Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So, this past summer my gf Theresa and I both took in a friend of both of our daughters ..for about a week each in June. The friends mom asked us because they were moving but the apartment wouldnt be ready for a few she needed to find places for both her daughters etc...long story short, we took Mel in for a cpl weeks each out turn....Later in the month the mom gave each Theresa and I a ticket to a show in the local theatre. A very nice gesture to thank us. Knowing also that me and Theresa are good friends, was a perfect gift to give us a girls night out.

Montreal and the surrounding area theatres...usually have really good shows. Quebec has it's own celebrity community..channels and very rich theatre culture...also often expanded into France and we were looking forward to what ever show we got the git tickets to.

We planned the whole evening, including a leisurely supper at a fondue resturant not far from the theatre. Perfect for catching up,as we don't see eachother often. It was just often do we let life pass us by with the mundane. Months seem to fly by without making time to spend with out good friends? I know, we all have lives, routines, jobs ...but when we finally do make the time, we wonder why it took so long. It was so nice to be with my dear friend. We have known eachother since out daughter's were 1 yrs old. So many many moons now lol.

Me & gf Theresa

So we get to the theatre...great seating. Totally anticipating what's to come. Not knowing really if it was a musical or a play or comedy.

One thing that struck us both...we were not dressed up like for a big theatre production in formal wear...but we did dress nicely..better then casual..Something I would think most would do. It's a show where a substantial price. I could not believe how most of the crowd was dressed badly...what I mean by that is many looked like they had their yard clothes on, no effort in their appearance what so ever! I mean COMMON.. What has happened to basic pride in one's appearance. I could even excuse very young adults because many don't know better but there was as many ppl our age dressed terribly. I am not a snob...I am not talking designer clothes either, I can't afford them myself..I am talking basic...clean, pressed appearance, combed hair !...Sloppy tops, ragged jeans, hair thrown in a ponytail like u are ready to clean the NOT appropriot for THE THEATRE no matter what the show! Am I over reacting here? ...moving on lol...

Turns out it was a music meadly of 80's songs. It was also a premier performance. Now, I am in my 40's so 80's tunes is what I enjoyed in my clubing figured it would be fun even though it's not my prefered choice of music. Theresa in turn...thought the same thing...we are here to enjoy.

Curtin opens...intruments are set up across the stage. Music starts and 2 ppl start singing.

OH ...MY...GOD....!!!...We both started laughing so hard (in eachothers shoulders ofcourse!)...but unfortunatley this wasn't a comedy! It was the WORST show we had ever seen! The costumes were terrible, and although both singers weren't bad, the whole production and what they called choreography was middle school quality lmao! We couldn't wait for the intermission so we COULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! LOL.

We filed out along with most who wanted a smoke outside. My friend smokes so she lit one up while we decided what to do as the night was young and we certainly didn't want to waste it sitting in there ...OH THE HORRORS!! LMAO

Suddenly we hear an alarm in the building. (thinking that someone pulled the alarm for an excuse to leave like us lmao) We see the police pull up, then a fire truck then another emergency vehicle. There was no fire but they had to do the rounds anyway. As this is happening, we decide to call her hubby to come get us and go to her house to drink some wine and just enjoy the rest of our Friday night together. As we are waiting, I notice a fireman standing near the emergency's a truck I have never seen before. I strike up a convo with him..very nice young man...told him of the stellar show lol...had a few laughs...then ask him what exactly the vehicle is. He explains it's for various things..and offers to show us the interior WHOO HOO, COOL! It has built in seats with oxygen incase firemen need it after being in fire...also to rest...there is 2 desk areas with laptops for the supervisors incase of major oversee operations...also a place for ppl that need a place to keep warm incase they are forced out of their homes because of a fire...also all the equiptment needed incase of any dangerous substances or emergency etc...was all very interesting...and I was happy to tell him, that it made up for a wasted hour in the theatre hands down! I was just telling Theresa that ...just watch, as we are stepping down out of the vehicle...her hubby would show up to see us doing so and say WTF..ARE U TWO UP TOO? and that's EXACTLY what happened lol!

Too funny!...We went on to her house, drank some wine something I RARELY do and had a terrific evening. Chris joined us as soon as he got off work for a bit and we came home. Turned out to be alot of fun.

I had to throw in a pic of my new boots. Got them last month at Macy's..when we went to NY state. Along with the very nice satin lined pants I got on sale! LOL

Ankle boots

Just moi, before my gf arrived to pick me up. New, see through blouse with simple camisole underneath but hard to tell lol.

New duds to see a show with my gf.

Now tell I over reacting by being dissapointed at the lack of basic pride of appearance with regards to an evening at the theatre or concert or even just an outting? .....Please share...


kenju said...

Moon, first let me say you look wonderful!!

You are right about the way people dress for the theater now. I attended a Broadway show in Feb. or March and I was very surprised at the range of clothing styles we saw - everything from ball gowns to ragged jeans. It is appalling!

Anonymous said...

Moon, You look SOO Good! You look younger too!

Anyway.. I've gotten used to seeing terrible dress just about anywhere. It's bad when you feel out of place for being too well dressed. Especially when you didn't do anything THAT speical.. lol


rfun6 said...

I've never attended a theater of any kind, but I would think that one would want to dress up. I would anyways. But you look fabulous. Did I spell it right? I am getting more and more jealous. LOL.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Nobody dresses up anymore for the Theatre, anywhere...They look clean and not like they are unmade beds, but Very Very Casual! Broadway, Regional, here in Los's the same thing, except fpr The Opera. Some people still do dress for The Opera. I don't mean Black tie, but I do mean Ties and Jackets, etc....

It's just the way it is now and I'm not sure how that happened...!

You look great in the pictures and that show sounded utterly dreadful! (lol) What fun though, to get a tour of that Fire Truck Vehicle.....It sounds HUGE!

Star said...

So very true Moon. Hubby and I take the train to New York now and then for a show. We just saw Hairspray and loved it. I usd to dress for the occaission, but was usually over dresssed. Now I dress for comfort like everyone else. Let me tell you sneakers makes running for the train a lot more comfy than he boots I used to wear.

Granny Annie said...

How does this sound? We helped a friend, we got tickets to a show, we went to a good show and everyone was nicely dressed, we went home. Naw, that wouldn't have been a fun evening or a good blog story. It turns out you got tickets to the time of your life filled with lots of laughter. What more could you want? Loved it!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me over to see you today, and I'm glad she did...If you want to see am incredibly talented women who has appeared on Broadway many times and won FOUR Tony Awards...You will be thrilled by the great voice and professionalism...Compared to the "show", and I use the word loosley...(LOL)..that you write about in this post--Well there is no comparison! COME ON OVER TO MY PLACE....!
Even though that show was dreadful I think it was great you got to see that fabulous Fire Truck!

November Rain said...

michelle sent me and your outfit looked great

My cousin and sister and I got all dolled up to see Hello Dolly with Carol Channing

it was a night to remember for me

PI said...

I couldn't agree with you more Moon;. You both looked great. What an evening - but not entirely a disaster. In the sixties - the sixties mind you - I went to the Paris Opera dressed in a pink gorgette gown with beautiful feathers all round the hem and silver accessories and I swear to you the whole audience were in jeans.
Here from Michele this time.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Problem Solved! It was helpful to know that other people could see the comments....Monty suggested I refresh...I did, and there was everything! I wish I understood why...LOL....But I don't!
Thanks for your help, too!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog and fantastic pics,it shows out how beautiful you are inside.Best wishes to you Moon and Chris.Kisses.Jenscka.