Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Night

Yes I was among the millions watching the Oscars last night. I guessed right for alot of the winners YAY. I was so pleased that Jamie Foxx won for Ray...I was so rooting for him. I loved Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby..I was sure she would win...she really goes all out for a role. I was thrilled that Clint won in Directing, although it was my wish, I was sure Martin Scorsese would get it, I was right and wrong lol.

I noticed that for a few catagories they put the mic at the back of the room where the nominees were sitting, at first I assumed it was just easier camera wise to have it all there. I was sad that these ppl were not afforded their chance on the big stage...I mean GEEZ's part and parcel that all the behind scenes ppl no one see's, work as hard on these great movies as well as the actors we do see. So why do they not get there WHOLE MINUTE of center stage like the rest of them? To save some precious time? To fit another commercial in? I think they should all get their chance on stage and not in the middle of an isle, after all, it's an OSCAR!...

My other observation will only be appreciated by french speaking ppl out there that happen to see or rather hear the song (Look to your Path) or (Vois Sur Ton Chemin) sung by Beyonce....I'm sure to all others it sounded great...unless you were french speaking..frankly it was giberish...seriously..I can appreciate an effort but frankly why ask someone to sing a french song if they don't speak the language unless its Opera lol....I was straining myself to understand as she sang...with my jaw dropping in disbelief as it went on...when the phone was Shannon..she says..."are u listening to the Oscars? " I say yes, " OK, mom was just saying she thought Beyonce was doing a great job, so I told her the only way to find out is if we call someone who would know for sure lol".....I told her that thus far through the course of the song and convo I could understand about 3 words in all ....

My niece 16 and daughter 14 are hanging around the living room with me, enjoying what they can of the Oscars, niether able to really get into the Oscars except to appreciate all the beautiful dresses ...why? because my daughter and niece only speak french...they only understand a few words in english....enough to discern bits of my convo with Shan on the niece says..with horrified look on her face..." YOU MEAN SHE IS SINGING THAT IN FRENCH?!"...daugher says "NO WAY!"... I repeat this to Shan and say...that sums it up for ya lol.....we both burst out laughing.
I guess some would think me harsh, but frankly would they have asked someone to sing the spanish song on there who wasn't latin? With all the talent out there, I am sure it would have been easy enough to find someone who could have sung that in actual french lol....she was lovely , she sang the other two great, to bad she didn't pull off the french one...but hey...who cares right? Not like most could understand it anyway .
Cept us lol.

Other then that, I didn't happen to notice any marked dressing distasters. Most looked great...but I may have missed something while Luc had a few epileptic siezures. He rarely does that and had he not been blind I could have sworn he saw something hidious that I missed to put him in the throws of not one but 2 siezures poor guy.

He later had 3 more...another one early this morning. His brain is not all there in the best of times but after all that it was total mush. He peed on his chair while eating breakfast. When I noticed it start to rain under his kitchen chair, I knew it wasn't cause a cloud had formed there. Needless to say our day started off badly lol He seems to have stablized now. Left a message with his doc to call me. Let's just hope it's just an anomally.

So there it is. Hope you enjoyed the Oscars if not let's hope u had something better to do.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lucky Lady........That would be ME

Ok, I am giving you all a forewarning. This post may cause some a gag reflex, or straight out hurling. While others will appreciate the AWE factor and be able to relate my need to share my good fortune. I do believe I have friends and family out there that will smile and be happy for me. Others will role there eyes but secretly wish they had a partner who put as much thought into this as my Chris did.

So about a week before Valentines, Chris came home and by the end of the evening he could stand it no longer. He declared that he was to start Valentines early. He had bought me something and just couldn't wait to give it to me. To my astonishment, he presented me with a beautiful Blue Topaz pendant. Very large emerald cut stone. It's simplicity showcasing the beauty of the stone itself. Exactly what I would have chosen had I been shopping for it myself. He had bought me a pretty blue topaz ring last year that goes very nicely with this.

So Valentines Day arrives, because we had already exchanged gifts we basically told eachother that some chocolates and takeout would be great for the day in question.
I posted earlier about me getting him an opera ticket and I added a Bonsai tree plant. Something he has always wanted.

