Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Winter finally showed up with a vengence! Up till now, we have had a mild fall/winter season. It's rare that we don't have snow by a matter of fact, it is even more rare to still have very sunny warmish days in Nov even. Yesterday was our day out, and full of sunshine and crisp fall air. No snow in sight...shoe weather. I am so glad we got so much shopping for xmas done, because today...actually only from this morning...we have been got this...

First snow winter o9 (2
Chris shoveling because the snow removal tractor hasn't come yet and we were expecting someone so there needed to be some room lol
First snow winter o9 (3
The back deck..
Then within only 4 hours, Chris had to go out again start all over again!...the winds and snow was really bad...
First snow winter o9 (4
YAY! The tractor is here! The tractor is here!
First snow winter o9 (6
Sure makes quick work of a 7 car driveway full of snow!
Snow much?
Needless to say it was all or nothing this year, gradual inching into we got the full forse gails of blizzard, aprox 1 foot of snow in one day..ooouufff...Where are my thick boot socks!?
The good news is we paid for the snow removal for the driveway...GREAT IDEA! and worth every penny!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


It's not officialy Xmas untill all the decorations are out! We got it done lastnight. I couldn't wait this year. I love it, the house looks great. I even did the village with a train set going around the tree base. Something I hadn't done in years. Here are a few photos.
NOËL 09 1
NOEL 09 (10
I like to try different things when I do my tree every so often. Some years I do lots of bows, or pearl garland ...This year I got fake holly twigs, and stuck them all over, I just love how it looks, Mostly red but a few gold ones.
This next photo, I just love! It just worked....looks like Mikey is sliding down the ribbon, looks up at the big crystal in his way as if to say Uh Oh...and u also see the red holly I am talking about just behind him ...
NOËL 09 2
Day time pic...
NOËL 09 8

I have a few more pics in flickr...or just click on any of these to make them bigger.....I am thrilled it's all done...I got some great news this week. My dad and his wife will be flying in from Saskatchewan to spend Christmas with us. My sister Brigitte and her husband Glen is also coming from Ottawa as dad will be here...I am beside myself. It will be the first Christmas with my emmediate family in over 27 yrs! This will be an awesome Noël with family , fun and making new memories!!

What are your plans for this Xmas? Do you have special traditions? I love hearing what different family do for their holidays...