Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's been one of THOSE weeks. We have been rushing around like mad trying to get stuff done. Given Chris' schedule leaving for work at 2 pm afternoons, Cleo being in school and me caring for the clients, it's been a challenge.

Cleo had been saying for months that she wanted to make her prom dress (uh huh). Her ideas were great actually but I just knew (like mom's do) that it either wouldn't happen or if it got that far it would probably not look EXACTLY the way she wanted. I can sew some but she has basically only made boxers in sewing class a few yrs ago lol. I have no doubts however that some day she could pull off anything she puts her mind to. She already tweaks her own clothes with handsewing and original changes as it is.

I took matters into my own hands...given prom is 3 weeks away..I didn't want to handle a panick stricken daughter and myself with nothing to wear at the last minute. I looked up some goth stores in Montreal and found a gold mine. Told her that we would be going out saturday to get stuff for her dress (purposely letting her think it was probably for fabrics etc)

We went into Montreal and arrived smack infront of CRUELLA'S.... Cleo was are we doing here? All while sporting an awe struck look of wonder at this STORE of STORES... Even I was totally inpressed by this store, very goth, but very full of absolutely gorgeous clothing. I then informed her we were going to BUY her a dress...something she will totally love and be happy to wear. I want HER to feel special and beautiful for her prom.

Isn't that the point? It's a right of passage...once in a lifetime experience. I think every girl should feel like a princess and special for their prom. No matter what their *style*. Hense making my daughter exstatic by bringing her to this goth store.

We found a few different dresses. She looked great in all but one I found, looked fabulous and just the look on her face when she came out of the changing room was enough to know it was the one. Huge smile..and total femme fetal in that number let me tell u. My *baby* is tall, slender and sexy and all woman in this dress. There was no going back lol.

It's black ofcourse lol. Hugs her body all the way down then below the knee's it flares out. Classic cut really but with a gothic twist. To add to that we got her the high sheer black gloves to above the fingers, just looped on the middle finger but the design on these gloves is spider webs. We got the stockings to match. We also got a similar short cape for her shoulders with a hood. It goes to her elbows. We also picked out an awesome choker that has a few red jems on it. The shoes she wanted are red and black with some lace on them. She had seen them elsewhere last yr and loved them ever since. We were lucky to find them in a store down the street.

The red will be repeated in her hair also. Having her hair recolored next week same time as me before my vacation. So her's will be black and red similar to what she had for my wedding. The girl who does our hair is awesome, and she will be doing Cleo's hair the day of the prom ...something funky like she had for my wedding.

I know Cleo can put herself all together with no help from me. She does a great job of that daily anyway. Something I am gratefull for as I will be in Chicago the day of the prom. Her dad will be going to the parents cocktails just before the prom but after that parents are not to be seen ofcourse lol. I have no doubts she will have a great time and her date is a good friend of hers so no romantic drama either just alot of fun.

I am just glad I (and Chris) have done all the her everything she needs...booked the hair appointments, made sure the corsage and guys flowers are ordered to match her outfit (black and red) etc..I know some think it should be the guy to get her something but it's not a bf and frankly it's not done as much anymore like in my day I think.

I am thrilled for her and know she will be beautiful and feel beautiful. I guess for me, having not graduated or had a prom I just want my daughter to enjoy hers to the fullest.

That said, there will be proffesional photos taken there and her dad will be taking pics also so I will post them for sure.

So all saturday was taken up doing the prom stuff...then Cleo gives us the school camping list sunday...oh yeah and the camping trip is Thursday mom.

Omg...longer then my arm, all the things she needs to pack for her 3 day camping trip with her * outdoors* class this yr. Luckily when she was in scouts yrs ago, we had some good gear. I still had to rush around this week getting all the other stuff she needed...and then getting her dad to go shopping with her after school and his work to get the only 2 things left on the list that she needed to be there for...oy vey!! He bitches about every single dollar...I had to remind him that she never shops, never asks for once in a blue moon when she needs or wants something, we have go grab it while we can. She is not one of those kids who is at the mall, always wanting to buy clothes etc. I had to again remind him that what ever we do get that she likes, even if some cost abit more, she wears them till they are thread bare.

So late lastnight...her packsack was finally all loaded and adjusted. Ready to go this morning for 3 days in the bush with about 20 other classmates. It's been grey all day but should be nice tomorrow and sat...I know they will have a great time. She gets home saturday late afternoon...and Sunday she has her piano recital.

Basically after that, we can all breath. She has a few exams left but the big reports she had were done this week.

I have pretty much got most of my shopping done for my trip also...presents for the kids and our hosts. I have been going through my closet and putting things aside to give. Thankfully I have altered some things as I have no desire to buy clothes to only have to alter them again down the road.

This Saturday is our 1st Wedding Anniversary! Time sure has flown by. We have so much to do sat, with groceries and last minute stuff that we will just have dinner in a nice resturant..we usually do that on saturdays anyway but we will go to a nicer one we love that we don't go to often. No presents...we can shop in Chicago lol. It's also Chris' bday the following saturday...but we are leaving the next day sunday for Chicago so like he said, if he see's something he likes there, we can get him that for his bday.

I have been writting lists of things that need to be done with Cleo's prom, our vacation, the whole menu for the time we are away for the sitter as she will be stuck here for 9 days. I can't leave anything out. She can take walks with Luc in the wheelchair etc but I don't want her to need for anything...also money incase she needs something I may have missed etc. It's so nice to be able to leave with them in capable hands but there is so much preparation to be able to do so. Not to mention just putting aside the money to pay her when we get back.

I can't wait! I can't wait!


kenju said...

I hope you have a fabulous time! Congrats on the anniversary. I expect photos of the prom couple and your trip.

Anna said...

Wait....they have prom AFTER graduation? That I've never heard of before. Very weird!

Girl, this sounds so familiar...I've been extremely busy with all the end of the school year activities and helping people move. I still have to get my house in order for your visit.

You know how I procrastinate, I'll end up doing it the day before you arrive :p.

I'll try to blog this weekend, more than likely it'll be Sunday night because tomorrow is another busy day, Jonathan's dentist appointment, my brother's birthday dinner and then off to a friend's house so I can help her cook and prepare for a 60 person graduation party for saturday and on Sunday we have the cancer center annual picnic.

I'm so tired, we'll catch up soon, time for sleep.


JustSue said...

Happy Anniversary Monette and Chris! OMG I can't believe it's been a year already! How the time has flown.

I can't wait to see the photos of Cleo's prom dress - I am sure she will look spectacular!

Talk soon gf! :0)