Saturday, June 09, 2007


Since my surgery in January, purposely not gone clothes shopping. Other then getting the black jacket/blouse to put over my sleeveless dress for Cleo's graduation ceremony and try on bra's I haven't bothered to try stuff on.

I recieved a 25$ gift certificate from Penningtons. A store I love to shop at. So trying to be pratical, I figured I would put it towards underwear. YES... panties...mine are so loose it's pathetic lol. I have no problems taking in the clothes that I can but I refuse to start altering my undies lol.

Once there, we saw lots of cute capri pants and such, all on I thought a few new pieces to take on vacation would be a good idea. All pieces not complicated to take in once they became to big.

As I used to wear size 24/26 (I can't believe I have actually said that outloud) I figured size 20 would be aproximately my size now. So I tryed it on..and was amazed. I then told Chris to get me an 18...and wow, still to big. I am wearing a size16!!! Holy Crap Batman! Last time I wore a 16 was yrs ago lol.
I have to say it put a spring in my step today. I have much more to lose but I am glad I saw the real difference in size. I have been taking in what clothes I can to not spend to much money.

I am finally going to open THE BOX from my mom and sister. To many things in my closet have been put aside to give. Not worth the trouble of taking in blouses and such, the shoulders are all droopy and would take to much work to alter properly.

The bad news is that I didn't like the fit of any of the cute capri pants...I did grab 2 cute little t-shirts onsale that will work well with everything...down 4 sizes there...and...I have half a dozen new pairs of panties lol....
The things I will share with my readers lol.

I know of many ppl who can totally relate with what I am going through. The joys and parells of having ones body change so much is quite the experience.
I intend to keep smiling and sharing this experience till I am bald as a cue ball from hair loss whilst wearing my boobs tied into a pretty bow or wrapped around my neck as a scarf.

Today 1st wedding anniversary...I know I am deeply loved by a special man who makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world...changes and all!
Je t'aime mon homme a moi.


kenju said...

I hope you have had the happiest of anniversaries today, Moon! How nice that you are shaping your body so nicely! You wear a sizeless than I do now.....LOL

~*E*~ said...

WOW! Congrats on all the weight loss. You are such an insperation. Thanks for blogging about it and being so candid and honest. Keep up the good work.

JustSue said...

Monette I am so happy for you! I have to agree, going into a store and discovering the changing sizes is an absolute high!! Just wont be much longer until Penningtons is a distant memory and you'll be shopping in all those cute boutiques and stores that don't have "big girl" sizes.

Ramona said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary! And on fitting into a size 16! That's fabulous!

ashleymclure said...

Congratulations on your new size! And definitely a cute baby boy. :)