Friday, June 29, 2007


Disclaimer...These are not for the faint of heart...if u are expecting pale blue prom dresses or cute coiffed curls..turn around now lol.
Cleo and her date were quite the pair...They matched terrifically together. They were both decked out over the top but all in keeping with the style. I know she loved it and that's what is important. She went for what pleased her...they will be her memories after all and I love that she is not afraid to be individual.
Have a look at the pics I put in this folder on Flickr
I haven't recieved the proffesional photos taken at the prom yet, I hope they turned out nice, if they do I will scan them.
Let me know what u think.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We got home lastnight late. We left Chicago sunday morning...drove half way and stopped to sleep. Great weather, sunny skies as Chris and I reminisced about the past week.
We were welcomed with open arms and treated like royalty by Anna and John. I should say we ate like a king and queen cause boy can Anna cook!! We tasted some awesome Puerto-rican food....and man that woman makes breakfasts to die for!!! we had breakfast burito's and her famous pancakes...not to mention the dinners big enough to feed the neighbourhood...oy's a miracle I didn't gain wieght but then we walked so much it's no wonder.
John was a terrific host when it came to showing us all around the city. He made sure we saw as much as we could of Chicago's views and scenes. Navy Peir, waters edge on many sides to take photos, the Chicago Aquarium for us and the kids to see...near the Planetarium...We walked till we could drop. We took the Trolley's to different places also..that in itself was entertaining. I was amazed at how beautiful Chicago was. The canals downtown blew me away. Just so cool to see these water ways right down town Chicago.
The Art institute was something to see also..downtown...if u have a chance, go have a look ..they have a really nice collection of Monet's and Cezanne's and some Picasso's among others. You really have to check the Miniatures on the lower level, they will amaze u! Everyone there had their jaws open I kid u not. These tiny rooms look like real life rooms of all ages. I will upload some photos of those in future.
Mostly though it was such a treat to spend time with some dear friends. Anna and John opened up their home to us and also more friends who came to meet us all there on their way across the states and canada. I have been chatting with Les and Jen for over 6 yrs now. We were all thrilled to spend real time together. We had 2 days with them before they continued on their journey but they were fun filled days of seeing many sights together, thanks to John.

I will cherish all the memories made in this last week with friends and blog about specifics in the days to come. I have added a bunch of photos of us in my Flickr so if u want to check them out...feel free...Click here

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Tomorrow morning we leave for Chicago!! I can't wait...just a few things left to pack and we are on the road.

I have been busy all week doing this and that to get stuff ready for the trip and schedule stuff for Cleo's prom next sat. So everything is set for her, I can leave with a clear mind.

Tomorrow morning on our way out, we will stop and get some Curd Cheese..sounds gross for those who don't know what it is but it's delicious. It is the specific cheese used to make Poutine. It's a quebecoise dish, of frenchfries, gravy and cheese. It's really good. So tomorrow morning we will get some daily fresh curd cheese to put in a cooler to bring so we can make them all some Poutine in chicago.



YES, the famous box that my mom and sister put together for me full of clothes. Good thing too. I went through most of my closet to bring clothes to give that don't fit me . I basically have very little to wear now. I have altered a few capris and shorts but blouses and some pants are too much trouble. My closet looks bear..but hey, thats a good thing..eventually it will get new clothes hehe.

The box is a gold mine of great stuff that will carry me through to fall and winter with comfy tops and pants for around the house . Stuff I desperately needed...there are some really cute skirts and tops from both mom and sis that fit now, and even some shorts for this summer. Really needed those. I basically fit into everything now except one skirt will fit in a month for sure. Thanks so much MAMAN & NICOLE...I really appreciate u putting that together for me.

So my video & digital camera are charged up and ready...we have our route mapped out ...chose a hord of CD's for the trip... gassed up and Even got us some of that funny green money so we are raring to go!! 9 whole days will be a well deserved break for us both.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Keshawn and moi

My niece Chantal came to visit with Jeff and their son today. Keshawn is a full 6 lbs now at just over 6 weeks old. He is very healthy and doing great. Not bad for a little guy who was actually supposed to be born around now rather then 6 weeks early. Isn't he just beautiful...I think I kept him all to myself a good 2 hours lol.

I just had to get a photo of these perfect little feet in my hand. Don't u just want to kiss and tickle them? lol

Keshawn...6 weeks old.

Clochette however was so curious and I think abit jealous of this tiny little human. She had never seen a baby before was funny how she just had to keep sniffing around Keshawn lol.

Clochette was so curious about the baby

He was content the whole time I had him...he is actually an extremely good baby. Jeff was a very doting father and really does everything to help Chantal with him. Chantal is doing very well..she still has her doctor keeping a close eye on her liver functions but so far so good...Her dad told me that her and Jeff are doing very well with the baby. He has been close by since both got out of hospital. Although both are very young parents they are handling it very well so far.

I have more photos in the flickr if u are interested.


Saturday, June 09, 2007


Since my surgery in January, purposely not gone clothes shopping. Other then getting the black jacket/blouse to put over my sleeveless dress for Cleo's graduation ceremony and try on bra's I haven't bothered to try stuff on.

