Sunday, October 28, 2007


Chris and I went to a Halloween party lastnight. Not a conventional one mind you..but a very cool virtual one. We were actually the hosts of the party.

We had ppl from all over the US, Europe and Australia. Everyone had a good time. Unfortunately I always forget to take photos while everyone is partying..and then kick myself I took a few pics afterwards and of the decorating I did on our Island in SL.

We had even hired a DJ for this event..Loved him!..He was attending the party from Germany.

Many don't get the whole SL (Second Life) thing and thats fine. We sure enjoy it...a very different form of chat but so full of possibilites.


Hill top on the island where ppl arrive.


Buffet set up for the party...


Overview of dance area...the blue/white glow u see on upper right corner..are flying ghosts...they flew around the spooky tree lol. I have more photos of the island in the SL folder in Flickr if u want a look.


We also went to a club with friends...He is Chris and I dancing a salsa together lol. His costume was a construction worker with toolbelt ...quite fitting given all the work he has been doing here at home lol.


So, although I work from home and only get one day out of the house per week...I am still able to meet interesting ppl from all over the world. It's more interesting then just's much more. We have a lovely island, rent out huts and play host to fun events. Doesn't get better then that lol.

Other then blogging , do u have any other online hobby? Other then my talking about it, have u heard of Second Life?

(PS...Last weeks episode of CSI New York..had a whole episode based on Second Life...they had to hunt down the murderer an avatar in SL...was pretty cool..and finished with a cliffhanger...the 2nd part will air in Febuary apparently. SL has a CSI NY simulator where one can find clues and solve mysteris now...Chris and I intend to explore it soon.


Pez said...

Your party looks like fun! I saw a segment on SL back when I was in Toronto on holiday (I think that is when it was) and they discussed how some people in wheelchairs are using SL as an outlet, especially since many of them are home-bound. I thought of you when I saw it because the first time I heard of SL was while reading your blog!

So, other than blogging, my other online hobbies are facebook, reading delphiforums and reading the news.

JustSue said...

I saw that episode of CSI: NY and thought of you when I was watching it! LOL

Glad to hear you had a good time!

Laynie Upshaw said...

I hadn't heard about the CSI episode! That explains some of the comments I overheard at the was just so dazzled by the goings-on. Moon, you throw a great shin-dig!

My online hobbies these days are finding new ways to spend time on SL. Also, I've played poker quite a bit...and of course, downloading music and podcasts.

Keep up the great work here! Hugs and kisses, Laynie!

cindy wilson said...

I signed up for SL when you sent me a invite, but I couldn't navigate around the site. gave up and finally just deleted it. It is going to cost me money to enroll again so just never bothered.

Other online hobbies. I like playing Guild Wars.


Star said...

SL seems like it would take more time than I would have to give it. Seems interestin though.

PI said...

That is so clever and really convincing

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very interesting! A FUN Halloween, so it would! I had never heard of SL till isiting you...And No, I have no other Internet Life besides blogging....Well, I am assuming you mean Chat Rooms, My Space, etc....
I don't do those things, though I visit many interesting sites and do a lot of shopping too!