Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some People are gonna hate me for this

I know I am losing weight but I don't dare buy a scale because I would be stepping on the damn thing every 15 minutes. I have to give most of the credit to Chris my partner. He has taken it apon himself to make sure I eat properly according to what the dietician told us. He loves to cook and I love to let him.

I did the whole (big meal on the table at precisely 5pm when the male got home) thing, for 14 years. It was never appreciated and the few times I can count on one hand he made a meal we had to thank the gods and genuflect for his supreme goodness of heart for doing it ..........can you tell that was in a former relationship?

I know I am now a very blessed woman these days . The cherry on top is that my man is french hehe. Everything he cooks is sublime.

To get back to what I was saying . We got some basic guidelines to follow for this new diet. It takes some getting used to but only because us, like most have bad eating habits to curb. I would not eat all day and then eat to much later. Not good for any body let alone a diabetic one. Oddly enough I have come to the conclusion that my new found diabetis has been the thing I needed to take better care of myself. Granted I have alot of help from my partner. He is actually better able to tell me what we should eat then I am on any given day lol, but then he is the one working out the daily menus. I am still not eating everything I am supposed to ironically. Proof again that good eating is what gets the engine and matabulism working rather then stuffing yourself with crap all the time.

I won't lie and say I never eat some of the junk food out there. While in Ottawa we had pizza and I have had a burger and fries on occasion. You all know that saying "With Moderation" heck it isn't that hard to do. With help I am making better choices and I am feeling better because of it. Hell, I finally woke up when I found out I was diabetic. I know it would probably have taken me a while longer to make changes had that not happened to forse the issue.

What this post is really all about is that after learning more and more about diabetis and how horrible it can be to a persons body, I am what some would call FLABBERGASTED. Why ? you may ask. Well the majority of people I know personally who are diabetic either type 1 or 2 are the worst eaters I know. I am talking horrible here. Some who eat worse then I ever did when I was eating anything. Some who declared after I told them I was diagnosed that they had been diabetics for years. I thought to myself , um ok, so you eat crap constantly knowing your diabetic, why???

I didn't ask some of these friends for advise for that simple reason. It was frustrating because I had to get all my advise from a hired dietician. I would have gone to see her regardless to start anyway but I will continue to see her for updates. What makes me sad is knowing a few of my close friends are slowly killing themselves . I was to ignorant about diabetis to know that before. I am learning more now. The fact that I couldn't go to them for help or exchange encouraging lessons learned from their experience is a mute point, this isn't about me. It is about some dear friends who rely on all the meds to keep them alive without taking more care of themselves. My first thoughts about getting my meds was what do I have to do to not have to take these anymore. I am working towards that. I wish to god that others would try to do the same. But that is just me.


Rae said...

I'm so glad that you've decided to go the route that you have.
Rather then just sitting back and relying on pills and meds...

Anonymous said...

Ms Moon, I am thrilled that you are doing so well and that Chris is such a big help. No surprise there. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Charly