know that before. I am learning more now. The fact that I couldn't go to them for help or exchange encouraging lessons learned from their experience is a mute point, this isn't about me. It is about some dear friends who rely on all the meds to keep them alive without taking more care of themselves. My first thoughts about getting my meds was what do I have to do to not have to take these anymore. I am working towards that. I wish to god that others would try to do the same. But that is just me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What a CAPITAL Day!!!!!!

Here it is. The update some have been waiting for. Let me just say that Cléo's day was totally awesome. My sister really made sure that her niece had a day to remember and it just so happens that my sister was taken by surprise herself.

The day started by getting Cléo's official picture ID pass that gave her access to everywhere. She looked so professional that many even thought she had been hired to be Brigitte's assistant and not her 14 year old niece. They spent a few hours in the offices doing work on photos my sister took the week before while she was in Paris, Moscow and Budapest with the Prime Minister and press core. After the office work, sis and a colleague took Cléo to a very swanky resturant in Chateau Laurier. They were all impressed by the old world ambiance but as posh as it was the lunch menu wasn't all that lol.

After lunch it had been planned for Cléo to actually take pics of Mr. Prime Minister when he would be infront of the press core for question period. As they were walking up the stairs to where it was to take place, my sister was paying more attention to her electronic Black Berry then what was ahead when she suddeningly heard a gasp.

It was Cléo as they rounded the corner and she saw all the people in the press core. Brigitte hadn't realized how impressive it could be, she knows them all and is used to seeing them all the time. At that moment she realized her initial idea of placing her next to all of them was to much to ask of Cléo who seemed by this time, to be getting redder in the face with shyness as they approuched. Brigitte said hi to all, and explained that she had her niece with her for the day. All were very nice and I think Cléo was gratefull she wasn't obliged to add anything to the conversation because Brigitte revised her plan and they continued up another floor away from the pack.

She decided it would be alot easier for Cléo to take her pics where it was quieter and in the hall right infront of the PM's office instead. So Brigitte explained to Cléo that as soon as the big door opened and he started to walk past her , she was to start clicking and not stop till he was out of her site. That is how it's done. So when the time came. Cléo was ready with camera poised and pointed at the PM as he came out of his office except he wasn't walking past her he was walking towards her and said...

."Hello Cléo , how are you? "......Cléo was standing there not knowing what to do and kinda just mumbled hello with mouth hanging open lol...the PM said " Cléo give that camera to your aunt so she can take a picture of us instead" the PM's assistant then told him that Cléo only speaks french so he repeated to her what he said in french...during this time my sister is totally floored because she hadn't expected him to do that either lol.. the assistant to the PM was the one who had imformed the PM in his office that Brigitte has her niece with her for a career day and thats why he came out of the office and took the time say hello to my daughter and take a few pics. How cool is that!!!!

Shortly after that my daughter was present in the Prime Ministers office as he greeted different people and watched as her aunt did her job taking pics etc...he was totally layed back and told Cléo to go sit at his desk . She was so impressed by the fact that he was so nice . Not in a polite way but in a relaxed make yourself at home way.

I guess you could say I am thrilled about my daughters day in parliament. So is she. I swear trying to get my daughter to smile naturally on a photo is like pulling teeth but as you will see, she looks great on the pics I have posted. Another cool thing about the pic with Mr. Paul Martin is that later when they had printed it off, they brought is back to his office and he personally signed it to Cléo. ..........Yes it is already framed lol.

When my sister had a moment with the PM she thanked him for what he did for her niece and he told her it was a pleasure and that she was so cute .

After all this happened sis phones me on the cell phone, Chris and I were shopping in Ottawa while this was all going on. She hands the phone to Cléo so she can tell me about it, and sis tells me the rest. I was so excited and just OMGing that Chris was sure I was going to pop out of my bra because my chest was so puffed out and growing from being so proud. Needless to say my mother had the same reaction lol. Sis has made sure that our parents receive their own copies of the pics in the mail this week directly from the PM's office lol.

Well to close , I have to say how thankful Cléo is and how much she loved her day. I am as happy as any parent would be and still enjoying the glow that any mother would under same circumstances. Not just the pics but of the whole experience my daughter had in seeing alittle bit of how my sister works as a photographer and parliament action and the people in it. Not many get the cool opportunity that she did . I hope it makes her think about different career choices herself.........after all that is what this was all about.

