Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hard to believe that my baby will be starting College this January! We got the acceptance papers yesterday. She is very excited! She is entering a program this first semester that is pretty open so she can do credits while seeing what major program she wants to go for. Her goal is arts and music if she can swing it. Time will tell. The important thing was getting her foot in the door.

I think it worked out better that she had to wait a session rather then start last sept because of late credits coming in ect. Why..well,She just turned 17, 2 months ago! But also because she started working in a nice french resturant this summer...in the kitchen.When the tourist season dropped off...she started working with some ppl, putting up TEMO's (they are those temporary car port things ppl errect for the winter). While still keeping her kitchen job during the weekends. So unless it rained...she has been working 7 days a week. I am proud of her...she has been putting money aside to help with her college costs.

She has done some more growing up while earning some money. Also not afraid to work hard to earn it. I think this hard work experience was exactly what she needed before starting college. The fact that she is helping to pay for it herself will also make her more serious about the school part.....I can only hope lol. Reality tells me that the college scene is also full of *LET'S PARTY!* mode but those are things she will have to weigh for herself.

This time last year , she was all about...OMG, I CAN'T WAIT TO LIVE ON MY OWN! ON CAMPUS or WITH FRIENDS IN AN APARTMENT...speach...u know the whole, I NEED MY SPACE...chant. After working for her own money these past months, she realized alot of things...(althought these things I had often pointed out myself) but u know how us parents have no idea what we are talking about.

Anyway, she had these thoughts of being on her own, going to college, working full time to pay for all that by herself. I have nothing against the idea, lord knows many ppl do it. But there was no need in her case. She could still get a part time job, live at home and travel to school with alot less living expenses.

Well low and behold...in the past months, her ideas have reflected the realization that she would get alot more out of remaining home....HMMM I wonder why lol.

It's all good...and it get's even better. She finally broke up with the LOSER bf she had since the beginning of last summer. I knew..as any mother would, that it would eventually die but it was a slow death. Although I.m not surprised as it was her first SERIOUS relationship. She was aware of our opinion of him to a certain extent, but he was welcome here regardless as he was her bf. She had to come to her own conclusions...and thank goodness she did!

She has just turned 17 yet a new chapter in her life begins and I'm just so happy for her. The fact that she is a free bird going in, will help her fly even higher. Knowing she can always land safely at home everyday will make her and MY life alot easier also lol!


Bob-kat said...

That is wonderful news! I am sure she will make you even more proud than she has already. Doing work before going to college would have helped her a lot, I know it did me!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Anna said...

I agree, I think the work experience before starting college was a great way for her to put her life into perspective and the fact that she was younger than most graduating out of high school waiting a semester or two even would not effect her at all.

I'm so glad things are better, with a mom and step-dad like you Chris it was only a matter of time that she'd get it right. She is a beautiful and intelligent young lady (takes after her mom).

Great news about her kicking the bf to the curb too.


Sara said...

Moon, thank you for visiting my blog over the week-end. Oh, I love going to Montreal...although I don't have my passport yet - so, another visit will have to wait a while.

Your daughter has made some good decisions! And, she is quite beautiful. Hope she does well with all the tries...

kenju said...

Congratulations, Mom; I know you are very proud! I am glad to see that she lost the BF, and she will be much better off without being tied down as she starts college.

Omykiss said...

One of my friends commented recently about this generation of growing-up kids. She was pondering on how the kids seem to move off on their own for a while and keep returning back to the home nest before moving on again. My kids do that too ... nice!

Pez said...

Congratulations to your dd! And to you! I can tell you are so proud of her.

PI said...

What a smashing girl your daughter sounds. I really admire her work ethic and you are right to be proud of her. Atta girl!

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)