Sunday, October 28, 2007


Chris and I went to a Halloween party lastnight. Not a conventional one mind you..but a very cool virtual one. We were actually the hosts of the party.

We had ppl from all over the US, Europe and Australia. Everyone had a good time. Unfortunately I always forget to take photos while everyone is partying..and then kick myself I took a few pics afterwards and of the decorating I did on our Island in SL.

We had even hired a DJ for this event..Loved him!..He was attending the party from Germany.

Many don't get the whole SL (Second Life) thing and thats fine. We sure enjoy it...a very different form of chat but so full of possibilites.


Hill top on the island where ppl arrive.


Buffet set up for the party...


Overview of dance area...the blue/white glow u see on upper right corner..are flying ghosts...they flew around the spooky tree lol. I have more photos of the island in the SL folder in Flickr if u want a look.


We also went to a club with friends...He is Chris and I dancing a salsa together lol. His costume was a construction worker with toolbelt ...quite fitting given all the work he has been doing here at home lol.


So, although I work from home and only get one day out of the house per week...I am still able to meet interesting ppl from all over the world. It's more interesting then just's much more. We have a lovely island, rent out huts and play host to fun events. Doesn't get better then that lol.

Other then blogging , do u have any other online hobby? Other then my talking about it, have u heard of Second Life?

(PS...Last weeks episode of CSI New York..had a whole episode based on Second Life...they had to hunt down the murderer an avatar in SL...was pretty cool..and finished with a cliffhanger...the 2nd part will air in Febuary apparently. SL has a CSI NY simulator where one can find clues and solve mysteris now...Chris and I intend to explore it soon.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I was looking through some old pics again..and I thought it was funny how I find that the hairstyle I have now is not too far off what I had 20 some yrs ago lol. I was 20-21 yrs old in these pics. I was working as a stylist in a very big salon in Lethbridge Alberta back then. Right before moving across the country to live in Toronto. (lived there just under a yr to then move to Montreal)

My short hair faze

This below is me giving my best friends son his bday gift of some books. Hard to believe that Shayne is all grown up with 5 children of his own these days....OMG...where did the time go?!

My best friend's son on his bday.

This is me with an uncle and an elderly lady that lived near my uncle and aunt. Someone wanted a pic. Apart from now...this style was the only time I have ever been blonde lol. I also got most of my clothes from the good-will shops...and like my daughter does today (no surprise) I liked coming up with different combinations and looks. I LOVED men's suit jackets back then lol...and the 80's was all about shoulder pads so that helped lmao!

My uncle, a family friend and myself

Just chilling with my friends cat...I used to live in the little apartment below this larger apartment in this old house. My best friend lived here with her son. One of the funny memories about my friend Tamara was that she slept like the dead. Alarms didn't wake her. She slept on a mattress directly on the floor. She would set her bedroom was directly underneith hers so her alarm would wake me! My job was to then wake her believe it or not...I would get up, get my broom...hit the ceiling with it...where I new her head was (aproximately) ..while calling upstairs on the phone..which was also near her head...I KID U NOT!... So finally with alarm buzzing, broom banging, phone shrilling!...Tamara would begin to crawl out of the depts of deep sleep I have yet see anyone else be plaged with. What counted was it worked lol. She was a single parent going to univercity was not easy.

I have lost touch with her over the yrs...but think of her often still.

Lazy sunday I guess

I have always been a night person...but could always get up with an alarm clock...I have always envied morning people...even in my 40's I am and always will be a night name Moon suits me to a T...I am always up with the moon lol. That said, I have never shirked my morning a parent and care giver..things have to be done lol.

Are u a morning or night person? Easy to wake or do u need a jackhammer upside the head?...Share .....

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, most who know me..already know that I think my husband Chris is just the bee's knees...and rightly so..but I had actually never seen him in his work clothes. Sounds odd? Well he leaves here casually dressed but once at work he has to change into scrubs. He is a in a pharmacutical once inside he has to change...I asked him to take a few pics of himself so I could see his sexy self in scrubs...and I was very curious to see the Aseptic Gear he has to put on to go into the sterile lab. ...He finally took said photos for me so I thought I would share with you.

I think his scrubs are sexy...ok, I could do without the hairnets on head and beard but hey...I still know the kissable face underneath lol

ACHLyo Supervisor (Chris)

Oh and the sexy lab coat...makes me wanna play doctor with him...ok, that just sounded wrong.

ACHLyo Supervisor

Below is the Aseptic Gear, scarey looking eh...It takes atleast 15 minutes to gear up like has to train and certify just in the gowning in order to go into the sterile lab. Chris is the supervisor for the Lyo he doesn't have to go in there everyday but he does go often. I'm just gratefull he doesn't come home dressed like this, it would take me forever to rip his closes off lol.

