Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We got home lastnight late. We left Chicago sunday morning...drove half way and stopped to sleep. Great weather, sunny skies as Chris and I reminisced about the past week.
We were welcomed with open arms and treated like royalty by Anna and John. I should say we ate like a king and queen cause boy can Anna cook!! We tasted some awesome Puerto-rican food....and man that woman makes breakfasts to die for!!! we had breakfast burito's and her famous pancakes...not to mention the dinners big enough to feed the neighbourhood...oy vey...it's a miracle I didn't gain wieght but then we walked so much it's no wonder.
John was a terrific host when it came to showing us all around the city. He made sure we saw as much as we could of Chicago's views and scenes. Navy Peir, waters edge on many sides to take photos, the Chicago Aquarium for us and the kids to see...near the Planetarium...We walked till we could drop. We took the Trolley's to different places also..that in itself was entertaining. I was amazed at how beautiful Chicago was. The canals downtown blew me away. Just so cool to see these water ways right down town Chicago.
The Art institute was something to see also..downtown...if u have a chance, go have a look ..they have a really nice collection of Monet's and Cezanne's and some Picasso's among others. You really have to check the Miniatures on the lower level, they will amaze u! Everyone there had their jaws open I kid u not. These tiny rooms look like real life rooms of all ages. I will upload some photos of those in future.
Mostly though it was such a treat to spend time with some dear friends. Anna and John opened up their home to us and also more friends who came to meet us all there on their way across the states and canada. I have been chatting with Les and Jen for over 6 yrs now. We were all thrilled to spend real time together. We had 2 days with them before they continued on their journey but they were fun filled days of seeing many sights together, thanks to John.

I will cherish all the memories made in this last week with friends and blog about specifics in the days to come. I have added a bunch of photos of us in my Flickr so if u want to check them out...feel free...Click here http://www.flickr.com/photos/17273399@N00/sets/72157600504584318/show/


kenju said...

That looks like a good group and I am glad to hear that you had fun. I have not been in Chicage since I was 12, and I'd relly like to go back!

JustSue said...

Looks like you all had an awesome time! The pictures are awesome!

John said...

It's always a pleasure to spend time with good people. Seeing you guys smile and showing you the sights of our city was an honor and pleasure. You guys are always welcome in our home, ya know. *luv n hugz*