Wednesday, October 27, 2004


If you have been reading my blog you know I have a new client/border living here. When he first came I knew that clients like him were very high maintenance thus with said client there is a budget for respite that comes with them. I mentioned this budget to the social worker assigned to his case. He said he didn't know about that. I reasured him that I did but wasn't sure of the details because I had never had a client of this level of handicap. I asked him to get imformed on the subject. After all it is his job and I shouldn't even have been the person to light a bulb about the subject to him in the first place.

Now I will admit that this guy is new on the job and has lots of details to learn along the way but to drag his ass about finding things out is no excuse. I told him to get the details about this on the 12 of oct. He also knew I was hiring someone for the following weekend to go to Ottawa because it was a trip arranged months before.

Now to explain why I am pissed. Yesterday I had a meeting here with another social worker who works in another branch . She was here to have me sign the new contract about this client. When I mentioned that I wanted to see the annex 7.1 about respite pay she informs me that I have to write a letter to the boss (higher up paper pusher) asking to negotiate respite pay and justify how many hours a week I will need in time off.

OK, so let me get this straight. I have to ask for and justify that I need a break for a few hours a week. I know I have chosen this job but I don't care who the fek you are but even if you love your job, everyone needs a break. I work at home doing this so it's not like I can decide to punch out and go home and leave my job behind. I can't even go downstairs to sew in my sewing room, or take a nap or even take a shower unless there is someone else here that can watch over him. Again I reiterate, I chose this job I realize that. I just find it maddening that I have to actually *justify * needing to leave the house once in awhile to just go shopping or even eat out with my partner not to mention the fact that I have another client that I have to take to the doctors office and other meetings with other social workers to work on his behavior and /or social skills. This client doesn't have the same level of severe handicap as the one I am speaking of.

So let me go back abit. When she mentions the so called letter. I realize that had I known about having to write the letter in the first place it would have been written 15 days BEFORE when I asked about it in the first place. These letters are retroactive. So the close to 200$ we paid for a sitter during our Ottawa trip by rights won't be reinbursed!!! WHY? Because the social worker didn't tell me that on the 12th or the 13th or the 14th or the 15th ect ect . God only knows when he would have told me because frankly it is the other social worker that informed me. When I called him to verify he says ,"oh yea , that is what you have to do" WELL DUH!!!!

I had no problems letting him know that I would have appreciated learning that alot earlier and that I would appreciate him informing the *boss of his lack to inform me in the first week. I would like to be credited for his mistake regardless and recieve what was due to me for the dates mentioned bla bla bla. I was polite because unfortunatly I have to continue working with him so to alienate the dork now would just make things more difficult for me in the future.

So I have vented here instead. I mean geez, we all have jobs to do. We can all make some errors. I certainly can't permit myself to sluff off with my clients it would affect their health and care. I have to submit on demand fully balanced budget sheets with all their expenses and bank accounts. I have to make sure everything is written down, the i's dotted and the t's crossed. It is part of my job. I do it. So what in heck is his excuss? Especially when it affects someone else for god sakes!! Oh and it is also his job to pay me the money that the other foster family owes me . We get a certain amount paid to us for the month ahead. In other words, given that I recieved my client on the 8th, they owe me for the other 24 days of the month that they already got paid. This transaction usually takes place the same day as moving day or day after. When one of my former clients moved I had that money ready to go to other family imediately. Now I am still waiting for that money 19 days later. ARGGGGGGGGGG

It isn't a huge amount it is only a few hundred but I have had to buy basic needs for the client who arrived with no soap, shampoo, battery toothbrush (does better job because I have to brush his teeth aswell) Not to mention they suggested I get an ear thermometer and baby monitor etc. I have made quit afew buys for the client thinking there would be money quickly. I wasn't able to get the monitor yet , we ran out of money. We have a budget and thinking I would get some reimburement sooner I wasn't worried. Now I am just really mad. Any one know a constuction site close to me? I swear I am spitting nails right now , could be usefull. OH wait, I need to justify my need to leave the house for a few hours, scatch that idea.

If you do a job do it right!! If your learning atleast make a good effort . FOR GOD SAKES GET YOUR HEAD OUTTA YOUR ASS AND QUITE PISSIN AROUND!!!


Robyn said...

Heya I have something that might make you feel better about your day. By all means swipe the secret garden map. I love to share the fun little things I find and make. I would be honored to pass it along to you :)

Love and Light

Robyn said...
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Squirrels said...

Yeah I hate that, "oh by the way" or "Sorry didn't I mention that?" or "i'm sure I mentioned that to you eariler." Sucks. Go ahead and vent it all here and get it off your chest. Make you feel better.

lab munkay said...

Thats just wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. *writting his name down for next bad premenstral moment to act on this wrongness*

moon said...

This morons name is JONATHAN.....use it and reuse it over and over and over again.....that goes for all the women out there that want a male to bitch, cuss, hiss and mumble about during those oh so special moments we Promise Meaningfull Scrutiny aka PMS...........HEHE