I recieved a 25$ gift certificate from Penningtons. A store I love to shop at. So trying to be pratical, I figured I would put it towards underwear. YES... panties...mine are so loose it's pathetic lol. I have no problems taking in the clothes that I can but I refuse to start altering my undies lol.

Once there, we saw lots of cute capri pants and such, all on I thought a few new pieces to take on vacation would be a good idea. All pieces not complicated to take in once they became to big.

As I used to wear size 24/26 (I can't believe I have actually said that outloud) I figured size 20 would be aproximately my size now. So I tryed it on..and was amazed. I then told Chris to get me an 18...and wow, still to big. I am wearing a size16!!! Holy Crap Batman! Last time I wore a 16 was yrs ago lol.
I have to say it put a spring in my step today. I have much more to lose but I am glad I saw the real difference in size. I have been taking in what clothes I can to not spend to much money.

I am finally going to open THE BOX from my mom and sister. To many things in my closet have been put aside to give. Not worth the trouble of taking in blouses and such, the shoulders are all droopy and would take to much work to alter properly.

The bad news is that I didn't like the fit of any of the cute capri pants...I did grab 2 cute little t-shirts onsale that will work well with everything...down 4 sizes there...and...I have half a dozen new pairs of panties lol....
The things I will share with my readers lol.

I know of many ppl who can totally relate with what I am going through. The joys and parells of having ones body change so much is quite the experience.
I intend to keep smiling and sharing this experience till I am bald as a cue ball from hair loss whilst wearing my boobs tied into a pretty bow or wrapped around my neck as a scarf.

Today 1st wedding anniversary...I know I am deeply loved by a special man who makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world...changes and all!
Je t'aime mon homme a moi.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's been one of THOSE weeks. We have been rushing around like mad trying to get stuff done. Given Chris' schedule leaving for work at 2 pm afternoons, Cleo being in school and me caring for the clients, it's been a challenge.

Cleo had been saying for months that she wanted to make her prom dress (uh huh). Her ideas were great actually but I just knew (like mom's do) that it either wouldn't happen or if it got that far it would probably not look EXACTLY the way she wanted. I can sew some but she has basically only made boxers in sewing class a few yrs ago lol. I have no doubts however that some day she could pull off anything she puts her mind to. She already tweaks her own clothes with handsewing and original changes as it is.

I took matters into my own hands...given prom is 3 weeks away..I didn't want to handle a panick stricken daughter and myself with nothing to wear at the last minute. I looked up some goth stores in Montreal and found a gold mine. Told her that we would be going out saturday to get stuff for her dress (purposely letting her think it was probably for fabrics etc)

We went into Montreal and arrived smack infront of CRUELLA'S.... Cleo was are we doing here? All while sporting an awe struck look of wonder at this STORE of STORES... Even I was totally inpressed by this store, very goth, but very full of absolutely gorgeous clothing. I then informed her we were going to BUY her a dress...something she will totally love and be happy to wear. I want HER to feel special and beautiful for her prom.

Isn't that the point? It's a right of passage...once in a lifetime experience. I think every girl should feel like a princess and special for their prom. No matter what their *style*. Hense making my daughter exstatic by bringing her to this goth store.

We found a few different dresses. She looked great in all but one I found, looked fabulous and just the look on her face when she came out of the changing room was enough to know it was the one. Huge smile..and total femme fetal in that number let me tell u. My *baby* is tall, slender and sexy and all woman in this dress. There was no going back lol.

It's black ofcourse lol. Hugs her body all the way down then below the knee's it flares out. Classic cut really but with a gothic twist. To add to that we got her the high sheer black gloves to above the fingers, just looped on the middle finger but the design on these gloves is spider webs. We got the stockings to match. We also got a similar short cape for her shoulders with a hood. It goes to her elbows. We also picked out an awesome choker that has a few red jems on it. The shoes she wanted are red and black with some lace on them. She had seen them elsewhere last yr and loved them ever since. We were lucky to find them in a store down the street.

The red will be repeated in her hair also. Having her hair recolored next week same time as me before my vacation. So her's will be black and red similar to what she had for my wedding. The girl who does our hair is awesome, and she will be doing Cleo's hair the day of the prom ...something funky like she had for my wedding.

I know Cleo can put herself all together with no help from me. She does a great job of that daily anyway. Something I am gratefull for as I will be in Chicago the day of the prom. Her dad will be going to the parents cocktails just before the prom but after that parents are not to be seen ofcourse lol. I have no doubts she will have a great time and her date is a good friend of hers so no romantic drama either just alot of fun.

I am just glad I (and Chris) have done all the her everything she needs...booked the hair appointments, made sure the corsage and guys flowers are ordered to match her outfit (black and red) etc..I know some think it should be the guy to get her something but it's not a bf and frankly it's not done as much anymore like in my day I think.

I am thrilled for her and know she will be beautiful and feel beautiful. I guess for me, having not graduated or had a prom I just want my daughter to enjoy hers to the fullest.

