Saturday, November 24, 2007

A SUMMIT ATTAINED! and the reasons WHY!

I haven't talked much lately about my weight loss. WHY? Because I was forever stuck in a stawl. Very frustrating to say the least when I kept seeing 201 to 205 lbs on the scale for over 2 months...ARGGHH!. Good thing you all didn't hear the obscene expletives used everytime I got on that scale..would make a truck driver blush! I just wanted to break the 200 lb mark!! Then FINALLY I did! I let out a WHOOP and Chris came running in and WHOOPED some more! This happened last week. I didn't blog about it untill I knew it has STUCK lol. That day I was 199.5 lbs ...YES ...Just under the 200 mark, but hey its UNDER! Today it is 197 lbs so I'm glad the process has finally restarted. That day of Whooping, Chris went to work and came home that day with this beautiful bouquet of flowers ..AWE..what a guy.

Weight breakthough flowers 2

Many who know little about Gastric Bypass surgery, figure it to be the easy way out. It's a normal thought actually. But untrue. Yes it reduces the stomach size thus restricting food intake. But alot less food means, takes alot less time to digest..and one can become hungry alot faster. In the beginning, eating is baby steps so the weight falls can be painful, difficult and u ask yourself wtf was I thinking. BUT once u start eating more normally, all be it smaller portions, u feel your life get abit easier. That said, even with smaller portions, u always have to watch out for high caloric addicts will always be food addicts so its easy to sneak in stuff, specially if u don't have the dumping syndrome...I don't...but I have tryed to be logical and not gone over board. I have also been working hard on the treadmill and eliptical.many don't. The hard part is dealing with having to eat often, which again goes against what we are used..but that said, we are hungry often because we eat smaller portions. I was stuck for that reason. Nothing was moving. Untill I started changing more things that we eat, I say we, because Chris loves everything I have made from the G I Diet Cookbook . It's what started the motor working again, so here are some more photos of recipes made ...absolutely delicious! Below is White Chicken Chili with low fat sourcream topping on a bed of Basmatic rice.White Chicken Chili

Below is the Apple crumb recipe but I used Canned peaches instead...worked wonderfully! We loved it!

Peach Crumble

Below is Chicken Tagine...a terrific Moroccan dish served with Basmatic rice and sprinkled with fresh mint. Just Devine!

Chicken Tangine

Finally , here we have Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese carrot cake I have ever had, no joke. It's moist and absolutley delicious...without the icing it's a green lite food, like all the others above..meaning u can eat these foods WITHOUT GUILT they are the things u can eat as much as u want foods...with reason they say, don't eat 12 apples in a day, it's just not smart lol. With the icing it's yellow lite, meaning a few calories, so be careful. But again the icing is made with the lowest fat cream cheese, no fat plain yogourt, some splenda and its very smart as icings go. It's VERY filling so one piece is enough. Let me point out that the part cut out here was enough for 3 servings NOT one lol, I wanted to show the inside of the cake lol.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icubg

I hope I haven't made u too hungry lol. I do hope however that some of you go out to get this cookbook, it has been fun cooking and baking new things but knowing they are all EXCELLENT for us with no compromising on taste, is just the Cherry on the top! Also the only reason I have restarted losing weight.

Please share...have u any really great food tips? Or recipe books you know of that give great healthy alternatives? Btw the link to the book I am talking about is inbedded in the title here G I Diet Cook Book.


Wakela Runen said...

Woohoo! Grats on getting below 200. I know how hard that is. I have been battling back and forth at 220 for about a month now. Its getting frustrating.

I am going to check out that G.I. diet book. The things you made sound scrumptious.

Smiler said...

I did a fitness competition once and was put on a pretty strict fitness diet, and one of the things they recommend is basically what you're now forced to do, which is eat many meals (with small portions) throughout the day. I had to eat 6-8 per day! NOT full meals of course. They were more like large snacks. Protein in every meal and a reasonable amount of carbs with whole grain rice and yams as the best choices. Quinoa is also a great choice. Plenty of greens and vegetables in there as well, obviously.

It was a VERY effective diet let me tell you. Of course there has to be portion control , but that you have to do anyway, it sounds like. When it comes to dieting, I've done it all. I was obsessed with wanting to be super thin. Just silliness. I vowed not to get on a diet again, because the fact is I don't actually need it - I just to watch what I eat like everybody else. When it comes to diet and nutrition tips, I'm a pretty good resource, if I say so myself.

Michele sent me over to tell you all that today! Hope it's helpful!

Awareness said...

bonjour la lune!

Michele sent you to me and now she sends me to you. :) Thank you for such nice comments on my techie post. Glad you could relate.

And, bravo!! May you continue to work so successfully towards your goal. It takes such grit and determination....something I am sorely lacking these days......and will revisit your site for inspiration.

take care're not too far away from moi....I'm just a little east of you down the trans canada!

kenju said...

I am happy for you, Moon! And your recipes sound great. I'll have to check out the cookbook.

Pez said...

Whoop! Congrats!!

cindy wilson said...

Glad to hear you have started losing weight again. I need to do that or at least exercise but don't hae the motivation to do so at this time. Will check out the cook book.


Omykiss said...

I bet you've just added lots of more healthy years to your life ...... well done!

Bob-kat said...

That is great news. Well done!

Those meals look great so I will have to take a peek at the cookbook thoguh they have made me hungry!

Anna said...

Congrats again hon on reaching and surpassing your goal. Toldja all your hard work was paying off.

Thanks for the link to the book, there are sample recipes on the site, I'm actually going to make the Chicken Jambalaya tonight for dinner.

Have a great day.


PI said...

Well done Moon. I know it is a good thing to do health wise and you look beautiful in any case. It helps a lot if your husband will eat the same. I have a low fat diet and we both eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables but my husband has a weakness for pies. It's a Scottish thing.

Bess said...

Congratulations!! :) I know that clothes shopping problem. I lost quite a bit of weight a couple of years ago. Now this year I've been slowly losing ground, and either I'm going to have to figure out how to change my eating/exercise habits, or I'll need to break down and buy some new clothes in a size up. That's one way to get motivated to be healthy -- I don't want to spend the money on a new wardrobe. :)

Your recipes look delicious. I've been eating out a lot lately, or making quick-fix type things at home that aren't exactly health food. That might explain that need-some-new-pants problem that I have. :)

Anonymous said...

Great News Monette, I knew you could do it,,,now onto the next hurdle,,this will give you the inspiration to keep at it! James Sinclair

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gee, that is wonderful Moon...! And that Diet Book looks very very uinteresting. It makes sense that certain foods are better for you because they take longer to digest---therefor you eat less...! CONGRATULATIIONS to you for breaking the barrier!