This is a pic taken with a neat lens my sister was playing with...this is a small peek at the parliament building. Posted by Hello

Cléo sitting at the PM's desk. She looks pretty comfy ...hmmm a mom can dream . Posted by Hello

Yes it's the big guy himself ..Prime Minister Paul Martin with yes thats her...MY DAUGHTER Cléo cool is that!?!? Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Tomorrow we leave for Ottawa..our nations capital. Wooo Hoooo and 2 days off for me lol. I must say I will appreciate it far more now then I would have a week ago. This week has been a busy one for sure . Luckily the case worker I had giving me a hand in the first 2 days with Luc offered to come babysit for us Sunday and Monday so I could go to Ottawa with my daughter and Chris . I had already resigned myself to the idea I wouldn't be able to go after getting the new client, so it was a really nice surprise to infact be able to go. Granted it costs us money but hey it is worth every penny spent.

Not only are we going for my daughter's career day with my sister in parliament , we haven't seen her house either. Brigitte and her husband Glen bought a house last year on an acre of land . We haven't had the opportunity to see it yet so it will be great to walk around yard. They built a new deck and she had a huge garden this year. Although its automn and the end of gardening , I can maybe still pilfer some of her perenials for my yard hehe.

I am looking forward to seeing them both. Monday while my daughter and sister are off working and Glen is off working that gives Chris and I some precious time to ourselves. We can do what ever we want .......let your imaginations go wild hehe. Hmmm I think I wanna go shopping......not going to tell you where though . wink wink

So when we get back Monday night late, hopefully we will have pics with us. If so I will post some here . I already have my fingers crossed for my daughters special day. Will be sure to share some of the details . Till then....have a great weekend...we leave early tomorrow and today I have loads of stuff to do before sitter gets here in the morning. .......

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bump In the Night

Well I have been busy to say the least. Since the new arrival of the new client/border it has been a whole new experience. Let us call him Luc. He arrived friday with all his own furniture. One bed, bureau, table and chair. A few things to put on the wall. All very nice things that happen to go very well in the room already painted blue.

As the 2 social workers and my partner Chris moved and placed and unpacked everything I stayed with Luc. His happy place is in a bathroom. If he is sitting on the thrown he is happy. This is probably one of the habits he developed younger while in an institution. At any rate, I felt it was very important for me to establish a bond during all the stress of moving and people in the house. I stood next to him as he sat. I stroked his head and talked to him so he would get used to my touch , scent and sound of my voice. As severely handicapped as he is I had to smile when he would take my hand away from his head then put it back to continue or to redirect it to where he wanted me to stroke or scratch, like the back of his neck or the top of his head or his back .

He is also quite headstrong. Does not like to be told he can't go to the bathroom if for instance someone is in there. He can be quite strong and push you away if not happy. I had to learn real quick that firmness is a must or I have already lost the battle. I was lucky to have the case worker here for most of the 2 days following his arrival. She gave me pointers and suggestions on many things. I learned how to bath him, shave him, brush his teeth. All things we take for granted until we have to provide those tasks to another adult. He loves the bath, so much so that while sitting on the toilet he sometimes strips naked. We then have to painstakingly help him redress himself all while using a firm tone. The 3rd morning I was just getting up when I heard the bath running. I ran to find him all ready in the bath naked turning faucets on and off. I had to stiffle a smile and be firm in getting him out of there. He has to learn that I decide when and not the other way around. He could have also burned himself with the hot water. Gotta admire his tenacity though lol.

Someone asked me the other day what age he is mentally. It is really hard to say. I think a one year old baby has more on him on many levels but on others he could be about 2. He is unable to speak and as already mentioned he is blind. I have not yet witnessed his epileptic seizures yet but he will probably have one soon. He has a constant motor running though. What I mean is he is almost always moaning . Like a plane that is circling the airspace above is the best way to describe it. I don't mind it so much and it becomes part of the background after awhile . We did however put the radio in his room on the classical station and it seems to make him stop the engine for longer periods of time. Not sure if it's the music that helped or just his getting more accustomed to the new things around him.

He can now pretty much get to the bathroom from his room. The way back is hard still. Will take more time to really get his bearings. I have to also use a blender on all his food. He has a special dish with hi sides , with a spoon he can actually feed himself for the most part. I help some if he can't find the food but other then that he does pretty well. I find it endearing that he also wipes his mouth with the spoon if there was too much. He doesn't like food on his face . It makes me smile everytime I see him do that. Or lick his lips when he likes what he is eating.