I was awaiting his arrival from work. With table set using the new chinese place settings with chopsticks from China, from sis, along with some candles, I wanted to add something new that he hadn't aready seen so I got a set of beer flute glasses. They have gothic puter symbols on them, very cool looking. Chris rarely drinks but I remember once in a resturant he was served his beer in a tall beer flute and he really prefered that to a beer mug. Anyway, chinese food was on its way and so was Chris.
The troops were all fed so it was just us for supper. Although we had a moaning blind mute guy at the other end of the table...didn't matter lol....Amazing what you get used to after awhile. You make it work or u don't lol.

Chris gets home. He walks in the door with a rose between his teeth, his lunchbag in one hand and his coat thrown over his other arm. Little did I know he was hidding more stuff.

He presents me the rose, we go into the kitchen to unwrap it. It crosses my mind that he could have hung his coat at the door but just figured he wanted to be near me as I unwrapped the rose.

We look at the rose, we both smell it then he says "That is for your sense of smell, your nose" AWEEEE

Then he pulls out a smallish gift bag. I open it to find Chocolate Truffles. He then says "These are for your sense of taste, your mouth"

He then pulls out a really big gift bag from under his coat lol , I am totally floored by this time, not only because he has this whole theme going but also how the hell he was able to hide all that under his coat drapped on his arm.

This gift bag had a gorgeous Indian Tea Pot...very nice decorative piece. "That is for your eyes and sight" he says.

Then he pulls out ONE MORE gift bag, this one about the same size as the truffles box. I unwrap a beautifully carved wooden Yogi, he is in a meditation position. Chris then says, "This is for your soul, your inner self" "Je t'aime mon amour" (I love you my love)

OK, all together now...AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Am I a lucky lady or what?!?!
Can any of you ladies blame me for wanting to share this?

I could only wish the same for all women out there to be treated as well as I am. It also has nothing to do with money or the ability to buy me nice things. Yes this yr it turned out that way but last yr he didn't yet have a job so he worked for a month in the little tool room. totally off limits to me at the time, I might add......working on a carving of his own making. It's two ppl with entwined arms in an abstact kind of way, with a metal sheet background added showing a cresent moon cut out of it. He fashioned a candle holder behind that so u only see the light of the candle behind the cresent moon. This all done with stuff he found. But made with love. His banging in the tool room was fodder for lots of banter and laughter over that month knowing full well he had never made or carved anything before. I could only tease him in saying he was just banging on a rock to make it sound good lol. He so surprised me in the end.

I have added the pics of all the special things he gave me. I am a visial person so I can appreciate being able to see what is being discussed. Hope you enjoy.

I got this Valentines gift about a week before . He just couldn't keep it in his coat pocket. The picture doesn't give this Blue Topaz it's due justice...I have to hand it to Chris, he has good taste and an eye for nice peices.  Posted by Hello

This is an Indian tea pot, more decorative given its size. This was for the eyes. Posted by Hello

This is a Yogi, in a meditation position, this represented soul. Inner peace. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Worldly Treasures

I promised on an earlier post that I would add some pics of the cool stuff my sister brought back from her travels with our Prime Minister of Canada. As I previoiusly stated, she went to Africa, Chili in Nov. In Jan. they went to India, Sri Lanka, Japan and China. Here are some of the things she brought back from those trips for us.

This is a black Pashmina (scarf) with the pearl necklace and its pouch that my sister got all of us as gifts.  Posted by Hello

My fav mask, this one is also from Sri Lanka Posted by Hello

Mask from Sri Lanka Posted by Hello

Vase from India, basket from Sudan, Tamtam from Sri Lanka, toy from Chili. Posted by Hello

Here is 2 of the masks I got, black one is from Sudan Africa, other is a household good luck charm from Chili. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005


Some somber news to share. On Valentines Day, last Monday, my aunt Madeleine was taking her daily walk. She was almost home but had to cross on a crosswalk. A van stopped for her to cross but as she continued to traverse the street, a BMW was apparently unaware of what a crosswalk means, and without even any time to apply his breaks, hit my aunt as she finished crossing infront of the stopped van.

My aunt was all of 100lbs of physically fit 70 year old. She was the kind of person you definately wanted at your partys. She was full of life, funny, and always getting the ball rolling. She sang and played guitar and was a huge character regardless of her tiny stature. I remember her sticking pencils up her nose to mimick a walrus when I was kid to make me laugh...all the cousins in the family knew that Madeleine was a card and we all loved her. She never married nor had children. She did however have a career as Head of Laboratory Technicians in the hospital she worked in WINNIPEG MANITOBA. She retired a few years ago.

