Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Had someone told me a yr ago that I would be sporting a pair of these silly work out gloves I would have scoffed and rolled my eyes..Seriously..
My opinion of them were the same as those goobers who get all kitted out from head to toe for a new sport to then give it up after one trial class lol..
Well, I have to admit to being wrong about the work out gloves...In Jan when I started working out, my hands kept slipping off the treadmill handles, I fashioned thick faceclothes on the handles with elastics lol, that helped but I honestly have sweaty hands..and once on the Bow flex or eliptical machine I had the same prob...Chris suggested we get me a pair of the gloves..I still scoffed lol..
We happen to be in a sport section shortly after that..he grabbed a pair for me..Next day I put them on. Chris that sexy way...said they looked damn sexy LOL! I had to admit they looked cool, in that.(I look like I work out for real kinda way)...because even if it's been months, I still don't have that feeling of knowing what I am doing or feel like one of those jock kinda ppl lol...but I can say that my nifty sports gloves are awesome! They wick away the sweat. No need for my elastic bound washcloths on handles..I have a good grip on the bowflex and the treadmill...and I might add that they are a total fashion statement, especially when I have red nail polish on LOL.
So this week, after a month from working out..I got back on the workout horse so to speak. Due to having company , then busy painting a few rooms in the house I took a break from it but the worst was getting very sick with Bronchitis and an acute sinus infection putting me out of commision for over 2 weeks...So although I am mostly over it , I am still never far from tissues..still blowing my nose alot lol...

It has actually felt good to be back on track so to speak..I still hate every moment of it..that I doubt will ever change but I feel so good when I got it done...

I have every reason to continue ..but I think the boost I got this week helped alot.
Chris and I went shopping this week, I had to check out a few great summer sales..and tryed on a cpl dresses. After finding a few way to big, I was astonished that I got into size 16! ...and the WOW I got when I pulled the changing room curtain aside, from Chris..was certainly nice also...I was beaming from having a 16 on, and he was beaming ...period lol..
Now, a 16 might not be spectacular to many...but it's a leap for me when you consider I wore a 24-26 for yrs..It has been an uphill battle but worth it ..through surgery which certainly helps but is not a magic pill by any means...and working out as consistantly as I can...

I plan to post a pic of my new dresses next time I get dolled up ...untill then...I hope to keep wearing my sexy work out gloves the Nike logo on them mean... JUST DO IT!