Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What a CAPITAL Day!!!!!!

Here it is. The update some have been waiting for. Let me just say that Cléo's day was totally awesome. My sister really made sure that her niece had a day to remember and it just so happens that my sister was taken by surprise herself.

The day started by getting Cléo's official picture ID pass that gave her access to everywhere. She looked so professional that many even thought she had been hired to be Brigitte's assistant and not her 14 year old niece. They spent a few hours in the offices doing work on photos my sister took the week before while she was in Paris, Moscow and Budapest with the Prime Minister and press core. After the office work, sis and a colleague took Cléo to a very swanky resturant in Chateau Laurier. They were all impressed by the old world ambiance but as posh as it was the lunch menu wasn't all that lol.

After lunch it had been planned for Cléo to actually take pics of Mr. Prime Minister when he would be infront of the press core for question period. As they were walking up the stairs to where it was to take place, my sister was paying more attention to her electronic Black Berry then what was ahead when she suddeningly heard a gasp.

It was Cléo as they rounded the corner and she saw all the people in the press core. Brigitte hadn't realized how impressive it could be, she knows them all and is used to seeing them all the time. At that moment she realized her initial idea of placing her next to all of them was to much to ask of Cléo who seemed by this time, to be getting redder in the face with shyness as they approuched. Brigitte said hi to all, and explained that she had her niece with her for the day. All were very nice and I think Cléo was gratefull she wasn't obliged to add anything to the conversation because Brigitte revised her plan and they continued up another floor away from the pack.

She decided it would be alot easier for Cléo to take her pics where it was quieter and in the hall right infront of the PM's office instead. So Brigitte explained to Cléo that as soon as the big door opened and he started to walk past her , she was to start clicking and not stop till he was out of her site. That is how it's done. So when the time came. Cléo was ready with camera poised and pointed at the PM as he came out of his office except he wasn't walking past her he was walking towards her and said...

."Hello Cléo , how are you? "......Cléo was standing there not knowing what to do and kinda just mumbled hello with mouth hanging open lol...the PM said " Cléo give that camera to your aunt so she can take a picture of us instead" the PM's assistant then told him that Cléo only speaks french so he repeated to her what he said in french...during this time my sister is totally floored because she hadn't expected him to do that either lol.. the assistant to the PM was the one who had imformed the PM in his office that Brigitte has her niece with her for a career day and thats why he came out of the office and took the time say hello to my daughter and take a few pics. How cool is that!!!!

Shortly after that my daughter was present in the Prime Ministers office as he greeted different people and watched as her aunt did her job taking pics etc...he was totally layed back and told Cléo to go sit at his desk . She was so impressed by the fact that he was so nice . Not in a polite way but in a relaxed make yourself at home way.

I guess you could say I am thrilled about my daughters day in parliament. So is she. I swear trying to get my daughter to smile naturally on a photo is like pulling teeth but as you will see, she looks great on the pics I have posted. Another cool thing about the pic with Mr. Paul Martin is that later when they had printed it off, they brought is back to his office and he personally signed it to Cléo. ..........Yes it is already framed lol.

When my sister had a moment with the PM she thanked him for what he did for her niece and he told her it was a pleasure and that she was so cute .

After all this happened sis phones me on the cell phone, Chris and I were shopping in Ottawa while this was all going on. She hands the phone to Cléo so she can tell me about it, and sis tells me the rest. I was so excited and just OMGing that Chris was sure I was going to pop out of my bra because my chest was so puffed out and growing from being so proud. Needless to say my mother had the same reaction lol. Sis has made sure that our parents receive their own copies of the pics in the mail this week directly from the PM's office lol.

Well to close , I have to say how thankful Cléo is and how much she loved her day. I am as happy as any parent would be and still enjoying the glow that any mother would under same circumstances. Not just the pics but of the whole experience my daughter had in seeing alittle bit of how my sister works as a photographer and parliament action and the people in it. Not many get the cool opportunity that she did . I hope it makes her think about different career choices herself.........after all that is what this was all about.


JustSue said...

Welcome home we missed you!! I was reading your post muttering to myself "OMG OMG" as the post progressed. Sounds like your daughter had a fabulous day - I bet all her school friends will be green with envy. Politics aside, it was nice and touching that Mr. Martin took time out of his schedule to acknowledge your daughter. What a nice guy. I am still loving Cleo's new hair cut - she looks the polished professional in her suit!

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