I have had to follow a strict routine. I have it almost down pat now after the whole weekend. I must say though that he is getting me in shape for sure. It is exactly what I needed in my life right now. I was so tired Saturday I actually went to bed a 9:30pm !!! ME the night owl. I hardly slept Thursday . Kinda apprehensive about client arriving. Then Friday I didn't sleep at all . I was so afraid he would either have a seizure and fall out of bed or get up to go pee and bump himself all over cause he didn't know where he was going. So by Saturday I could barely function. The case worker stayed till his bed time around 8 pm so I had to wait for Chris to get home before I could go to bed just incase he got up in first few hours after bedtime.

Last night around 3am he did get up after peeing his bed, was already sitting on the toilet naked when I got there. I changed everything and got him back into clean pj's and he then slept ok. I sleep downstairs so it was my daughter who woke me to tell me. I have been going to bed so tired I sleep deeper then before. I had a meeting today with 2 case workers so I suggested buying a baby monitor so I can hear him better if he gets up. They thought it was a great idea and it won't even cost me. They will reimburse me for that.

I let them know already that I have decided to keep Luc as a client. They had made sure to give me time to decide with the option of not taking him permanently if I chose. I told them today that they don't have to keep looking , he was remaining here. I think he will be happy here or atleast close to it depending on the emotions he can feel. He has certainly already wormed his way into my heart and got me moving more for my health so I already appreciate him for that. Time will tell me what else I can learn from him and him from me. Foreword we go.............

Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Challenge

Well tomorrow will be a whole new challenge for me in terms of my job. Some already know that I am a foster care family for the mentally handicapped. My clients/borders live in my home full time. I have had one client for almost 10 years now and I had another for 5 years untill last April. Since then I have had an empty room for another client.

I got a call this week about a placement. The difference though is that he isn't at all what I am used to working with. My strengths have always been working with high functioning clients that need structure and firmness..usually clients that need a strong person to deal with their behavior problems, bad attitude , head strong or stubbornness etc.

This client however is not high functioning. His needs are out of the realm of what I am used to. He is blind, and can not speak. He mumbles with a few minor words in his vocabulary. I will have to bath him, shave him, and sometimes feed him, although he can use a spoon I have to use a blender on all his food. He is almost 40 yrs old. One similarity he has with my other client is that they are both epileptic. Apparently this new client only has his seizures at night in bed but they make him often fall out of bed. We may have an issue with wearing a diaper at night, he has not accepted it in the past with ease. His seizures are more frequent now so let's hope he is willing. Fingers crossed.

The only thing that seems to make him happy is playing with his few blocks at the kitchen table. His sweet deserts and hearing voices he knows. I have my work cut out for me. I am fortunate because I have a care worker that knows him well coming to spend a few days with me till it's his bed time. She will give me some of the tips . I need learn the proper way to wash him and shave him etc. To some it may be simple enough but having never washed an adult, it's hard to know the methods they use in hospitals to clean the nether regions in an apropriete way and help make the client comfortable. I also want to make sure he feels secure here so if I learn how to do things the way he is used to, it can only help him adjust during the next few days of transition. They are certain to be the hardest for sure. Untill he gets his barings from bedroom, bathroom and kitchen chair we will all be on tenderhooks hoping to coushin the bumbs along the way.

I have to admit to some aprehension but I am also looking forward to this new challenge. I have been so focused on me and my health lately that it will be nice to think of something else for a change. I also believe that there is a reason for everything. He will need a strick routine and that is exactly what I need in terms of meals now aswell. Funny how things work. This new client will help me alot for many different reasons. ..........

And I bet you thought he was coming here so I could help him.......I think it will be mutual lol.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gotta love MoM

I went to the doc's yesterday for follow up...checked out test results that just re-confirmed what we already know. Had my annual pap test..ladies don't forget yours. The one possitive foot note to the day was having realized that after she weighed me I had lost one whole lb. since last weigh in 2 weeks ago, wooo hooo . I wasn't really trying since I was told to make subtle changes for now etc.

I was talking to my mom lastnight and happen to tell her . She was all happy for me and went on to say "That's great honey, keep it up. One lb is one lb and a good start. Please don't look at 1lb in a negative way like some would. It's all in the mind set." I say I know , not to worry . She goes on to give me an example by saying......

"You must not look at it like losing a deck chair on the Queen Mary"............omg I almost pissed myself lmao.