Full aseptic gear

Now to more news..Cleo got a new haircut...I like it...she does too even though it would seem here that she can't crack a smile to save her own life...let's try again.....

Cleo's new hair cut 1

Oh wow, yeah that worked...much better.....NOT! LOL

Cleo's new hair cut 2's a new outfit. As I am carefull with the pieces I buy, it's fun to share...also knowing that hopefully I will continue to lose weight. Some will go a long way, like the top here, being able to adjust it more as needed...and pants I can always take tucks in later also.

New outfit

Last but not least..the booty shot lol...still substancial but a heck of a lot less then there once was! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

Abit less booty?

Since I only get one day out of the house per week..I like to look nice when I do. The rest of the week, I wear whats very comfy as I work at home changing adult diapers and feeding my boarders.

What do u wear for work? Do u have to wear a uniform, special outfit, business suit? Is there a dress code where u work? Do u enjoy wearing what u have to wear for work? I find it very interesting...just the aspect of our work attire tells us alot about ppl. Please share....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Our first road trip with the new ride was great...well actually the fact that I had 3 days off was AWESOME!! New ride or not lol.

The new ride

The trip there was grey but it looked like we were driving among the clouds..they were so low...we actually enjoyed it. No hurry...time was ours. The NY interstate 87 is a beautiful highway...all trees and valleys...and this time of yr with the fall colours was gorgeous, grey clouds and all. I have lots of pics taken while driving,in Flickr, but this one shows a sun trying hard to peek through the clouds.

NY interstate 87 (2007 Oct)1

Chris laughing at Scarlette and I...we are at the Cheese Cake Factory resturant....Great Food!

Chris laughing at 2 boogers

Me and dear friend. We had such a wonderful time with her this weekend. Exactly what I needed. We got some shopping done...(got a great pair of ankle boots to die for!) Had lots of laughs with Scarlette...spent time with her sister Teri and husband and kids...

Best part is knowing Scarlette isn't that far now. She has been a great chat friend for atleast 6 yrs now...even before I met Chris...But she lived in Hawaii for over 20 yrs...(not the closest place to be lol) She finally moved closer to home and family last yr. It takes only 4.5 hrs drive between us. So I look forward to her coming here for a weekend.

Her nephews will be participating in some sort of band thing here in Montreal in the near future...So we can all be groupies and hang out with the Bagpipe Band when they all come down lol.....CAn't Wait!!

My dear friend Scarlette and me.

I just had to post this pic...I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this ATM machine...I have heard reference to these before but always thought it was a joke

Until NOW...zoom to next pic lol

NY ATM Machine

YES FOLks....This is a DRIVETHOUGH ATM... so...why the BRAIL!!!

ATM Machine- close up

Chris driving....duh

Chris driving

The drive home was clear and sunny.

NY interstate 87 (2007 Oct)

All in all, this was a much needed break away for me and Chris. The bonus was spending it with a special friend who has a big heart, an easy laugh and great sense of's a wonder we don't pee our pants when we get together....although it gets close sometimes lol.

Oh and btw...hope our fellow canadians had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I'm sure thankfull for mine.

What did u do for your long weekend??? Do tell!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I haven't had much to write about lately but I am looking forward to this weekend. It is Thanksgiving here in Canada so that means a long weekend.

We plan to go to New York state to visit our friend Scarlette. It's about 4 hours away. It had been a trip planned in Aug but with the renovations, we had to cancel....(reno's still pending, more about that in another post).

We also upgraded our vehicle this week..from a 2005 SantaFe to a 2007 of the same make...This was the demo model so it has all the bells and whistles we look forward to a nice long drive in it this weekend. It also happens to be a 7 passenger instead of a 5 passenger..the cool thing is that the last 2 seats hide in the floor when not needed so it has all the room we had before when we don't need the extra seats...I love having the option of more seats...there have been many times they would have really come in handy in the past.

So...the idea of getting away for 3 full just pure BLISS...It will do us both good. I can't wait to see my friend Scarlette. The last time was in 2004 when she was here with her sister's family visiting Montreal..she used to live in Hawaii..and last yr , finally decided to return to NY state to be closer to family.

I look forward to seeing her new house. Seeing her sister Teri again, and Teri's children. The time Scarlette was here we both laughed like school girls till our sides hurt, till the wee hours of the night. I can't wait to laugh till my gut hurts again lol.

Chris makes me laugh every day. It's one of the reasons I love him so much. But there are also friends that make us laugh and somehow...those moments in time when u can just gafaw a whole lot, about nothing are precious.