Now because of one persons negligence, my aunt is lying all broken in a hospital bed. She has half of her face smashed in, bleeding from nose mouth and on her brain.
Her neck is severed so her brain is not properly connected anymore . Her arm is all broken along with her leg so basically the side the car hit her on just bashed her in totally. There is not much that can be done. She had a living will and had all her arrangements taken care of years ago. Because of the living will they ascertained that she did not want heroic measures taken under certain circumstances thus the doctors involved have now taken her off life support. She is breathing on her own but it is just a matter of time given her grave condition. They have assured the family that she is being given pain meds so hopefully her passing will be in peace. It should be over within a day or two or less.

One of my cousins, also niece to this aunt, was appointed executer years ago. She has been the one to deal with all this since she is the only one that lives in Winnipeg as well. Her and her husband have also been the ones getting all the info from the police concerning this tragic accident. The investigation is ongoing but I certainly hope this recklass ass gets charged what he deserves for killing someone. Although my aunt isn't dead yet, her brain is and her life is over. I hope he lives with the remorse of knowing that for the rest of his life.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


YES! Folks, I actually went out yesterday! It wasn't to get the groceries either!! Actually my sister was taking the train into Montreal yesterday so she could spend the weekend with her hubby's grandmother (Lili). The plan was for us to pick her up then take her and Lili out for supper.

The train station is underground, with one of the exits being the QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL just above. It's a very swanky place. You know the kind with the uniformed doorman. There are also a few nice boutiques, a bar lounge and a Tea salon.

We arrived early so it was nice to just leisurely check out the different boutiques then take a comfortable seat in the Tea Lounge. Chris is a tea lover so he knows and has tasted many different teas. I on the other hand, am not a tea lover so opted for a sumptuous hot chocolate. Let me add that the tea was $6, but with the 3 teared cookie platter it was priced at $26 instead. We opted for just straight tea lol. My hot chocolate had same price choices lol. Although each of us had a small pot which equalled atleast 3 cups each which in effect wasn't all that bad. I also had a small pot of freshly whipped cream for my hot chocolate YUMMM. Lets face it , I think it's also all about the atmosphere as well. I love the people watching in a place such as this. They can't help but lead to richer contemplations if you know what I mean.

We both enjoyed the quiet luxury of it. In eachothers company, out of the house, enjoying something delicious, in a pair of William and Mary chairs. What more did we need?.....Oh right, my sister was on her way, almost forgot lol.

Our timing was perfect. We were done by the time she made her way to meet us. We got in the car and were on our way to Lili's within minutes. We had actually found a parking space close, and for downtown Montreal that could be compared to an act of God.

We got Lili and went to a nice resturant. The meal was great and the company was entertaining. Lili is a great lady. My sister is very close to her and spends as much time as she can with her between her trips all over the world with the Prime Minister. Lilli lost her husband last year so Brigitte knows how lonely she must get. It was funny how my sis Brigitte teased Lili. If Lili was trying to remember something or other, sis would say "Lili are u smoking pot again?" or "I knew u had ADD, you really need to get that checked out" then Lili would say "OH BRIGITTE!!" It was cute to watch.

After that we went back to Lili's house for coffee. Brigitte had brought all the stuff she had picked up in her travels for us. In Nov before she was off to Africa, we gave her some money to pick up some souvenires if she could. They don't always have the time to shop or they shop for others if one has the free time. I think many want to bring stuff home for family. Not knowing if they will ever have that chance again.

Well let me tell you!!! I couldn't believe all the stuff I got! Besides spending our money, sis also got some stuff for us that she gave us as gifts. I haven't photographed any of it yet but I will shortly so u can see all the cool things I got. The countries she got them at are, Africa, Sundan, Burkina-Faso, Chili, Newdeli India, Shri-Lanka, Bajing China. Needless to say I got lots of cool stuff. I will label it all with pics soon.

