Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Challenge

Well tomorrow will be a whole new challenge for me in terms of my job. Some already know that I am a foster care family for the mentally handicapped. My clients/borders live in my home full time. I have had one client for almost 10 years now and I had another for 5 years untill last April. Since then I have had an empty room for another client.

I got a call this week about a placement. The difference though is that he isn't at all what I am used to working with. My strengths have always been working with high functioning clients that need structure and firmness..usually clients that need a strong person to deal with their behavior problems, bad attitude , head strong or stubbornness etc.

This client however is not high functioning. His needs are out of the realm of what I am used to. He is blind, and can not speak. He mumbles with a few minor words in his vocabulary. I will have to bath him, shave him, and sometimes feed him, although he can use a spoon I have to use a blender on all his food. He is almost 40 yrs old. One similarity he has with my other client is that they are both epileptic. Apparently this new client only has his seizures at night in bed but they make him often fall out of bed. We may have an issue with wearing a diaper at night, he has not accepted it in the past with ease. His seizures are more frequent now so let's hope he is willing. Fingers crossed.

The only thing that seems to make him happy is playing with his few blocks at the kitchen table. His sweet deserts and hearing voices he knows. I have my work cut out for me. I am fortunate because I have a care worker that knows him well coming to spend a few days with me till it's his bed time. She will give me some of the tips . I need learn the proper way to wash him and shave him etc. To some it may be simple enough but having never washed an adult, it's hard to know the methods they use in hospitals to clean the nether regions in an apropriete way and help make the client comfortable. I also want to make sure he feels secure here so if I learn how to do things the way he is used to, it can only help him adjust during the next few days of transition. They are certain to be the hardest for sure. Untill he gets his barings from bedroom, bathroom and kitchen chair we will all be on tenderhooks hoping to coushin the bumbs along the way.

I have to admit to some aprehension but I am also looking forward to this new challenge. I have been so focused on me and my health lately that it will be nice to think of something else for a change. I also believe that there is a reason for everything. He will need a strick routine and that is exactly what I need in terms of meals now aswell. Funny how things work. This new client will help me alot for many different reasons. ..........

And I bet you thought he was coming here so I could help him.......I think it will be mutual lol.


lab munkay said...

Wow- Moon you are a wonderment. My respect for you just grew a bazillion. Way to look at things.

Rae said...

I love ya Moon, and I think you're right, I think this will be good for both of you.

Sacred65 said...

Moon....finally something I have a strong opinion on :) I've done a lot of hands on nursing.... bathed a thousand or two folks ...... I've worked with the people who other people had difficulties with and the reason that I was often linked up with these people is not because I can't say no, it's because I can open myself up. I totally know in my heart of hearts that you will be on the same page with your new client in NO TIME! Someone coming in can show you some basics but ultimately you and he have to find your own groove. Open your heart, your huge loving heart and be yourself and I bet you you'll be wondering what you were so worried about. You can totally do this. I don't think so, I know so.

xoxox C

Sacred65 said...

oh my god.... see....I have a bad habit of only reading parts of stuff. I'm like that old clip from SNL...RosanaRosanaDana. And in her fashion I'll say "never mind" LMAO