Thursday, May 14, 2009


WOW, where to start.
Ok, well, those who read me, know that we have been working on our downstairs. My once sewing room had to be revamped into a bedroom. We also had our room to repaint and fix up. Long over due. I hadn't mentioned why we started all this. We wanted to wait till it was official.

Chris' daughter will be living with us! We are very happy. Both his son and daughter were coming from France for the summer but his daughter isn't going back. She will start college here in sept. I am also thrilled for Chris to have atleast one of his children here. Hopefully his son will come in a cpl yrs to do the same.
More news still.....
We have known for a long time that we need a bigger house. Just reading the above, proves that point lol. I have however always hoped that I could have another client or two.
I have kept an eye open on houses for sale, out of curiousity and my own wish and dream that it could somehow happen some day. It happens that I saw an open house for one that was very interesting. I told Chris I thought we should go have a look. We have in past, seen a few show homes in new developements but as nice as they were, there was always something that wouldn't work for us. Specially given the needs one of our clients has..needing to be on a main floor all the time etc
Anyway, this was the first lived in home I have wanted to go see. It was more then I thought we could afford but it was stronger then me...I thought we should go see it.
We did...OMG it is a beautiful home! It also met all our needs and then some! I fell in love and so did Chris. It's our dream home and a place I could even have 2 more clients plus a room for each of our children....yes it has 7 bedrooms!
As Chris said, we have to try to see if its a posibility so we called the bank.
Cost nothing to try, and you lose more if u didn't and regret it always. So we saw our banker and it's taken a week but after crunching the numbers, it would seem that WE HAVE THE FINANCING! YAY! We have to sell our house ofcourse..but that's ok. We retained the agent selling the other house, we already have a sign on the lawn and we have been working like crazy getting the downstairs ready. After the initial sewing room clean, we hadn't gotten alot done, since we had lot's of time. Since this has happened, we havent stopped for 5 days. Painting, putting a new floating floor down in the former sewing room.Our room is now painted also...the rest of the downstairs is a mess from doing all that but we rented a storage space to put alot of the extra stuff we have. De clutter, de personalize, make it airy for showing. We have our first visit on Saturday...we are exhausted but happy and excited lol.We aren't going to do that headboard or paint my sidetables since we are hopefully moving. We will keep sewing room as an office like space also. All the things I got to make a pretty room for her will be used in the new home.

I have packed about 13 boxes already, cleaning out the uneeded things in my closet and labeled them all MASTER BEDROOM SUITE... I figured I should think positive, even not knowing if we had financing or not.
Right now we are getting more excited...I am visializing living there. This would be a perfect path to our retirement. In a house like that, being able to expand my work. I could put in another 15-20 yrs doing that then sell that house to retire. We would have ample room for all and even when the kids move on, we can use their rooms for clients if we wanted. It's all good and at a time when interest rates are much lower.
I am so excited! So is Chris! It will be our first house bought together and a home we could share with all our children together!
Send good thoughts our way, I am convinced they help. Wish for us that our house sells and all goes smoothly for us.

Will keep you posted....