Gotta love mom.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


My daughter comes home from school about a month ago and says one of her classes wants them to do a career day with someone. She goes on to say that she really isn't into spending that day in her dads career, although a fine one as a carpenter , it's not an interest for her.

A shy smile appears on her face as she tells me she already has another idea. I assume she may want to spend the day in the lab with my partner Chris who is a chemist but before I voice my thought she adds..."Do you think aunt Brigitte would let me spend the day with her?"...I thought OMG what a great idea!!! Let me call my sister!!!

Anyone who knows me even just a little has heard me talk and/or brag about my sister. I am proud of her, what can I say. She has a pretty cool job. The one before this was right up there aswell, she was a freelance photographer for the Ottawa Citizen , National Post, Globe n Mail papers among others I can't remember. NOW though, my sister is one of 2 official photographers for the office of the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA..(for the Americans out there it is the equivalent to your PRESIDENT)............ in other words, she and another are Paul Martins photographers so she gets to travel all over Canada and the world with him at any given time or just be anywhere he is including the parliament buildings. Let me just add that she didn't even apply for this job. She was called by the senior photogragher who had worked with her before , and asked by him if she was interested in doing the job. She will admit to having to think about it though, freelance is higher paying then a steady commitment but the experience and people of this job was something attractive indeed. A perfect example of a once in a lifetime meeting came this year when the Dalai-Lama came to Canada. Brigitte and another photographer were lucky enough to each shoot the other while shaking his holynesses hand. She sent us all a copy of the photo, herself with the Dalai_Lama. Pretty cool if you ask me.

So , I call my sister and tell her of my daughters school project. She is all for it, thinks it's a terrific idea. She has to ask permission ofcourse and get a security clearance for my daughter etc. Oh and did I mention my sister barely speakes french and my daughter doesn't speak english? My sister and daughter have met ofcourse but sis is from out west with the rest of my family. I transplanted myself to Quebec 20 years ago so I am perfectly bilingual now. My ex never spoke a word of english. Although both parents can speak french and had us speaking a somewhat baby french as toddlers. Being in english Canada and our parents divorsing, we stopped speaking french in the home after that. By the time I left home I pretty much forgot all the french I knew untill I had to relearn it in Quebec.

To get back to my sister, she isn't overly concerned about the language barrier. Everyone she works with is bilingual and she and Cléo are also pretty good at using hand signals and the few words they do know to be understood ..........hopefully.

We have a date. It has the all clear so my daughter Cléo gets to go for sure now. My sister chose a day that had some action in parliment . My daughter will be able to actually take her own picture of the PRIME MINISTER in parliment as he goes into the QUESTION PERIOD , she will be right next to the Press Core.. who are basically the media that normally covers all those things. That in itself will be pretty cool. It has already been arranged for my daughter to have her own official parlimentary pass with photo clipped to her like my sister has. Brigitte also chose oct because parliment reopens sessions so there will be ministers all over . She really hopes to show my daughter as much as she can and also give her lots of chances to take her own photos with a spare camera she has. I think my sister is as excited about it as Cléo is not to mention me lol. I am so thankful that my daughter has this opertunity all because her aunt has this cool job.

Cléo has to look like a professional on this day so we had to go shopping. We were very lucky to find a rather nice tailored suit at Walmart no less. Looks fab on her , black with fine satin black pinstripe in it. A black pair of leather loafers with a short heel that looks great with pants. She already had a nice crisp white blouse so all cost aproximately 100$ not bad considering. She also agreed to wearing the suit to school on the day of her career day presentation. When we got home and tryed the whole kit on I couldn't believe how grown up she looked. I think all moms get those OMG THATS MY LITTLE GIRL?(or BOY) flashes , those overwhelming feelings of pride combined with a fist to the abdomin kinda way? ....

The big day is in 2 weeks, OCT 18th. We have a 3 hr drive to my sister and her hubby's house on the sunday before . Cléo's first briefing of the next days scedule will be summarized that afternoon by the official translater (that would be me hehe) to be followed by a leizurely visit with Brigitte and Glen . Next morning early will be a rebriefing and hair consultation with hairdresser (that would be me again) then final inspection before heading out to her government appointed career day begins .......during which time I will biting all my nails off lol

I know it will be a great day for her and my sister. Regardless of the language barrier those 2 are so alike it's not funny. I will be giving you all an update when its all done and maybe have a few pics to share from that day will be called SAY CHEESE UPDATE..simple enough lol