Saturday, June 16, 2007


Tomorrow morning we leave for Chicago!! I can't wait...just a few things left to pack and we are on the road.

I have been busy all week doing this and that to get stuff ready for the trip and schedule stuff for Cleo's prom next sat. So everything is set for her, I can leave with a clear mind.

Tomorrow morning on our way out, we will stop and get some Curd Cheese..sounds gross for those who don't know what it is but it's delicious. It is the specific cheese used to make Poutine. It's a quebecoise dish, of frenchfries, gravy and cheese. It's really good. So tomorrow morning we will get some daily fresh curd cheese to put in a cooler to bring so we can make them all some Poutine in chicago.



YES, the famous box that my mom and sister put together for me full of clothes. Good thing too. I went through most of my closet to bring clothes to give that don't fit me . I basically have very little to wear now. I have altered a few capris and shorts but blouses and some pants are too much trouble. My closet looks bear..but hey, thats a good thing..eventually it will get new clothes hehe.

The box is a gold mine of great stuff that will carry me through to fall and winter with comfy tops and pants for around the house . Stuff I desperately needed...there are some really cute skirts and tops from both mom and sis that fit now, and even some shorts for this summer. Really needed those. I basically fit into everything now except one skirt will fit in a month for sure. Thanks so much MAMAN & NICOLE...I really appreciate u putting that together for me.

So my video & digital camera are charged up and ready...we have our route mapped out ...chose a hord of CD's for the trip... gassed up and Even got us some of that funny green money so we are raring to go!! 9 whole days will be a well deserved break for us both.

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Bess said...

Oh shoot -- I forgot to tell you that I live about 2-3 hours away from Chicago! So if you have any free time while you're there, we might try to meet up, but now you probably won't even get this message until you get home. :P

Sorry I've been missing in action for the last month. Or maybe now it's months, plural. Things have been kind of crazy around here. :) It's been good to read up on your new, though -- good to see that the baby is doing well, and CONGRATULATIONS on finally opening The Box!! :) Hope you're having a fabulous time in Chicago!