That said, there will be proffesional photos taken there and her dad will be taking pics also so I will post them for sure.

So all saturday was taken up doing the prom stuff...then Cleo gives us the school camping list sunday...oh yeah and the camping trip is Thursday mom.

Omg...longer then my arm, all the things she needs to pack for her 3 day camping trip with her * outdoors* class this yr. Luckily when she was in scouts yrs ago, we had some good gear. I still had to rush around this week getting all the other stuff she needed...and then getting her dad to go shopping with her after school and his work to get the only 2 things left on the list that she needed to be there for...oy vey!! He bitches about every single dollar...I had to remind him that she never shops, never asks for once in a blue moon when she needs or wants something, we have go grab it while we can. She is not one of those kids who is at the mall, always wanting to buy clothes etc. I had to again remind him that what ever we do get that she likes, even if some cost abit more, she wears them till they are thread bare.

So late lastnight...her packsack was finally all loaded and adjusted. Ready to go this morning for 3 days in the bush with about 20 other classmates. It's been grey all day but should be nice tomorrow and sat...I know they will have a great time. She gets home saturday late afternoon...and Sunday she has her piano recital.

Basically after that, we can all breath. She has a few exams left but the big reports she had were done this week.

I have pretty much got most of my shopping done for my trip also...presents for the kids and our hosts. I have been going through my closet and putting things aside to give. Thankfully I have altered some things as I have no desire to buy clothes to only have to alter them again down the road.

This Saturday is our 1st Wedding Anniversary! Time sure has flown by. We have so much to do sat, with groceries and last minute stuff that we will just have dinner in a nice resturant..we usually do that on saturdays anyway but we will go to a nicer one we love that we don't go to often. No presents...we can shop in Chicago lol. It's also Chris' bday the following saturday...but we are leaving the next day sunday for Chicago so like he said, if he see's something he likes there, we can get him that for his bday.

I have been writting lists of things that need to be done with Cleo's prom, our vacation, the whole menu for the time we are away for the sitter as she will be stuck here for 9 days. I can't leave anything out. She can take walks with Luc in the wheelchair etc but I don't want her to need for anything...also money incase she needs something I may have missed etc. It's so nice to be able to leave with them in capable hands but there is so much preparation to be able to do so. Not to mention just putting aside the money to pay her when we get back.

I can't wait! I can't wait!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I went for my 2nd surgery followup in Montreal today. Waited around for 2 hours to spend all of 10 minutes with the doc. Isn't that almost always the way lol. He was very happy with my progress, said my weight loss was excellent. (54lbs lost) Made sure I was taking all my vitamins etc. I told him about my hairloss and he agreed totally with what my own research suggested. I need alot more protein...I am not getting enough. Once I improve that, my hairloss will slowdown and I will help also start taking the silica complex to help with that and the regrowth. It's all good. I don't have to go back for 6 months now YAY!

I did however meet a few nice women while there that had the surgery, all at different times. Hope to keep in touch by email.

Now for my baby Shinoo, our shitzu the bigger of my 2 dogs. She really hurt herself. She was in the yard and came in crying and not able to put weight on her front paw. We could see some blood but couldnt figure out if she was cut between her paw pads or not but could hardly touch her it hurt so much. We sprayed disinfectant all over her paw and carried her to bed hoping she would feel better the next day since it was late at night.

Next morning wasn't better. Chris took her to the vet. Together they looked all over her paw through the fur and could finally tell on of her claws was sticking out longer. Apparently she must have snagged her claw on something and yanked it away. By doing that she totally dislodged her wonder she was in so much pain! Since it was out more then the others, when she tryed putting her paw down..the claw touched first and hurt even more by moving it more. The vet kept her there so she could take xrays to make sure. So she would know exactly where to cut the claw. She said she would have to go inside to cut it where it needed. It may not grow back or may grow back funky but it needed to be removed regardless. So Chris picked her up the next morning early, with pain meds and antibiotics in hand. She has a paw all bandaged up poor thing....I had visions of little doggy crutches lol.

She was so happy to be home, and even happy to see Clochette who I am sure missed her alot. She will be on meds for awhile and we remove her bandage in a few days. She still favors that foot alot. I had to post a cpl pics of her booboo bandage lol.

Shinoo and her booboo.................June 2/07 Shinoo has a booboo

Friday, June 01, 2007



Well, its finally done, Cleo is graduated. Tonight was the ceremony and as much as I knew I would be somewhat emotional...I had no idea I would have to choke down a torrid of tears lol. I was very moved but the whole thing. The ROCKY theme song when they started to file into the auditorium got me right was very fitting. I had to keep swallowing my need to cry like a baby. I thankfully had lots of kleenex to dab my eyes with to not mess up my makeup to bad lol. Oy Vey we are such wusses at times.

Her dad (Michel) was there with Chris and I, he chuckled at my emotions a few times. Chris had kleenex at the ready for me lol. Always my hero lol.


Here she is. These pics say it all.



Cleo is the one with the blonde black hair.


Front row, second from left..adjusting her cap just as photo is taken OFCOURSE!