One of the presents she got, I just have to mention. In Bajing China, they are famous for their pearl industry. She found really nice pearl necklaces there. Not cultured but clear water pearls with slight imperfections. They all look perfectly round to me. Anyway, each pearl necklace has its own chinese satin drawstring pouch. They are very nice. My sister bought one of these for each of us in the family. Mom, me, other sis, mom inlaw, Lili, herself , and as presents for other friends etc. Sis checked out the equivilant pearl necklaces here, they are of an aprox value of $190 Canadian funds.......She got them for $10 each there!!!!!!!!! I know, unbelievable eh!!! Besides getting us gorgeous wide scarfs or if u want to call them pashminas, for $5 each. I got a really pretty black one. OK, I will stop now untill I have pics lol. Just had to tell u some of it all, and share my awesome day. Oh yeah, was great to see my sister too lol.

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Friday, February 04, 2005


I got this in an e-mail from a friend..some of u may have already seen it, never the less READ IT AGAIN! if it can help just one person along the way, it was worth passing it around. Share with your sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, u never know what could happen....these are some very simple tools that may make the biggest difference in a very bad a life.....0x0x0x Monette

Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke)

This is important information for women of all ages.
Guys - please forward to the female members of your
family and all your female friends and associates.

Please pass it along. Through a Rapist's Eyes (No

A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were
interviewed on what they look for in a potential
victim and here are some interesting facts:

1) The first thing men look for in a potential victim
is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a
woman with a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle
that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go
after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair
are not common targets.

2) The second thing men look for is clothing. They
will look for women who's clothing is easy to remove
quickly. Many of them carry scissors around to cut

3) They also look for women on their cell phone,
searching through their purse or doing other
activities while walking because they are off guard
and can be easily overpowered.

4) The time of day men are most likely to attack and
rape a woman is in the early morning, between 5 and
8:30 a.m

5) The number one place women are abducted
from/attacked at is grocery store parking lots. Number
two is office parking lots/garages. Number three is
public restrooms.

6) The thing about these men is that they are looking
to grab a woman and quickly move her to a second
location where they don't have to worry about getting

7) Only 2% said they carried weapons because rape
carries a 3-5 year sentence but rape with a weapon is
15-20 years.

8) If you put up any kind of a fight at all, they get
discouraged because it only takes a minute or two for
them to realize that going after you isn't worth it
because it will be time-consuming.

9) These men said they would not pick on women who
have umbrellas, or other similar objects that can be
used from a distance, in their hands. Keys are not a
deterrent because you have to get really close to the
attacker to use them as a weapon. So, the idea is to
convince these guys you're not worth it.

10) Several defense mechanisms he taught us are: If
someone is following behind you on a street or in a
garage or with you in an elevator or stairwell, look
them in the face and ask them a question, like what
time is it, or make general small talk, I can't
believe it is so cold out here, we're in for a bad
winter. Now you've seen their face and could identify
them in a line-up, you lose appeal as a target.

11) If someone is coming toward you, hold out your
hands in front of you and yell Stop or Stay back! Most
of the rapists this man talked to said they'd leave a
woman alone if she yelled or showed that she would not
be afraid to fight back. Again, they are looking for
an EASY target.

12) If you carry pepper spray (this instructor was a
huge advocate of it and carries it with him wherever
he goes,) yelling quot I HAVE PEPPER SPRAY! quot and
holding it out will be a deterrent.

13) If someone grabs you, you can't beat them with
strength but you can by outsmarting them. If you are
grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the
attacker either under the arm between the elbow and
armpit or in the upper inner thigh -- HARD. One woman
in a class this guy taught told him she used the
underarm pinch on a guy who was trying to date rape
her and was so upset she broke through the skin and
tore out muscle strands - the guy needed stitches. Try
pinching yourself in those places as hard as you can
stand it; it hurts.

14) After the initial hit, always go for the groin...
I know from a particularly unfortunate experience that
if you slap a guy's parts it is extremely painful. You
might think that you'll anger the guy and make him
want to hurt you more, but the thing these rapists
told our instructor is that they want a woman who
will not cause a lot of trouble. Start causing
trouble, and he's out of there.

15) When the guy puts his hands up to you, grab his
first two fingers and bend them back as far as
possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as
possible. The instructor did it to me without using
much pressure, and I ended up on my knees and both
knuckles cracked audibly.

16) Of course the things we always hear still apply.
Always be aware of your surroundings, take someone
with you if you can and if you see any odd behavior,
don't dismiss it, go with your instincts. You may
feel a little silly at the time, but you'd feel much
worse if the guy really was trouble.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence

You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.
Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.
You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.
A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.

You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.